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  1. More about his bassing. I know a lot of them are synthetic bass lines, but I think he must also mine recorded music and harvest bass lines that way too. Similar to the way drum breaks work. Bass breaks?
  2. I've long felt that Luke is probably the best bassist who never touches an actual bass (yes, I'm aware he got his start as a bassist)!
  3. Couple of great responses there, fellas (I presume?). Thanks! 🙂 Our opinions just differ, and that's fine, but I'm glad to know you're basing your opinion on something other than, "Squeeeeee!"
  4. I know an adult will be bringing the aforementioned substance soon. One of the other two Gen Xers, perhaps?
  5. Whew! Really glad I never said it didn't have any bass lines now. But, really happy someone felt comfortable responding to the critique after listening to only one song. Fills me with hope for the future.
  6. *acrobatics ^ (I've long felt like I'm getting something different out of Vibert than everybody else is. I can't really explain it beyond that. I guess it's a good thing he offers a little bit of something for everybody.) (Truth is, I generally loathe electronic music. I'm a rock guy. I've made an exception since discovering Vibert in '97. He makes the funnest, most creative, most human electronic music, IMO.) (I think I may have gone off on a tangent there, maybe?) (Fuck me!)
  7. I'd love to hear something of substance about how this one is better. Rave Hop has grown on me a lot, but it's still striking me as a little too bare bones. Modern Rave had much more dynamic, erm, acrobatic, for lack of a better word, and funner moments. Rave Hop is kind of just beats and samples. Where are the bass lines?! Bass lines seem a little underdeveloped to me. My ranking of the series hasn't changed. Not saying I'm right and everyone else is wrong, not even saying Rave Hop isn't great (it is). Just that it ranks third in the series, FOR ME!
  8. Yes, I got Modern Rave and Rave Hop on the same day, over a week ago.
  9. (Disclaimer though, I’ve only listened to Rave Hop one time and it wasn’t exactly what I’d call an attentive listening, so my tune on that one could easily change.)
  10. I'd rank them, Modern Rave, UK Garave, Rave Hop, Amen Andrews. Sorry folks, Amen break just doesn't do much for me.
  11. I meant Rave Hop above, and I also butchered the post. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Personally, Modern Rave is my favorite of the bunch, opinions and all. Better Forward gets me in the feels. Guessing opinions of Rave will be lukewarm too. It’s pretty tame.
  13. Yeah, pretty sure it said July 1 up until about July 2nd, then it suddenly said July 31st.
  14. Really? Did it get pushed back? I think I'm supposed to get the vinyl in the mail today, so there's that...
  15. Well shit, I was hitting refresh on my computer all goddamned day yesterday! Where is Rave Hop?!
  16. Of course the internal logic thing goes for all of Vibert's different incarnations.
  17. Some thoughts on the "Luke Vibert Presents" series. This is some really focused work. It's as if there's some internal logic that has been interpreted in four distinct styles. I say four because it occurs to me that these records are probably the continuation of the series that Luke began with "UK Garave Vol. 1," as it seems to have the same internal logic. I assume they were probably conceived to come out on a radically different schedule. Wonder what happened? Sitting here waiting for Rave Hop to drop...
  18. Just want to say, this one is fab.
  19. I've got shipping on all records too. Modern Rave is supposed to release digitally tomorrow.
  20. Lids on tight for these last two. Anyone heard these in their entirety yet? Oh, everyone but me?
  21. Whew, got it! Thanks chaps!!
  22. Oof, 'Presents Amen Andrews is sold out already. Just managed to snag the other two.
  23. I acquired this on vinyl somewhere along the way. 'Don't see it too often...
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