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  1. i liked "cop show dad funk", for that tussy electro acid stuff anyway
  2. i got about half way through this before concluding it sounded way too much like a poor imitation of rod modell's dawn, dusk & darkness cd so i listened to that again instead 💪🤠
  3. sounds fantastic from that ig video i'm here for breakbeat paradinas
  4. rausch was absolutely unlistenable for me, that high freq ping noise on every kick throughout the whole album is fucking awful wtf was he thinking
  5. mick's tracks here are absolute killer
  6. i've had enough of all this cop show dad funk tomfoolery anyone out there making cop show mum funk?
  7. well... https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/711053?page=19 https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/808150
  8. thanks for the tip, checked out some tunes on the bandcamp and its exactly the kind of stuff i've been looking for after getting into derek carr recently [but wanting something a little more b12/A.R.T] really nice stuff here
  9. saw it last night and OPN's soundtrack really stood out at points.. lots of little motifs that sound a lot like him pre-returnal (and returnal too) - a very pleasant surprise
  10. first head them here: fav from them atm is probably:
  11. haha the youtube video description tracklist has been updated with the r/aphextwin sticky thread
  12. so is what's playing @ 1:31:15 still part of "34. mini live set" ? ---- 1:32:47 damn ❤️
  13. i'm assuming this will be more Punch Drunk Love-Sandler than [insert shitty comedy here]-Sandler??
  14. this is really fucking good, big ups ASC. 'the waves' album earlier this year was excellent too 'Flutter' and 'Meadows' !
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