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  1. Got this and all associated swag in my hot little hand. Sweet business.
  2. I can't tell if mine is a red one, or supposed to be a marbled one. It's mostly solid red with some very scarce subtle black marbling.
  3. I got my Vibert/Posthuman split in the mail yesterday, but still waiting on this one.
  4. I mean, it's easy to hear how they differ. Harder to put into words.
  5. It feels like Wagon Christ to me, but I've struggled with this before, what is it exactly that makes up each particular pseudonym, and not really come up with anything terribly specific. He has his internal logic, and ultimately that all I/we really need to know, I guess...
  6. It's taken me this long to realize "Satan Oscillate My Metatllic Sonatas" is actually a palindrome. Nice.
  7. Alright, so excellent. Lavengers, so excellent. Sheesh, we get it, buddy, you gots some feels!!
  8. Great use of that John Peel sample in there as well, somewhere.
  9. “Stranger was a cock. Stranger was a cunt.” Ahhh, that fucking kills me. I love this man!! Goddamn glorious record, but I think Hazlehertz is my favorite.
  10. I hope someone is recording all this. This stuff in particular would be great for work.
  11. Everyone else is getting groove funk music? lol
  12. I’m trying not to gush. Excellent! Superlative! Hyperbolic!
  13. I just got an email from People of Rhythm saying the vinyl release has been pushed back. Digital still tomorrow.
  14. Wow, I was sure I knew that one already, Penventon, but when I played that video, I can’t remember ever hearing that track. Nice one!
  15. It's never ending. It'd be fun to go through everybody's collection of files and form one big master collection.
  16. I can't believe Bizarster is already five years old now. Seems like just yesterday...
  17. I made a mix CD of my favorites from the series for the car. Flows well, fits perfectly on a blank CD. Music The Music Pump Ready U Can't Touch Dat Sky's The Limit Hot Fingers Acid Feel One No Competition Groovy Break Session Numbas Brain Rush Everybody Styles Better Forward Power Blast (Not sure why everything is double spaced, but I couldn't seem to do anything about it.)
  18. More about his bassing. I know a lot of them are synthetic bass lines, but I think he must also mine recorded music and harvest bass lines that way too. Similar to the way drum breaks work. Bass breaks?
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