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  1. Oh, the Auguste Rodin's museum is really really nice, it has a forma viva in the surrounding court where you can also find la porte de l'enfer Atelier de Lumieres is gorgeous, and has incredible displays and shows oh man, so many lovely memories of that city and I'm so old, fuck, time flies lol
  2. Paris is awesome, but I'm not a Parisien, so idk... Been there in 2002 and 2005 and both times I had super mega time spending there. The first was a middle school excursion and we did all those art and historical places. The second time I was invited by a friend I met as an exchange student, and she showed me different places, weird bars and bodegas, shops, weird corners and markets, suspicious places, etc, and night clubs, of course. The early 2000s were a blast for night life. Today, because of this corona madness, I guess you should see the basic tourist traps, as someone already said before, it probably wont be as crowded as any other time: the louvre, and saint-chapelle, sacre-coeur, invalides, musee d'orsee, the arch in la defense, montmartre, the latin quarter, place de la concorde, st. germain blvd, moulin rouge, the luxembourg gardens, the pantheon, versailles, georges pompidou centre, the famous cemetary i forgot the name of, there's a an awesome botanical garden, and the boat ride on the senne is cool, you could probably even get a table at cafe de flore lol. There used to be a huge record shop in la fayette building... As for the more alternative places, I can't really tell since it's more than 15 years since my visit, and things probably changed since then, and I also don't remember the addresses and locations anymore. It helps if you know someone who lives in Paris. Maybe be aware of the pushy street sellers around the major tourist areas. They will swarm you and not leave you alone if you give them just a bit of attention. My friend got mugged by one of those. Pushy but fun sellers on the markets, don't speak a breath of english. If I remember anything else I will write more.
  3. I did word that weirdly, I guess, I was in a hurry to paint a larger picture. I understand the 'we' point you're saying, and generally I agree with it. I would gladly oblige, but there are certain disparities that don't make sense to me, and since my trust for pharmaceutical industry and politics are basically zero at this point, I am worried about it. Not just worried for me, but for anyone who takes the vaccine. Because I know that there are huge profits and reputations at stake here, and if anything goes bad, who is going to take the responsibility for it? I'm sure you've heard how fiercely defended are reputations of corporations even when the wrongdoing is proven and obvious, why would it be any different at this point? Or how certain "experts" are bought by corporations to publish "science" that "proves" that everything is ok, and that agro-chemicals are not disrupting our hormones (I'm just putting an example here), while people are dying of cancer because of it.... When you get vaccinated for Covid, you are signing an agreement that you take full responsibility for anything that might happen afterwards. That's just crazy for me. No one is willing to take responsibility, and all unfavorable (even if plausible) ethical (medical) and independent scientific research is being suppressed (I'm not talking about facebook moms here, I'm talking about legit scientists). My point is that this general distrust in this specific type of vaccine also comes from general distrust in governments and corporations. I'm not talking about 5G crap or whatever is it that anti-vaxxers are shouting right now. I'm not an anti-vaxxer, I've been vaccinated for several stuff before (obligatory or not). I'm just worried and suspicious about this specific mRNA, untested, non-FDA approved vaccine for a virus that is likely made in a lab, for which independent oversight is being suppressed. I'm just sceptical, and I've given clear reasons why it's not just about me.
  4. What about distrust in government, "elites", corporations, etc? Have those ever operated in the interest of people? If anything, it is obvious that well-being of workers and the people have always been off the table. So much in fact that they actively suppress civilian initiatives that try to bring back the balance. It was always profits first, and personal agendas first. Decades of uncovering corruption, lobbying, criminal acts in the highest places of our society with no justice in sight, how's that for curating trust? Before this pandemic, the big pharma was one of the most hated and suspicious entities, and now, it's like the collective memory has been erased. Suddenly, big pharma is our savior, and even non-fda approved vaccines are widely accepted, and the debate about alternative cures (ivermectin for instance) are being censored, and suppressed in the name of "spreading disinformation". Even doctors and qualified experts and scientists are afraid to do their job, because they are afraid of public and institutionalized ridicule. How's that for fostering trust? mRNA vaccines are untested, and a non-standard remedy, yet no usual research of side effects is allowed. Everything is hidden in private labs with WHO as a gatekeeper under questionable leadership at best. Because of that, I'm extremely suspicious about the current situation, and the vaccine being so aggressively pushed. In the last year or so, I've been very exposed, and could've gotten covid anytime, yet, I haven't noticed a single symptom. I haven't been ill for several years now, not even from common cold. None of the people I know, and my wider family experienced none of the symptoms, nor had any test positive. This is why I'm sceptic about the "dire need" for a vaccine, when there are actual deadly diseases all around the world, with bigger body counts, and no one cares to make a rushed development of vaccine. So many things were handled weirdly: panic mongering from all fronts instead of trying to calm people, "elites" making huge profits off it, atrificial origin of the virus with chinese military lab being involved, and then not allowing international inspection, declaring pandemic when it hasn't been that yet, faking death body count (Bergamo, Italy), faking positive results to keep up the relevancy, and again, people and organisations making profits off tests without any supervision... idk know man, it stinks, like a pile of shit to me.
  5. welcome to the brave new world also NFTs how tf is that even legal pls??!?!11one
  6. it was already a deal breaker with chugging beers like a trucker lol (and she's not fat at all idk how that works), i left after finishing my second beer and never looked back. as for the reggae, she's very particular, and i don't mind that, but she really doesn't listen to anything else, nor doesn't want to. also she is a living proof of someone being smart as a whip, but so narrow minded and arrogant about it, it doesn't even matter in the end... and yeah, i've been to a seasplash reggae event once (about 109 years ago), that signature horn sound became a meme for a while but that's it
  7. dude, making friends in late thirties is so weird, it's like buying a barely serviceable used car and convincing yourself you can cross a continent with it or somthing the last date i've been on was with a woman who's really smart, but she drank six beers while i was on my second, and she listens exclusively to roots reggae
  8. cichlisuite


    Lynch's baron is so disturbing for me, more than any horror monster/creature ever conceived. Especially the intro scene with blood baths, disease cultivating, the slaves, and that fucking heart plug, dude, cmon!! Everytime I watched Dune I had to mentally prepare to watch through that, and I feel this new baron could be even worse, which is terrible... I haven't read the book, is it the same in the book?
  9. respect women properly and she will allow to shave her amirite daddy?
  10. Is that Schlitze showing his sensitive side?
  11. *rants about jbp and his daughter now showing off her body because daddy's famous and she's trying to capitalize off it* Ffs everything is so vapid, it's like dark ages all over again
  12. yeah, I remember seeing that. It's all manufacturing how public should think about things. Even John Oliver. He can be funny doing it (which part of achieving acceptance in minds of the people), but it's all the same. Teams of anonymous writers behind the talking heads, etc...
  13. the Israeli guy's angle is like they own the place by default... isn't this the crux of the problem?
  14. cichlisuite


    i love Lynch's Dune, and whispering thoughts is great way of expression. i was talking about voicing dialogue in general. maybe they are trying to construct this closeness (intimacy of some sort) with the viewer, and i understand that, but it actually evokes a different feeling of characters. like they are too timid to speak, and since all these great stories involve to-be prophets, "chosen" people, or whatever (a rather tiring trope itself tbh), they end up like pampered privileged rich kids who have their life laid out for them, and has little to do with overcoming life or one's own shortcomings. idk, i might be touching on a generational thing which has little to do with artistic choice in movie direction though...
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