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  1. Ukraine civilization in the Civilization game: Leader: Zelenskyy Unique ability: friendly units fighting in friendly territory have a +15% combat bonus, and each civilization who declared a Friendship will spawn one military unit near the Capital. Unique units: Agricultural Tractor (each own military unit within the Tractor's sphere of influence have a 20% chance of converting enemy units to your own)
  2. the joke was, what if he exists (well not HIM per se, but a gov program and a guy like that) but that, through the show, they were trying to tell us they'd never dare to send him to kremlin, because african despots on yachts are the most a jason bourne can handle? only, he couldn't handle it, because he was shot and fell into the sea... so even african despots on yachts supposedly are too hard of a target for jason bourne, and a cia assassin capable of taking on putin is simply impossible i'm sorry i dragged you into this mess... lol i'll see myself out
  3. well americans are sure eager to advertise their jason bournes on tv, but they don't dare to send one to russia i gather
  4. it doesn't work, because it is being used wrong (no air superiority and no coordinated combined arms operation). ukranian army was deployed, just further back (not en masse on the borders), even the reservists were activated, they had time to do that. there are indications the russians believed Ukranians would not fight, so they half-assed it, but even despite that, it just baffles me there was no contingency plan in case this crazy gamble went wrong. i mean, the two countries were basically at war several years prior. why would they make such conclusions? it's beyond sane reasoning. the russian attack on Kiev could've been a feint to draw attention from, and prevent the concentration of Ukranian forces in Donbass. i doubt the russian army and putin ever envisaged to occupy entire Ukraine. the russian forces around and northeast of Kiev bogged down without supplies too soon to be able to do so, even if they truly expected Ukranians not to fight.
  5. this is some weird pr stuff, and you know, it's vice... So far Putin showed clearly he keeps his subordinates in line with fear as he allows himself to kill anyone within his structure who plays wrong or tries to sabotage his plans. And it's not only him - it's the whole apparatus below him, probably highly indoctrinated, that doesn't have the guts to oppose putin directly. The old KGB circle of accountability doctrine is quite possibly still the main way to ensure internal security. For a coup, you need a solid group of people from different echelons of command and different areas of expertise, who also have high enough confidence, bravery and knowledge to pull it off, and actually have physical access to state resources needed for that. They also must have many contingency plans and a plan to work out security, and internal and foreign policy once Putin is removed. And according to my uninformed guess, the entire critical subordinate structure was long before replaced with spineless and incompetent cowards, because, to follow orders, you don't need sovereign and smart personalities - they need to be pliable and incompetent. And even if Putin is removed, a huge power vacuum created will most certainly cause a heavy internal struggle for power that would make any cohesive undertaking even more impossible. I hope I'm wrong, though, but this is how it seems to me so far. It also seems that Russia had already switched to conventional warfare using more rudimentary weapons that can still be manufactured in large enough quantities to sustain the conflict: conventional artillery shells, rocket artillery, tanks with HE and HEAT shells... they have their own oil industry that can supply the army with fuel and lubricants as long as Putin made appropriate arrangements to bypass buying (with relevant currency) those resources from his internal market... They can still produce APCs and tanks, albeit without modern equipment for night fighting (night vision, IR vision, laser rangefinding, ERA armor, laser sensors, etc) So far, the Russian army achieved taking its main objectives: taking Donbass and the land-bridge to Crimea, now they need to defend it. How possible is that Ukraine will be able to retake that ground is unknown to me, and this topic was most certainly the subject of debate with foreign visitors to Zelenskyy who offered military aid. Idk what Putin will do to save his face if Ukraine manages to retake the lost ground... both in international and internal affairs...
  6. when the private sector attracts all the smart and talented people, the governments are left with such delusional narcissistic idiots and the world goes down the shitter
  7. it was an emergency procedure and she drilled a hole, sucked some shit out, then filled it in until i could get an appointment at my doctor. i still remember the feeling when the drill reached the pain pulp and kept going... the horror... the horror
  8. ye. without any anesthetics, because that sadistic monster of a she-dentist did not ask me if i wanted it, and i didn't knew better because guess what, it was my first time and i had no idea. we parted without saying goodbye and i experienced new dimensions of pain
  9. wattm? what's wattm? we are the the music why allow the trance music women affirm tractor tonnage management wait after the tapir mimics wireless application tifus tracking miracle
  10. This is a copypaste from a NYT article I believe
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