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  1. lol back in the day four houses were sharing one dumpster, so one day when i took out the trash and opened the dumpster, there was a shoebox with these recorded tapes. naturally i took the box and invited my neighbor friend so we can listen to them (cool stuff for bored adolescent kids). apart from richard clayderman piano, and other pop shit there were lots of 80s and 90s dance and techno songs so that was our occupation for the next couple of months. the "nononono" song and "what is love" were the ultimate hits "what is love" still hits the spot today but with a profound weight of a life experience huehue
  2. The Sopranos Nearing the end of the 6th season, I like the character arcs with some, and I especially like the dream and limbo sequences. Otherwise it can be daunting with all the faking (lying), hysteria and violence. I know that's kinda the point, I'm just saying.
  3. Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand. Ich: addiere subtrahiere kontrolliere komponiere
  4. heh, just realized i pasted the wrong link here, so to redeem myself:
  5. i got mine renewed a month ago, and the 'smile' on my picture is like i'm eating lemon peels and having diarrhea at the same time
  6. anymore haze it would be a hotbox. i was hoping the edit version would lose the annoying voice sample but whadyagonnado
  7. just to clarify, i was being sarcastic, but let me tell you something: in my life I have encountered many people who realized the world's logic is turned upside down and inside out and went out and done something about it. Men, women and kids and teenagers, working on organizing local food supply and production, competing every single fucking day against the huge corps in price/performance and legal issues. Yes, the corpos are trying to "drain the pond" to make it hard for anyone else to make a substantial earning by lobbying for legislation or using their financial leverage to out-compete the local producers. They did not sit at home and daydream about some tech-supported utopia (which is mostly self-serving naive bullshit). Their hands work the soil, they try to make most of the meagre profits with ingenuity and creativity. My line of work is such that I can directly support them, and help them reach further and wider. There's a reality beyond the computer screen bubbles. It requires to forgo many comforts and illusions, but it's here, and it's working.
  8. a conveyor belt? that's a huge engine you'd need just to propel a 30 km rubber strip. that's a lot of fucking rubber and energy. what if the entire city worth of supplies is put up there? that's roughly 1000 tones per day (depends of city size). you wont get your fancy pineapple because not enough people from your village wants it. then you bargain with your neighbors to send fake requests for pineapple just so you can eat it. next thing you know, the local bad apple kid is selling fake requests under the bridge, but you'll have to blow him. that's his decided wage. and now you have 30 fucking whole pineapples at home. sorry, no bread for you today, sir. the baker decided he's had it, and is at home watching sopranos in his underpants. fucking amateurs. how am i supposed to pull logs out of the forest with my 2-stroke 3d-printed organic tractor?
  9. @Joyrex The front site did not load the feed sidebars and for a moment it felt just like early 2000s again, so I thought this is something new and improved watmm so I immediately posted about it. joke's on me, I guess it was just a glitch heh
  10. i love the non-feedy first page much faster watmm goes wooosh
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