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  1. This reminds me of a specific glass-door cabinet at my late grandmother's house. The glass doors were covered with a very old, patterned wrapping paper, probably from 60s, 70s (to keep the light out). The cabinet was solid-built, the door lock had the most asmr pleasant smooth locking feel. The smell inside that cabinet was one of the most soothing smells I experienced. A mixture of ~50 years of storing coffee, sugar, vanilla, etc inside. It smelled like the nicest, most fresh cookies or cake or everything good and sweet and indescribable. All kinds of kitchen-like containers and jars inside..
  2. "See what happens Larry? See what happens when [music industry] fucks a stranger in the ass?!"
  3. maybe the republicans don't like trump as well... Mutiny on the Bounty & shit
  4. I love M4 Lema A strong feeling si00 will grow on me psin AM & r cazt very much nice
  5. You gotta bump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers. @NewYorkNowhere But seriously: Braintree said it about expectations. Ugly truths help. Like, stop bullshitting yourself. You are not the centre of the universe (it's your ego causing this pain). Accept others have a life to live and want what's best for themselves. That often has nothing to do with you and your adequacy. The residual pain is flushed through some good cardio and a walk in the woods.
  6. Did anyone of you ever got their hands on any Grado headphones? I'm curious what they sound like. Are they worth the ridiculous prices?
  7. Well if you only have hammers, all problems seem to be nails, right? Gotta put all those assault rifles to use somehow. We also got militia boys with guns in our country. They want to patrol borders catching illegal immigrants. But the legislative branch doesn't know what to do with them as there are no laws to handle such situations. The times we live in...
  8. cichlisuite


    There's so much preservatives in our food we're basically mummified alive lol As for Dune... the problem I see is this weird undertone that is imagining what "epic" is like. The actors themselves are pushed by directors to be aware that they are some prophecy demigods. They have to be perfect human beings in every aspect. How do you play a perfect human being? Well, ironically, you have to water down all aspects of personality to appear collected, well-bred, sophisticated, dont-give-the-impression-you-know-you-are-a-demi-god aka false modesty. After all this all the actor can do is
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