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  1. did Chloe find your number etc on one of those sterilized glass sample pads you leave in dumpsters around the cities of the world?
  2. life is life nanaaaa na nana it's never what you expect and hope to be so i just sail along and try to keep the stern steady in a generally preferred direction there was a time, not long ago, when i sincerely wished to transform myself into an animal living in the woods like chuck norris became a wolf however a woman once dear to me said one day that my presence reminded her of a horse so...
  3. Thanks, it was a beautiful day. Of course I know the language, I'm your neighbor 🙂 I'm not very proficient with it, but enough to mess around heh
  4. Several times in the last few months I was thinking about the Obama's Change campaign when he was first running for potus. The first major online campaign (the HOPE posters, etc), how it took over the internet with its distinctive and concise visuals. That's probably why I don't like Obama lol: slick bastard got us all tricked. There are starking similarities in many get-elected-campaigns since, not just in the US, but elsewhere in the "west" as well: sponsored people being branded as democrats, etc, bringing "hope", "change", blah blah. I bet there are the same people in the background running these candidates, same kind of work, anyway.
  5. haha no just happened here in my country: a guy branded as the most progressive lefty-capitalist made Premier by promising big "change" and "reforms" (he literally said people are going to dance of happiness), but it's just the same old shit in disguise politics is dead, we need to go on make something of our own anew
  6. I completely agree with you, my post was more general, not necessarily tied in with the Zeff Experiencetm. 😉 I was speaking from my own experience, by knowing some real activists and initiatives myself, they are always the underdogs. Not only fighting the "system", but also ordinary people on every step. Always short of competent lawyers, practical intellectuals, etc.
  7. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I'd just like to say that, yes, this is a musical forum, and yes threads get offtopic (which is a nuissance), but debates about complex issues sprout dynamically, because the issues themselves are interconnected and co-dependent, and complex. While I agree that a certain level of topicality must be preserved (and respect), stopping debates in its tracks is what I consider the exact opposite kind of reaction that any concerned citizen (lol) should undertake. If any, it should be accepted with enthusiasm, support, and an intellectual contribution of all parts. We are censoring ourselves by doing to, on the internet, which was supposed to bring people together and nurture creativity and rapid spreading ideas and contributions. It is actually our duty as sovereign personalities to defend the rights of the people and fight against oppression, and crime that imposes its will upon us. We, the "good" (at least relatively still) people must stand, otherwise, the bad gains momentum, and the sacrifice needed to overcome it will be ever greater. So instead, why don't people stick their heads together, and instead of stubbornly saying "why don't you come up with a definitive and elaborate plan about all and everything" (and do the work on par with the greatest minds of our history (which even statistically speaking it near impossible)), they help out with the holes and weak parts? no single solution will be the right one, and no one person is able to compile it. That's why we need more solidarity, and respectful cooperation. it's in our best interest to come up with the best solution anyway...
  8. wow much intellectual about nature and humans (but it's really all about humans again). technocratic beating around the bush nonsense
  9. in that case, don't mind, you wont even notice it
  10. he can't talk about it because it's shite innit
  11. No, you have to look at it from the other end. Ad-hoc means it was devised to fit this sudden circumstance. Russia criminally invaded Ukraine under its own assumptions/goals, independent of any western interest. However, I'm willing to bet that all the indices for the russian invasion were known well in advance from intelligence sources, and, like in the case of 9/11, were ignored because they could offer an opportunity. I tend to believe this because there was this absence of action from EU/USA, even when Russian units were already assembling on the ukranian borders (but also before that). Also, because even prior to that, Ukraine was in a leadership crisis, and it was well known this was largely because of Russian/USA meddling. This presented a void. How long after the first russian units crossed the Ukrainian border until any diplomatic (or other) western counter-action was made public? Long enough for the situation to develop into an irreversible chain of events. Long enough to uncover true Russian intentions. Long enough to facilitate proper US response. Which was: seizing the opportunity to sell weapons to Germany (and Finland, and most probably Sweden, and other nations who out of fear are upgrading and expanding their arsenals). Selling weapons to Ukraine and Poland. US selling gas and oil to Germany at a markup, because her main supplier is now conveniently gone. US is leading the "Marshall plan" for Ukraine. Bidet's visit to Europe was to give instructions on how to deal with this situation: the main goal is to prolong the war - NO DIPLOMATIC SETTLEMENT, WHY FFS?!? - because the idea to weaken Russia's influence in Europe is a more lucrative goal, with a huge bonus of investment reparative opportunities for rebuilding a completely shattered Ukraine. The goal is to weaken Russia by destroying Ukraine. This is what western nations (led by USA) believe to be a solution.
  12. In this case (and at this point in time) it's more about the West (cough USA cough) fighting Russia by Ukraine's proxy. It's an ad-hoc experiment with the ultimate goal to weaken Russia. Bidet rejected all of Zelenskyy's proposals for a peace settlement. Talks are off the table (for now at least) One can see how the grim reality of international politics hit Zelensky like a train; since Bidet chinwagged with the EU coalition, his energy visibly lowered. Again, opportunistic play by USA, who tries to do another Russia vs. USA via Afghanistan 2.0. And Russia will not back down. It's despicable. Nothing ever changes on the big stage. It's all power play.
  13. that and some good old keep the name in the papers dollar
  14. listening ae under the moonlight must be some experience and in an old style greek auditorium!!
  15. through selection and subliminal suggestion, the 24hr (news) media is one of the main culprits for such perception. That and the sponsored think tanks who represent opinion makers on the subject. The unruly masses, uncapable of reason, self-organisation, and working for the common good, need the economic overlords, and political indoctrinated (davos) "elite class", otherwise, it will be mad max within 24hrs. It perpetuates the myth so well that scared, angry, simple-minded people are ready to accept it with vigilant resolution.
  16. The former. Joi is merely an agent for consumerism. It's the epitome of targeted advertising by getting into the male brain (and heart) through his greatest weakness. She is meticulously programmed; throughout the BR2049 you can see how she instantly responds to the emotions of K (mirroring), and when her return functions and routines calculate a false, or null data, she tries to appease by suggestions, a combination of pre-configuration, and "learned" behavior. She's a damn computer avatar, she can instantiate into anything, many times a second. The movie plot has an interesting setup, though it is a bit superficial.
  17. f-ing bandwagon jumping capitalists. everything is because of russia now. that's right, just pump those margins up 200% and have the talking heads explain it all. it's like russia is the biggest oil provider to the entire world now all of the sudden? what about all those oil wars and pr acrobatics to get all the oil for yourself and your buddies? ohh, right, it's the dying dollar. with the "sustainable" transportation trending big time you gotta squeeze all the bucks out of it, of course! good thing the senile old pedo managed to lear his lines, right?
  18. no, definitely rule out (maybe some pun intended) any kind of AI. First, we're never going to reach the level of AI sophistication needed in a reasonable time (if at all), second, we have no idea what to expect of an AI even if we do. So why, in light of our current experience and situation, should we let the reins of our destiny into something completely unknown to us, and hope that somehow, things turn out ok... It's like we're not learning anything, it's even worse: it's like we forfeit our responsibility completely. The problem is that to get the critical mass moving, the most dire and hopeless circumstances must arise, and even then, we probably would not come to any sort of agreement how to run things, and just another form despotism will come on top again. we're destined to be ruled by assholes until our demise. lol
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