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  1. Thank you! Initial reports indicate it’s being well received. It probably sounds a bit different because the music packs were closer (in time) to previous releases when they came out and by comparison this is much newer music. It’s probably the widest gap yet.
  2. Thanks. It’s getting better. Me releasing this feels like a sign that I’m regaining some energy to stay up and work. I can’t really remember making most of it. It had to be done in very short bursts so it has a kind of dreamlike subconcious vibe to me. It’s a nice piece of memorabilia 🙂
  3. Hi, thread! Here's some news: 1. I will be playing Houghton festival (UK) in august. Come and have a chat with me and meet my friends if you're there. 2. There will be a digital EP/mini album in a few days. That is all!
  4. Thanks a lot to you silentvision, and anyone who posts my releases in Upcoming. They help my sales in a real tangible way.
  5. …and don’t forget there are two completely different albums called Human Touch. In this case the simplest way to view it is Human Remains replaces Human Touch, I guess. I don’t have much of a plan regarding where old tracks end up. I like getting old ones onto vinyl, and nowadays I like working on new ones for specific albums, thinking about and changing them for a very long time so that when the album comes out, it’s like inviting people to a nice solo art show.
  6. Thanks for posting, psn! This is basically the vinyl version of the Human Touch EP from my bandcamp page, but with a new running order that includes previous bonus tracks, and with new graphics/design by Timpani etc. I had to make the original EP private in order to dock with the Utter label bandcamp, which took the EP off your collection if you bought it. I will be sending out download codes to the affected e-mail addresses. PM me if you are affected in any way.
  7. If you live in or near Finland you will soon have the opportunity to come and yell at me in person here: https://www.omvf.net/rolando-simmons/
  8. I’ve had to focus on my 2 other albums for a while. When mp5 is out I’ll post it here!
  9. Thank you! Yes, I’ve promised a lot of people that I’ll look into that 🙂
  10. Thanks 🙂 It’s our noisiest output yet. Very different from the usual stuff! Almost hallucinogenic.
  11. Thanks 🙂 Yes many of the tracks that I’ve put together for this have been up on soundcloud at some point. There are more packs coming but I’ll just upload them as they are compiled without much fanfare, they should probably be kept in this one thread. I thought it would be fun to do this corporate product type design to contrast the tracks which are relatively personal and warm. It’s a slow process finishing stuff being a parent. I usually dig through the archives during nap time and work on material for new albums at night.
  12. Yes it was performed in the tracker, but my modules were usually pretty kind to the CPU by the time they were finished. Everything rendered to samples and using lightweight VST effects. AND performed on some sort of beefy laptop, XPS or alienware probably...
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