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  1. Anyone buying (music related-)gear stuff from Ali express or other Chinese wholesalers? Experiences, tips/warnings are welcome! Bit the bullet a while ago with a cheap contact mic, 8 inch hangdrum and wireless receivers. The transmitter/receivers work great hooking up gear to sample without using cables. I was pleasantly surprised with the price/quality ratio, as in it is cheap, works and actually shipped from tjChinah. Don't think I'll do 200+ euro's stuff as you'll have to pay taxes, clearance costs at customs for everything above 150,- and stuff is a bitch to return when turning up faulty, but for small stuff I think it is quite good. Got an electric kalimba recently for around 20,- euro's which when amplified is a bit noisy, but nothing processing can't fix. Build quality and acoustic sound is good. There's not that much I can find on cheap knock off synths, only few midi controllers and guitar pedals, but there's so much stuff on there in different stores, surely some hidden gems?
  2. Thanks! 😎 Yep, gathering of various artists, dissociative identity disorder ftw 😉 .
  3. Have a couple of personal favs accumulated, especially the older tracks that I thought had lost, but through epic recovery have recoverered. Listening back feels like a time-machine to different feels. I always like the energy in this one; https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/track/hardcore-jungle-gabber
  4. I googled "strictly deep and uplifting flavours" and got this as top result; https://imcannabis.com/product/london/ about to order, cheers.
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