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  1. i think i was just teasing but honestly thought the tracks were joke tracks and thought the thread was in general discussion and then later i realized the moz was for real
  2. i put the track in my sig in case people are afraid of links
  3. i've been messing with fxpansion's Cypher which has that Transmod setup and a simple sequencer. It is pretty flexible and easy to get into uncharted territory with it. I could see how a beat production all with it would be cool. your track doesnt sound like the demo video though so i think maybe you're doing it wrong
  4. yah definitely got cornfed vibes. m
  5. https://soundcloud.com/exit_only/new-private-window
  6. i really only like the first track off of dimension intrusion.
  7. yeah if i was going to spend that kind of money i'd buy an original Concept 1 box set. mp3s for me
  8. well he did release a keyring- https://www.discogs.com/Quinoline-Yellow-LMW-Motors/release/81471
  9. that twitter thread is a blog post now as well - https://terikanefield-blog.com/um-seriously-folks-yes-theres-evidence-of-trumprussia-crimes-in-the-mueller-indictment/ does seem like a good summary of where we're at right now
  10. nice. i found all the drexciya comps on vinly yesterday and have had to pledge to not buy physical releases for the next 6 months but then again i might just have to prorder
  11. how can they be future producers if they're in the past?
  12. reading the description, looks like 4(E+D)4(ER=EPR) isnt on the vinyl and just a digital bonus track
  13. downloaded the digitals. there are some dope instrumentals on here for sure!
  14. PDX sold out real quick. Missing this but I did get to see them in SF ~ 8 years ago.
  15. right, looking at the motu one as well. I've got a new-ish iMac and it's got a couple thunderbolt 3 ports. Currently my situation is that is going to a thunderbolt 3 dock with firewire 800 outs and then there is another adapter for the firewire 400 port on the Konnekt. I figure that whatever interface I get now, I'm probably going to have for another 10 years so I'd rather get in a situation where it's using the most current port. If I get something that needs a thunderbolt 2 adapter, I'll be living with that for a long time. The motu 16 looks nice, and I had a 828mkii back in the day so I'm familiar with them. However that interface has been pretty been around for a good while now. I was kinda hoping NAMM2019 would bring a wave of refreshed interfaces but i've just seen this line of Presonus toy interfaces. :\
  16. the thing that bothers me about aesops flow is that it doesnt seem to adapt to music at all, like he could have done it all over a metronome and then slipped whatever beat under and it wouldnt have made a difference.
  17. yeah i keep reading everywhere they sound great and i like the idea of the plugins.. i have some Waves plugins that are comparable for some things but recently realized this upgrade scheme they've been running and i'm not buying into that at all. I've been running a TC Konnekt 48 for the last 10 years, and they dont support the software side at all or even seem to make audio interfaces anymore. that being said it does work but I dont have a lot to compare it to. :|
  18. keep getting obsessed over a new audio interface but the number of nice interfaces with thunderbolt 3 out right is really small... so i've been looking at the apollos but it's a whole can of worms there. someone stop me!
  19. What market research did you do to find the target demographic for your pine drums. I’d rather imagine the intersection of BOC fans and complete morons is rather small.
  20. I read it. I think it offers a good number of ideas for people who’ve used max for a bit but maybe aren’t sure what to do with it. If you’ve been building your own sequencers for a while it could be useful to get someone else’s perspective. Not t mind blowing but probably worth reading
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