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  1. Are there monitor sets that can be build into your car? I like how music sounds in my car over the studio, but reakon there are much better setups then the speakers I have now.
  2. Can`t find any boxes here on dutch secondhand trading sites specifically for 3.5 inch (amiga) discs.
  3. Good workout, technically solid. I miss fitting melodic content, some kind of hook aside of the beats.
  4. Cool bass beans, I dug.
  5. No track found atm?
  6. Listening on headphones, cool kick fx. Besides the purcussion not much else though. Are you adding stuff on top live?
  7. Recently got acquainted to the site through Lackluster. If you believe Choons 'about' blurb, they're trying to create a (more)fair ecosystem for musicians to share & earn. I've uploaded some music to see what's up, while notes are stacking up, I have no idea how to eventually convert to real money yet 🙂 .
  8. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/07/gallery_we_made_playstations_stars_look_old_with_faceapp
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