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  1. Maybe they have a soft spot for the Spanish and Italians, but remember Greece back and aroun '08?
  2. Plus frat social systems, privatization of healthcare and prisons, private armies, sugar everywhere, patriotism, imperialism, shows where people argue, live news anchors are millionaires...
  3. When all this blows over we need a dark comedy titled How I Stopped Worrying And Love The USA
  4. I did it one or two times under moonlight on some lone winding roads, it's quite amazing and anarchist. A bit stupid, yes, but one of the less stupid things I ever did in my life... unfortunately
  5. yes, that's the one, thanks. it's a bit scary when movies become reality 🙂
  6. When I was a kid, I watched Sneakers (1992) on TV, there's a quote from the main antagonist named Cosmo which stuck in my mind ever since: "He who controls information, controls the future" (might not be the exact words) Little I knew back then how true these words were...
  7. I'm willing to put my house and my lot under canadian jurisdiction for the time being. The flag is already waving. Can you send some?
  8. Have your local weedmasters closed shop or are still working? With these long semi-idle days ahead of me, I kind of regret I didn't stock up on some weed. On the other hand, I'm glad I didn't. I smoked all through January, and to think I'd just sit around all day, watch movies, listen to musics ... damn, where can I get some weed lol
  9. It's not just the relationship with his father that is a message vehicle. It's also the attitude of the scientists aboard that vessel, and above all, his late wife(!) (I should've pointed that out earlier). The deep inner workings of a man (or woman) are as hidden as the existence of that sentient planet. How is that possible? Kris is an expert on human psyche, he is a psychologist. If anyone, he should know best. But he doesn't. He is as lost as anyone. They were able to understand how to bring people to this remote part of the universe, along with everything they need up to the point it's almost rudimentary (Kris arrives there as if by a bus), but they are unable to understand what is happening with them inside each one of them. They don't know how to deal with it. It's driving them crazy. Don't you think this shows a big gap between understanding rocket science and human nature (or nature in general)? What is making the characters looking away, as you adequately put it, is the inability to face one another and retain one-self. I think it's the attempt by Tarkovsky to humble people who all too soon are celebrating technological advancements and neglecting all other aspects that make us human, or part of this universe.
  10. I think Tarkovsky makes it quite clear that there are more aspects to the human domain than technology and its advance. And that all those domain should be pursued with the same vigour as the technology. The analogy with his relationship with his father works as a narrative vehicle for this: what good is your success in life when you can't share it (live it) with your closest ones? Ergo: what good are we to ourselves and our environment as a species if we propagate only one aspect of life and completely ignore other? Rather than saying Tarkovsky is against technology, one should rather say he's against technology being the sole measure of advancement as a species. And I completely agree with that.
  11. 3.6 roentgen. Not great not terrible.
  12. I edited it to add the last three lines, because at first I just wrote you're* happy now?
  13. you're* if you skipped basic grammar in school: your = someone's you're = you are
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