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  1. The last few days are magnificent thanks to ae warp tapes rob & sean thanks
  2. It had its day, now these days are over. It's a monument of past time. This album was my ticket into the rabbit hole of electronic music. But I haven't listened to it for the last 10 years probably. You can't say it sucks though.
  3. No, I haven't. But since you named it I was able to google it, thanks. Quite hillarious, the english accent just adds to the flavor
  4. ^ Very nice. I was just thinking a while ago how I'm just spending all this time at home listening to this. I should be making at least a bbq with beer and 'shrooms with the crew...
  5. edit: Actually scratch that, I've been listening to Chris Morris, this spoken word is great. Mixed it up, sorry. ((I'm not being negative at all. I actually like it, it's hillarious. I've only heard a couple of his tracks before))
  6. lmao this Hudson Mohawke consistent with his themes
  7. Man I missed LFO music so much, I didn't realize until now Simon from Syndey, oh my youth
  8. Just passing by to say hello. This Ae shit is lush af
  9. I should quit smoking tobacco, it really is the stupidest thing ever. My mind is already all for the idea, but body keeps craving. So every morning is like: mind: wow, so fresh, really nice body: *under breath* roll a cigarette mind: nah, I don't need it *two hours later* body: you think you can get away with this? Roll it! mind: shut up, you don't need it. body: but I do! Right now. mind: nah, you're fine. *an hour later* body: you know why I'm here mind: shut up *half hour later* body: oh c'mon, it's really nothing. You've done some work, Mind, you deserve it. And you know it feels good for you too. mind: well... body: just roll it mind: you know, if I just ignore you, eventually you will shut up, I have that kind of power... body: TOBACCO mind: ... body: TOBACCO *ten minutes later* mind: *occupied* body: *hands a 50 euro bill to the muscle memory*
  10. It is so hard to believe there are people out there supporting these imbeciles and only imbeciles are coming to power what the hell my unpleasant theory is that uk wants to secure a sizeable share in the future imperialist expansion spearheaded by usa. and staying in EU makes this impossible. so... there. i really hope this warmongering is just me overthinking on this
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