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  1. That would be a poetic justice long overdue. Many US presidents and their lackeys as well. CIA directors and section leaders. Turncoat politicians. Think tank lobbyists. Bankers, IMFers and the rest of the bilderberg lot. Just throw them into work camps. Let them dig gutters with a shovel and a pick, live in tents and receive rationed baren food for the rest of their lives.
  2. gran ma phones! oh i get it, it all started with gran ma phones and they came up with smart phones. your all dumb
  3. The position is for a junior analyst I stumbled upon (not my area). The description wants to give an impression almost as if one would sit at strategic conferences with senior staff.
  4. edit: just stumbled upon this job ad for a junior position. It speaks for itself. The Benefits section has three points, the last one describing the only real benefit, and even that is highly questionable if it's a junior position. I mean, how is "working with innovative tech solutions" a benefit? I might be using double monitors and a custom software. Incredible. And I was afraid I will be scribbling my analysis on a piece of paper. Why I as a worker receive so little, but have to give so much? What does this tell us, oh wise watmmers?
  5. yea, sorry, language barrier and I read your post too quickly. I now know we are in agreement. lol sheeeeeit facepalming myself
  6. Well I came here saying to bring a natural balance to things. Am I an idiot? Of course natural ways are complex and contradictory, as is a human being and its society. That fact in itself should be enough to realize that there is no one right way, and that balancing things out does not inherently mean there is one right way, if anything, it's the opposite: balancing suggests to put a bit of this there, and a bit of this here, and cut this here, add that there...
  7. I agree: I used "the capitalist" and "the socialist" in order to hitch on the narrative of that video (and auxien's response) and get my point across using these analogies, because I believe those simplifications are adequate to recognize two distinct societal vectors, but because of the broadness of the subject (problem), I agree, it is an oversimplification. Hence I said "Or maybe instead of socialists I should say people who want to bring some sort of natural balance". This is where I fall in.
  8. I want to say that instead of seeing classes as levels which are above or below each other, we should see classes as parallels. The only reason the capitalist has this power buffer is because not all people with comparable intellectual prowess have the same interest in owning and running companies. Some want to be artists, other scientists/researchers... But because the capitalist dictates the "trend" (this is not a natural way) those fall below them. Which allows the capitalist to trojan-horse himself towards more and more power, now also dictating the value of people and their professions, a
  9. That's not only a problem on this forum but everywhere capitalism vs. socialism debates happen. And I dare to say that failing to recognize the legitimacy of others' narrative can more often be attributed to people advocating (free, liberal) capitalism than it is to the people advocating socialism. Or maybe instead of socialists I should say people who want to bring some sort of natural balance. Capitalism has this inertia that doesn't like to take anything else into their accounts but checks and balances. Hence there must be some sort of regulation. Unfortunately, because the capitalists own
  10. This channel has the best ancient civilization documentaries I've ever seen
  11. If you're interested, a couple of folks have been restoring the AGC. There's a whole series of videos about it.
  12. Came for saucy watmm gossip, found a culinary thread. Very vanilla, guys, disappooooointeeeeed
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