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  1. Got a call from a nr I didn`t recognize and tried to call back with noone answering. Come to find out it is a nr coming out of South Africa. Quick googling and it appears to be wangiri scam where criminals make money as soon as you call them back. For a few seconds I was charged around 1 euro 50. Often they have a tape running with a waiting sound so people make longer connections. Slick shit.
  2. Second hand amiga's are affordable here, if you stick to the 4 channels you don't need any hardware gear to get started, learn the basics first. Later on you can upgrade the production side with akai samplers and what not.
  3. Nice! Bought myself an Ultimate II+ card for the c64 recently ( https://ultimate64.com/U2P_Cartridge_Black ), which can do a lot of shit for nostalgia overload including playing back sid files.
  4. hot nurse measuring blood pressure giving me high blood pressure.
  5. For 1 screen I agree, multiple screens and more juice i`d get the latest.
  6. Are there monitor sets that can be build into your car? I like how music sounds in my car over the studio, but reakon there are much better setups then the speakers I have now.
  7. Can`t find any boxes here on dutch secondhand trading sites specifically for 3.5 inch (amiga) discs.
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