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  1. You got people richer than some world countries sending rockets into space and competing who can make a better business model out of it. On the other side you have people enraged and desperate over inequality and injustice, who need to be heard but no one listens. The news happen on the same day. Yep. Going full-speed into dystopia.
  2. In spirit of Frank Ocean: Jim Atmosphere Barney Continent Harvey Strait Belinda Desert Simon Isthmus Matthew Taiga Marta Glacier
  3. idk, but according to the site... https://bilderbergmeetings.org/meetings/meeting-2019/press-release-2019 It was in Switzerland last year What I meant by crashing the meeting was I strap a 303, a Korg and a keyboard to my body, with two speakers on top of my head. I'll go 'hear my mixtape, rich mfs' then a hot lady will go around collecting donations which I assume will be all 500 eur bills
  4. crash the next Bilderberg meeting
  5. Old-style mediterranean house on Sicily or an Adriatic island Islamic / Atarique manor in Grenada Agricultural estate in Ukraine Old crafts flats in Berlin, Barcelona and Vienna
  6. incubated ambientish non-repeated chi expanded high-5-ed cabbaged ep ic drafted tilted !confounded aquaristic overstepping moved exaited ex-celled
  7. We have a garden. Tomatoes, beans, string beans, carrots, garlic, onions, chicory (and similar salad stuff I can't translate), strawberries. There's also pear, walnut and apple trees. Since I live by the woods there's all kinds of good stuff to be found: wild strawberries, blackberries, mushrooms of many kinds, chestnut... I'm still considering to acquire a hunting license.
  8. you can watch Trump and Xi playing civilization in real time. One thinks he's playing on Settler difficulty, the other plays on Deity. It's real time, just turn on the telly
  9. Civilization is ok, as long as it doesn't shit into its own bowl. Which unfortunately seems to be the case ATM. If you want to survive in wilderness, learn it. There are many ways to do it.
  10. Noo, you can't just strap a toast to a cat and have infinite energy generator. They would have to fall indefinitely, like falling in earth's orbit, and the cat would need a space suit with heating and oxygen. Where do you strap the toast then? On the outside of the cat's space suit? Exposed to elements of empty space the toast will lose its integrity and not work properly. Inside of the cat's space suit? Its rotational properties will not work because the toast will have no reference of its position. The cat's space suit also needs roll-correction liquid rocket nozzles. It wont work, man.
  11. ^ just came here to say that Diatoms looks just like I imagined he would 🙂
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