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  1. thanks for the tip, checked out some tunes on the bandcamp and its exactly the kind of stuff i've been looking for after getting into derek carr recently [but wanting something a little more b12/A.R.T] really nice stuff here
  2. saw it last night and OPN's soundtrack really stood out at points.. lots of little motifs that sound a lot like him pre-returnal (and returnal too) - a very pleasant surprise
  3. first head them here: fav from them atm is probably:
  4. haha the youtube video description tracklist has been updated with the r/aphextwin sticky thread
  5. so is what's playing @ 1:31:15 still part of "34. mini live set" ? ---- 1:32:47 damn ❤️
  6. i'm assuming this will be more Punch Drunk Love-Sandler than [insert shitty comedy here]-Sandler??
  7. this is really fucking good, big ups ASC. 'the waves' album earlier this year was excellent too 'Flutter' and 'Meadows' !
  8. https://seagrave.bandcamp.com/album/turning-points
  9. holy macaroni that fact max is excellent
  10. a lot from this album made me think of the parts of NRTHNDR that sound a little bit like Huge Chrome Cylinder Box, mixed with some BoC excellent from start to finish
  11. bizzy b & equinox remix Collapse voafose on analord 6 !
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