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  1. obviously he wanted to talk about more than one aspect of violence against children
  2. Didn't buy the road tax vignette this year, so most of the time I was avoiding highways, or if I drove on highway, I picked days when the chance of running into patrols was minimal (calculated luck of some sorts). It worked for 10 months, but on friday my luck ran out, and now I have to pay the fine, which is higher than if I payed for the tax in the first place. So yeah, I'm a supreme idiot lol.
  3. ^ that table looks like it's gonna tip over any moment now
  4. What I really disliked about whatsapp was that anyone in my contacts suddenly felt the liberty to message me anytime about anything. It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for some of the clients. Next thing I know I'm getting flooded with related and unrelated messages and links they wanted to share. ffs, I had to find a polite way to tell them that this is my private "channel" that I didn't intend to use it for business. I installed it for ONE friend from US to keep in touch. I felt like one of the clients was a bit surprised about it, so I just deleted the damn app from my phone.
  5. is that the only swaeter saen owns?
  6. yeah, it's a very good piece I enjoyed very much. But The Sorcerer was not based on Clouzot's WoF film, but rather on the book. It's the author's own interpretation of the book.
  7. I agree. The 1992 Artificial Intelligence was better.
  8. lol I remember watching some videos of Parliament discussions when Brexit was going on, and that bald fella next to Boris always struck me as the most suspicious guy ever
  9. they will come with darkness- and wall-penetrating cameras, targeting mechanisms and tasers and guns, fast "thinking", swift and agile movement, armored chassis, funded by tax payer money, so if we destroy them, we will pay for new replacements and thrown into jail. Everywhere miserable labor peoples living paycheck to paycheck with no prosperity or hope. Everyone will want to be rich: actors, models, but the rich will only be seen on TVs, living far away from our eyes, traveling in private aircraft city-to-city, continent-to-continent, only in high rises, never on the dirty streets. Resorts sparse and unreachable, nature destroyed, artificial food in cubes... yes, future!
  10. ^ this shit just makes me miserable as fuck, I don't want it to, but there it is. Even with my sparse internet diet I can't avoid it. if it's just an "art installation to provoke" or if it's a legit prototype, same shit. We know where this is going. I know why investments in AI and robotics are so hot right now. The sci-fi or "dystopian near future" movies were a wet dream and a goal. The paths are converging. It makes me miserable and angry. Humanity is trash. I hope I'm overreacting, but I know I'm not.
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