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  1. I'm probably too busy to do this this year, with any reliability. Is anyone else willing to compile all of these suggestions?
  2. Sounds good. You're on call.
  3. Reminds me of that afx track about raping a kids eye socket... I hear "yearly" and I have to listen very attentively to the lower frequencies to even imagine how someone could year "laurel".
  4. I'm happy to host whatever on Cytoplantastic, or pass Cytoplantastic over to someone else. @auxien, what's you're situation? Would you like the do the bracketology? If so, it's yours :). If you're motivated purely by guilt, I don't mind doing it. I'm one of those information architecture dorks, so the idea of classifying any old topic that a bunch of weirdos post online is kinda fun for me.
  5. Sup y'all. Anyone organizing the bracketology? I can do it, but I probably shouldn't organize the actual album on account of I'm typically too busy (lazy) to do a good job of it.
  6. More respectable than Aphex. He's just dealing drukqs.
  7. gonk steady one is like the epic sequel of Ipacial Section and irlite (get 0). Powerful, frantic, nonstop rhythm paired with heaps of whimsey.
  8. Haven't read the thread... The really long track that starts at 1:17:30 is by far my favourite. It's straight power all the way through, but is simultaneously silly, somehow? Reminds me a lot of Untilted, in a very good way. Also, has anyone mentioned that the track starting at 18:45 sounds like a Vose In remix? I haven't compared it side by side with Vose In yet, so I'm not 100% on whether the chords are exactly the same, but they sure sound that way.
  9. Not once have I updated that faster than you've added a complete and accurate discogs record :)
  10. Yeah that's true. The album is great. Instant IDM classic.
  11. Lol, so much flattery. I did my worst job yet this year :P.
  12. Artwork by our very own Lewps. General message to all who didn't make it: thanks for submitting, I hope you keep making. I've failed to make a number of comps myself, but I still find it a good process rehearsing the music making skills :). I'm really happy with this album. I think the absurd topic lead to a lot of good experimentation.
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