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  1. Basic Channel, their monikers, all Chain Reaction label stuff is first class music. If I really have to pick a favourite, it must be Erosion 3. Does Vainqueur count? https://youtu.be/2MpzFsalsl8
  2. cichlisuite

    Rob pls

    Rob deposits some lush pads on soundcloud
  3. All concerted actions will be aimed towards preserving the global economy. Always.
  4. Let's bring back some of this
  5. This takes me back. Haven't heard TLS in years, thanks for reminding me:) That is one interesting record for sure. The Black Dog have some amazing tracks. Temple of Transparent Balls is also interesting. This techno style never got old for me, I still listen to it.
  6. Some people talk too much when they're nervous. Maybe something to consider if otherwise she appeared an interesting person. If she talked a lot about her previous relationships then that's a red flag for sure (well for me at least). I've met a woman over the internet back in ~2005. We became kind of friends after that, although I think she hates me nowadays, because I never made a move on her (her friend kind of told me so). However, at the time we met she had a relationship on the decline, so I thought I'd just be a disposable rebound guy or I did not want to make too much assumptions about the situation and her character, as I was a product of a clandestine operation on her part while still in a relationship or whatever. That's just one of the aspects of how women go about their business, I guess.
  7. Man, you're right, Herbie Hancock is so ubiquitous. It's like I've heard all his work without listening to all of his work
  8. this one has interesting Lady Kier vibe.
  9. interesting. and weird. I didn't know Warp was pushing it with the AI theme that much (ok really didn't know that, you guys can stop laughing now) because, on Warp Tapes, on Part 1, starting at ~16 minutes and up to ~22 minutes is probably the most epic track ever. I'm in love with it. When I walk the streets listening to this I just want to show it to random people and hug them; it brings a smile to my face. And I noticed at the end there's an arpeggiated sound, like someone would make a motorboat sound it through their lips (like a kid mimic a motorboat sound), and that arpeggio makes a bit 'artificial' like machine singing, at the same time, similar to the sound one makes when riding the high wave on LSD (when it's too much so you just go "brbrbrbrbrbrb"). So it's like self-conscious machine experiencing some sort of reality, as we do on LSD. lol I dunno anyway great music
  10. learning javascript is busting my balls just when I think I'm beginning to understand, a little detail knocks everything out of my brain and I'm back at zero
  11. Since things went a bit out of hand recently, and since I hold myself responsible for the things I said in the deleted thread, aimed directly and exclusively to eugene, which have been (apparently) regarded as anti-semitic, I feel obligated to say a couple of words about it. I don't intend to apologize to anyone, especially not eugene, nor anyone else I might have offended in this forum. I am not an anti-semite. I also do not regard my response to eugene as anti-semitic, however, I did threaten eugene with "going full adolf on his ass" ( I also said I hope he gets raped by a hairy jew in the middle of a desert and struck by a stray israeli missile for the reasons I'm going to explain next), if he sincerely believes what he wrote. I wrote this, because that's how I felt at the time, triggered by his non-challant and meaningless search for arguments to downplay the crimes committed by Epstein. By writing "going full adolf on his ass", I was trying to equalize, in rhetoric manner, his point of view, so he could maybe realize the gravity of his words, and re-consider his point of view. I did not mince my words, I went straight for the jugular, so to speak. Maybe not the most patient and constructive way to go about things, but that's how it happened. In my private life, I'm a hatched man against injustice and power-induced inequality. Both my grandparents were in concentration camps, suffered the full wrath of the nazi regime, and while they were not jewish, they rightly fought against the oppressors of their freedom, and were sent to concentration camps because they fought actively for their freedom. While my family tried to acquire reparations to restore their dignity, they faced numerous obstacles that favored Jewish minorities, and for the most part, did not get their full pensions. In the light of the fact that most of the perpetrators recently uncovered and connected to atrocities were jews, holding the highest positions of authority of our so-called 'free world of the West', and eugene being as ardent as he is ignorant apologist of the power-hungry jewish enclave, I also find that fact unjust, and downright perverse, and not appropriate for the minority which in its past, suffered such degradation and man-hunt as they did. If anyone, they should feel most compelled, having suffered in the past, not to repeat the same power-hungry demagogue and elitist actions. But they did, and still are. Eugene is a proud jew, and I have nothing against that, but putting together his words, his agenda, and the history of his nation, one can uncover his ignorant and perverse point of view, at which I struck. This is not an anti-semitic point of view, this is the truth. And if ignorant people continue to label things at their face value, baiting shame and stirring controversy around the forum, then so be it. I can only point them out and say, they might be one of the reasons this place often finds itself way lower than it could be. But, of course, this is internet, and because of that, my response against eugene might appear as a meek fight against the windmills as Don Quixote did, and if anything, I might have made a fool of myself if it wasn't aimed at a specific user with a specific point of view in specific cirsumstances, as I explained above. But I didn't, and I stand behind my actions, and words.
  12. Only for eugene. We go way back... I had a rough week. A deadly combination for me. You're kind of a sewing club patron arent you, usagi 🙂
  13. cichlisuite

    elseq 1-5

    Really getting into Elseq these days. Happened sooner than I thought it would. Kind of feels like a continuation of the Quaristice theme. CD 1 and 2 feel like a boiling bucket of radioactive lava, quite evil. So far, it exais more than Exai. There are so many themes, details and layers. This album is a first place contender for me right now, specially because it kind of combines themes from all previous albums and sounds into something.... more accomplished? idk I'm only slowly unpacking, and this post might become obsolete in a couple of days/weeks 🙂 feed1 is so angry, furious 13x0 step and chimer 1-5-1 has some reprise to Oversteps I think, really good pendulu hv moda is like having a synth controlled by accordion curvcaten has a Quaristice ala plyphon feel, but the bass layering is just sick elyc6 Onset has that signature Ae metric underlying that I love, and the second half goes crazy with the highs c7b2 again furious, for terrorizing neighborhoods eastre is this an Ae take on Zoviet France? TBM2 is proper shit, back to hiphop acdwn2 feels like a throwback to earlier heavy stuff also in the way it decomposes foldfree casual is so Vangelis you have no idea, I love it, there's an accent in there that takes right into Blade Runner latentcall with details and layers again 7th slip !!!!!! fav pendulu casual !!!!!!!!!!!! more fav too much. I'll be back.
  14. No. Peter Falk is the greatest. Stop rebooting stuff. Make new.
  15. Thanks usagi. lol. I've seen a synagogue or two while in London. Also while I visited Krakow and Warsaw. Very nice actually. Also a couple of jewish art centers. I just don't like eugene. That's all.
  16. If before the digital time you had to show a certain music skill and determination to reach a certain quality level and then form a group (a band), today the same grind is made through solo bedroom music production, failed collaborations and personal maturing until you are able to break through. Solid ideas and perseverance still stands out. It kind of balances out itself, I think.
  17. lol that's where boredom and tiredness intersect I guess fwp: dating in mid-thirties is strange as f### last time a woman I went on a date with invited me to her family place at the seaside, but went out of the way to explain me it doesn't mean anything romantic... so far in fact I began thinking she might insinuating something... because when I jokingly said "cool, we're gonna sit around cafes in the old town centre and be each other's wingman" she gave me a disappointed look... But I always wanted a woman-wingman... this feminism thing is going nowhere, obviously.
  18. an empty shell even her charisma is money-fuelled BCM fell to the spell walking for a block or two in any eu city you can see 10 women more appealing but that's just like, my opinion man i know it's the eye of the beholder and stuff
  19. Yes, I also never understood why he is being picked on, apart from some people projecting their own poor self-image
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