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  1. once upon a time... 01. Andre Holland - unabomber / Interstellar Fugitives [UR-045] 02. Marc Floyd - the safety is off / Condition Red [UR-043] 03. UR - code red / Acid Rain III [UR-028] 04. UR - nannytown / Interstellar Fugitives [UR-045] 05. Remote - protecting my hive / The Swarm [UR-048] 06. Mad Mike - moor horseman on bolarus 5 / Interstellar Fugitives [UR-045] 07. Perception - mirage / Interstellar Fugitives [UR-045] 08. Mad Mike - metamorphisis / Galaxy 2 Galaxy [UR-025] 09. Andre Holland - I'm in / The Infiltrator [UR-039] 10. Marc Floyd - wobbler / Condition Red [UR-043] 11. Chameleon - re:con / Hidden In Plainsight [UR-050] 12. Drexciya - bubble metropolis / Bubble Metropolis [UR-026] 13. The Infiltrator - thought 1 / Interstellar Fugitives [UR-045] 14. Drexciya - Smokey's illegitimate report / The Return Of Drexciya [UR-037] 15. The Suburban Knight - nocturbulous / Nocturbulous Behaviour [UR-011] 16. Octave One - day star rising [UR-015] 17. The Suburban Knight - infra red spectrum / Nocturbulous Behaviour [UR-011] 18. UR - the mighty asteroids of Jupiter / Acid Rain III [UR-028] 19. Mad Mike - base camp alpha 808 / The Final Frontier [UR-003] 20. DJ Rolando - the shining path / The Aztec Mystic [UR-035] 21. Dark Energy - black strategy / Hidden In Plainsight [UR-050] 22. The Suburban Knight - maroon / Interstellar Fugitives [UR-045] 23. UR - atomic witchdokta / Dark Energy [UR-029] 24. UR - electronic warfare / Electronic Warfare: the mixes [UR-034] 25. Mad Mike - the final frontier / The Final Frontier [UR-003] 26. UR - B2 / Codebreaker [UR-038] 27. Mad Mike - metamorphisis / Galaxy 2 Galaxy [UR-025] 28. The Suburban Knight - nitestrike / Hidden In Plainsight [UR-050]
  2. Finally got around watching The Wire, and I don't remember when it was the last time I hated a movie villain more than I did Marlo's crew. Man, Snoop and Chris are fucking monsters. Especially Snoop. I wanted to waste them myself, lol. The scene where they chased Michael (not sure it was him) into the abandoned building, and when he shot them I was like "Yeah boy, fucking get them!!" But it turned out they were just training him and had paint bullets... fuck. Amazing show in all aspects. It got me on a binge. Bunk Moreland is hillarious.
  3. That was a nice throwback. I completely forgot about this record, and I grooved on it plenty back in the day. Thanks.
  4. That 4th track really cuts the cord. I see that as very deliberate, like putting a watermark over a landscape painting. Still, I'm enjoying this album very much.
  5. yea, man. those "industry figures" need to figure some shit out.
  6. Of course it's out of place after Aliens. It's on Fiorina, while Hadley's Hope is on LV-426, duuuuuh! But seriously, I liked the setting of Alien 3. The movie is good, and it holds well in the Alien universe, imho.
  7. Of all times? I see no cavemen pebble rock, or greek lyre ambient, and what about Genghis' Yurt Throaters?!
  8. this new Matrix shit looks like someone's copied homework
  9. Heaven's Gate (1980) Curious piece of cinema that has quite a star lineup, set at the end of 19th century in Wyoming, with a rather confusing story line. It's almost 4 hours long! While I love long films, some scenes take too long to establish, or are just overall pointless. There's like 30 min intro showing a college graduation ceremony of the main character and his school mate. It's not a pointless scene though: it establishes one of the corner stones of the story line and moral, but it's way too long. Or a 5 min fiddler on roller skates... The main grudge I have against the otherwise intriguing story is that it is supposed to be based on real historical events but takes so much liberty at changing it, only the character names remain truly authentic, which is quite weird and pointless tbh, and kind of twists the moral behind it. Also, when I read about the real events that this movie was supposed to depict after watching, the liberty taken at the portrayal of characters only makes them shallow, or maybe underdeveloped. Idk really. This film is weird in many ways, but still interesting. I liked the Isabelle Huppert's character and Nat, portrayed by Walken. But the director didn't do a very good job developing him, or giving him enough of story. I still think it's worth a watch though, it's kind of inspiring in a weird, convoluted way, lol.
  10. I don't think it's only a limit of our collective imagination in this particular case. It might be a limit of their imagination though. There are fields out there that deal with cosmology and origins of life in a scientific and naturalistic way that do not share the simulation views. I think, for the same reasons as you described (computer science being one (my emphasis) of the forefronts today), that computer people look at the world through number crunching (for the sake of argument, let's leave pure mathematics aside here), and think that all problems can be solved by computers. While this might be true to some extent, it very much narrows down the perception of the world in order to fit in that perspective (disregarding many otherwise intrinsic and crucial aspects). Have you read any of the simulation ideas that they put forward? I think it has more to do with gas station sci-fi books and lots of hubris than anything else.
  11. You mean the System Shock stuff? Yeah, that's inevitable by now I guess. I sometimes dwell on these things too much, but why is human kind so fascinated by horrible stuff, even though we know it's horrible, it's everywhere in popular culture almost like a dark dream slowly becoming reality... are we more like "I don't know what I'm doing and this is horrible but I can't stop" or it's more like "YESSS, bring it on BRAHAHAHA"
  12. The level at which silicon valley people try to "tech" the whole world really annoys me. Like the big fad for a while now is that we live in a simulation. Even black holes are considered to be "a bug" in the simulation's "code". This gives me so much less hope for the future. We really are going to destroy our civilization. By hubris. You really can't get any lower than that.
  13. mr. Impaler himself, that's a rare honor, zkom
  14. on a more dark-humorous note Kool Keith's stuff like Dr. Dooom and Dr. Octagon
  15. I posted a picture of military equipment left behind(*) for Afghan army You replied with Rubin's video post how Talibans can't operate the given equipment Hence, I replied: "A deal is a deal" Explanation: Their bad (Taliban's) if they can't operate the equipment, they should've opted for Training also, so: a deal is a deal, and now they just got a bunch of useless equipment Smartass extra: the helicopter is probably just taxiing (it has wheels to do so) lol ( * ) payed by US taxpayers to US government contractors
  16. the highlight of today was two guys, on bass and trumpet, playing Miles' All Blues in a small underpass leading into a park
  17. Since we share our DNA with plants, veganism IS cannibalism. Case closed.
  18. Interesting thing he said that he feels kind of responsible for ambient music becoming capitalist working, un-intrusive background music, like "beats to study to"... there are people who "listen" to ambient like that obviously, but I guess those people never heard Brian's ambient music, or any good ambient music for that case. For me good ambient music really augments a moment in life, and it usually evokes the feeling of being somewhere else than "here", but at the same time very much "here"... I don't know if that makes any sense, and I hope Brian will change his mind.
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