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  1. Didn't expect he started on an Amiga when he was 14. Would be cool to hear that old stuff somewhere.
  2. Been beta testing the in progress firmwares for a while now and really like how active the development is, though it feels like some of the stuff should have been covered at launch imo. Happy that they have implemented hexadecimal numbering for lines in the pattern view so at least patterns start at 0 and bar starts make more sense. With the decimal numbering starting patterns on the 1, I feel like tracking drunk sometimes trying to find an accustomed structure, numbers that are stuck from tracking over the years.
  3. Yep. Why don't you try the demo and see if you can fit it in your workflow? Bottom of the page for the trial version; https://www.renoise.com/products/redux
  4. bizzy b live in the mix now;
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