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  1. so .hot( ) is a method shared by a tea maker and a shield generator well done Data
  2. True Detective I don't like horror shit, I can turn on the world news channels for that and see loads of horror, so I tend to avoid such senselessness in my life. I also avoid McConeaughey. But I also do stuff against my preferences now and then because, as I learned, it can bring you interesting new outlooks and experiences. Sometimes. So here I am: a man of contradictions. There's something about this american gothic stuff that stirs imagination, and all the necessary ingredients are there. It can be pretty dark shit, but it also fuels good morbid curiosity. I've heard about the King in Yellow novel before, but it's too dark for my taste so I never read it. McConaughy man, can he be any more up his own ass with his self-aggrandizing postures and gestures? And his voice here is eating up words so I had trouble understanding half of his dialogue. He is almost a caricature, it's really kind of funny like that. But otherwise he did a good job with Rust I think. I loved the biker gang infiltration chapter, it had the grit and the danger was palpable, and I really love Rust's catharsis at the end: "...once there was only dark...if you ask me, the light is winning." Are the next seasons also worth a watch?
  3. yay, all aboard the money laundering train!! *honks the horn twice* I feel like this is going to be an interesting decade. Because crypto will create a world without accountability.
  4. Oh, I know. My friend is working for a nautical producer that decided a couple of years ago to redesign their entire product portfolio, for which he invited me along, but I reluctantly declined. Basically a project that will be going on for the next several years. Apart from a model or two that have electrical propulsion and recycled materials, there's very little consideration for environment in this. As you go up the price range, materials become more expensive and "luxurious", as you said, teak wood for entire decks (some have multi-level decks), bridges, interiors, etc. One-piece plastic hulls, "performance" models with high-power engines that consume enormous amounts of fuel. There's also sonars. Sea mammals that use echolocation are avoiding huge shipping lanes because of sonar noise pollution that affected their behavior to the point that it restricts their mating and eating behavior. The powerful submarine and military ship active sonars are so powerful that it disrupts whale communication and life patterns. You can find plenty of maps of international oceanic shipping lanes on the internet which gives you a pretty clear idea of how the living space for these animals is isolated and cut-off.
  5. Is having a megayacht really that necessary though?
  6. don't have time to read it right now but I have one question: are bullwallet, ae ama, ms paints, ice water with ice, beards, trashbear, rolling lols, yearly most idm competitions, and reading the rules mentioned in there?
  7. I know it's not relevant anymore, but
  8. I hope joyrex didn't sell out our e-mails since they became (unnecessarily) mandatory for logging in.
  9. Mosfilm has a movie repository on yt https://www.youtube.com/c/Mosfilm_eng/videos There's also an archive of older films https://www.youtube.com/c/MosfilmRuOfficial I've watched a couple of ww2 movies recently The White Tiger set on the eastern front, a ghost German tank (yes, a ghost tank) prowls the Russian wilderness and wreaks terror. It appears no one and nothing can stop it, but then one young tankist claims he understands how to fight it. All realism thrown out the window, the generals are now facing the fact that there is a ghost tank behind their lines. It's hilarious like that, and it's a typical Russian emotionally intense drama. For a larger-than-life surrealism drama, I rather enjoyed it by not taking it completely seriously, but at the same time, the actors are very good, and overall the movie is well made, and it takes the matter seriously. 7 bounced shells / 10 (But this is nothing compared to the movie T-34 which is a hilarious exaggerated bro melodrama on steroids with most of the movie made of bullet-time (emm, shell-time?) scenes. A Russian Fury/10) Aggression: The Battle for Moscow , and Liberation (a movie about the Kursk battle in 43): curiosity drove me further down this Mosfilm rabbit hole, and I was surprised how epic and huge the productions are. Definitely very ambitious and some scenes are really fantastic live action stuff. What I loved most about these two movies is that they really tried to find actors that look like real persons: Model, Zhukov, Vasilevski, Vatutin (lol he's the SAME!). The dialogues are swinging between corny, time-capsule-propagandist melodrama and realistic-abridged. Too bad they were trying to condense such big historical time frames into a movie length, as most of story-telling "juice" gets lost right there. You can't escape a Russian way of telling a story as well, which has its own typicality, as Hollywood does. Someone needs to make a good Russian/Hwood collaboration.
  10. but if i hear him the first night, isn't he close enough that I can safely assume he already found me?
  11. Japan went rampant, gobbling up the entire continent, leaving only Theodora with three of her cities. So I made her my ally, gave her lots of gold for support, voted her as the congress leader (combining my votes and Theodora's we could outvote Japan by a small margin), and conspired for all other civs declare war against Japan. Now it's a world war against Japan. Theodora did not liberate Amsterdam but took the city for her, which made her a stronger opponent to Japan, but Theodora is bad at tactics so Japan is beating her in combat all the time. My small expeditionary force to help Theodora retook Rotterdam, but we had to abandon it and withdraw. However, all this time I've been managing a strong naval blockade of Japan from the east, and now I just took Japan's capital with many Wonders by a surprise attack and he is very not happy. He got cold feet and already offered peace lol.
  12. We therefore conclude that perunamuusi knows best. This session is now adjourned. All comments are henceforth invalid. Thank you for your contributions, gentlemen.
  13. the only thing worse than stiff label contracts is needy intrusive fans I'm coming to believe
  14. I dropped a BOC album. It's on the floor. Can we put down the red banner now please? @Joyrex
  15. Woke up from strange dreams today I barely remember, but it left me with this weird feeling of desire to be a prairie drifter on a horse living off the land in 19th century.
  16. It sure is dangerous, I'm glad you got out of it. Honestly I thought you were joking (as some kind of watmm banter) so I had to be sure. Sorry if I came across as prying or insensitive.
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