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  1. There will be no more ultra limited edition releases from me. It was shocking and flattering to see the records sell so fast – but I want to make friends, not piss people off.
  2. Haha thanks 🙂 There’s lots more ready to come out now - three EPs.
  3. Thanks 🙂 my wife says this is the best of my stuff and i won’t ever be able to top it... she’s teasing but i’m really happy with the selection
  4. Yeah certain stores don’t list that track for some odd reason. The album has 12 tracks.
  5. We (my friend and I) were cross-eyed making me+doc and were very surprised listening back that it actually sounded nice.
  6. It's also avalaible for preorder directly from 030303 or if you prefer to set a reminder on clone.nl. And as usual in threads like these, if you have any questions regarding the release or anything else, ask away :)
  7. Thanks for making a thread 👍 Just noticed it’s unavailable, weird, will probably get sorted out. And yeah, i realize the title is a bit annoying, i just really felt that it was the right thing to make it a human touch album. Just put the word album when adding it to your spreadsheet 🙂 We’ve been talking about pressing up some of my digital tracks for a long while and this is what came of it!
  8. Hi andrd (and others!), hope you’re all having a really nice summer... No info on the Furthur release, it’s finished and handed over. The second Summer Diary EP was originally supposed to have four tracks but we’re adding a fifth one which is causing a little delay there as well. I’ve been otherwise busy fixing up a house, swimming and teaching myself to use a bunch of gear :-)
  9. Very nice. Any word on new Rolando/Trackermatte? No dates yet but these are finished: Forced Hypnosis EP Summer Diary Two TBA big album (compiled from bandcamps to go on 12”) Being built atm for different labels: Acid pop album Experimental type album Nasty dark techno ep
  10. Lol, keep a lookout for my next album exclusive on lycos.com
  11. Yes! But I’m about 2 years behind on my commitments so won’t agree to do a new release until 2021 😉 Furthur Electronix wanted to release shadow wedding and it didn’t feel right to put a bunch of brand new tracks on the EP, so I found some unfinished tracks sketched out roughly at the same time as wedding and finished them for forced hypnosis. I was in a 90s electronics mood at the time of trawl touchdown listening to a lot of orbital and looking into digital synths so there’s a nice weird clash of vibes on it that I like. And I got to dust off my Alisa 1387 for a guest appearance!
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