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  1. that looks like a quaint neighborhood, wouldn't mind having a flat in such a place. I've been to Berlin several times, had a blast every time I was there, many stories. Can you still buy weed in Friedrichschain park?
  2. Cryptocurrency mining is the next (exponential) step of energy consumption. To that I concede.
  3. As far as I see it, the divide is manufactured (aka what was once marginalized is fueled and then exploited). The social architects have a wide smile on their face. People are able to coexist peacefully as long as you don't mention the war (politics). With social media shit is off the rails. It's a mind game, and the crowd loses its capacity for critical thinking proportionally to its size. As for the sport team rooting analogy, that's nothing new. It's all across the world in every country. The backdoor to this mass hysteria is the fact that none of the grown up white or blue collar workers r
  4. incredible. those two make a very effective team, i mean how fast they communicated the distraction and the attack on the armed robber. then just give the shotgun to the shop owner like "here buddy, deal with it." that shop owner sure had his nerves tested there
  5. Yeah, that's a nice porsche, no doubt. Braintree is in California if I'm not mistaken, which means no snow (and salted roads), and very little rain, so rust should not be a big concern. I also hear that in California there are many car enthusiasts taking really good care for the old cars and you can borrow/rent some, or buy them at a very high price. The Singer shop makes some pretty nice Porsche from ground up (refurbishing and also re-designing a bit). Very tasteful. I know I would be getting myself one of those if I had the money. I mean, just look at this beauty: So i
  6. I've only discovered him a bit over a year ago and I've mostly listened to his stuff since. Very nice sound.
  7. NY 2020 I spent debating with a marxist economist with a phd and his revolutionary girlfriend and getting drunk on gin the year turned fruitless NY2021 was with my mother and my sister so this year we go back to the essentials
  8. that's why they get funding. corporate 'security'. popular culture is striving to convince us that this is the way to go..
  9. I know you meant that and I agree. But she's also good looking. oh did I say that aleady? 😆
  10. ftfy I admit, I have a special attention reserved for women in music field, more so specifically in underground parts, I guess, because of their dont-give-a-fuck attitude, apart from talent. It's not always the men that impose certain expectations upon women and their choice of career/hobbies, it's also (other) women themselves. They need to break out from men's perception of womanhood, but also women's. And women can sometimes be even more visceral towards other women in this regard. It's kind of a "double break-out". Self-initiative, music taste and skill, enthusiasm, .... I mean, what'
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