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  1. The Combine maggots were like "dam dis Gescom shit is so tight I want to rebrand my whole race and invade that planet. I want some of that water they're having"
  2. so if Spotify increases the fees for the music creators, would that increase be universal? Your favorite band/musician/composer would get a higher percentage, but so would the Taylor Swifts and Kanyes Wests, who already get huge royalties thanks to their aggressive business models from other sources, not even counting Spotify. So while the small musicians get more, the major pop stars would get even more. Is that ok?
  3. Fringe questions and ambiguous answers as always
  4. Thanks for encouragement. It's a long and steep way uphill 🙂 If you remember from our short PM exchange a while ago, I've come some way ahead, but I'd have gone even further if I was more consistent and disciplined heh heh
  5. leaflet = one sheet of paper, might be folded in a way you have more pages, but is basically one "leaf", basic information, like a flyer, promotional or propaganda pamphlet = more than a leaflet, also information is expanded, like an article... I don't know really
  6. All right, interesting, so each frame is represented by a string. So far I've seen that such stuff is expressed with integers because it is easier to make arithmetic with them, but I guess that depends on the problem at hand. Divide and conquer, sure, but I guess first I need to understand how computer deals with information and how each different programming language expresses instructions, so I am able to break down problems into steps and make abstract "roadmaps" on a sheet of paper (e.g. prototyping). I guess.... That's why i had to go deep with that stuff...understanding memory and binary is only part of it... I'm not even at cycles yet... For instance one thing I got out from "reverse-engineering" (that only sounds like I know what I'm doing, but so far, I can only read some code and see how stuff is made... to an extent) if I want to make like an object that is controlled by user and that object interacts with other objects, the object must at all times check its position on coordinates and its surroundings for another object in the same coordinate system, and then you need an algorithm to check where those objects are in relation to each other... and only then you can calculate any interactions....etc...
  7. It's impressive what all one can do with knowledge of programming. Studying basics (variable scopes, memory allocation, arrays, for loops, etc) it's hard to imagine how these "building blocks" can make up complex stuff like you guys wrote above. This has been my major learning issue, to understand how messing around with numbers gets you a moving image, an interface, or anything beyond Hello World, Find array elements, or concatenate information... kudos
  8. That sounds like a good kind a job, something I would prefer as well. I actually got a similar opportunity some years ago. They were looking for an in-house designer. I was tempted but had other things going at the time so I passed it. Looking back now I kind of regret it. But such is life. I always wanted to be a pilot, but my color vision impairment screwed me on this. Interested also in arts, design, architecture, and computer science, and nature. I studied industrial design, but because the school I went to wasn't very good and I realized my four years there were wasted anyway and went for graphic design instead. The next years were very lively. Got a good job as a designer in an agency, started an electronic music crew with some friends. We organised events, gigs, I was DJing mashups IDM,ambient, stuff, all that sounded good to me, moved to the city, travelled a lot, our crew got a mandate to curate a most prominent night club in the city, life was good. I got a leadership position in a fast growing company that was into mobile tech, but later found the director was running shady business practice so I quit. After that I got a good job running spirits brands and a hip bar where I also DJed after work, when absinthe-fueled nights turned into mornings...crazy time.. Things quieted down after that. the crew gradually disbanded - artistic disagreements, personal lives, etc. Circumstantial, also my view on life changed a lot, I went freelance, working only for people I respect what they do, etc. Now, I look for something new in life, but prospects are weird. Started self-learnig programming as I was always interested in computers etc. Will see where this takes me.
  9. Lol. This seems like something from the watmm's horrible film ideas thread. The actress' expression on this poster and the flipped E in Perfection is an ominous sign that tells to avoid this movie. Re- watched Anton Corbyn's Most Wanted Man after reading Le Carre's novel. Phillip Seymour is really good in this, even if the movie takes way too much substance away from the story, it still holds well. The final twist made me very sympathetic with the character... the harsh reality of the spy profession is very well portrayed in this regard.
  10. What kind of bird are you most like (@ Cornell)
  11. People keep building new houses. In my neighborhood, six new houses have been built in the last 10 years. Ugly houses with no taste for which forests had to be bulldozed. And for what? Just so that another degenerate young family can say "we got a house!!" and wife is happy (for a while), and the dad will get himself a loud quad so he can flex with his friends on a obnoxious bbq with degenerate loud pop music playing. And children screaming all day... did he really HAD to demolish 250m2 of forest for that? Not to mention that the mechanized pneumatic hammer operator thinks it's a good idea to start hammering at fucking 7am on a saturday morning... I only slept for 5 hrs ffs! And this has been going on for two weeks now. Endless pneumatic hammering, 8 hrs a day... why people think their homes are more important than a home for a thousand different animals? Sure, hammeraway all life, then you'll be building parks and gardens so you can have them back...and more hammering... fucking degenerates
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