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  1. Thank you! Yes, I’ve promised a lot of people that I’ll look into that 🙂
  2. Thanks 🙂 It’s our noisiest output yet. Very different from the usual stuff! Almost hallucinogenic.
  3. Thanks 🙂 Yes many of the tracks that I’ve put together for this have been up on soundcloud at some point. There are more packs coming but I’ll just upload them as they are compiled without much fanfare, they should probably be kept in this one thread. I thought it would be fun to do this corporate product type design to contrast the tracks which are relatively personal and warm. It’s a slow process finishing stuff being a parent. I usually dig through the archives during nap time and work on material for new albums at night.
  4. Yes it was performed in the tracker, but my modules were usually pretty kind to the CPU by the time they were finished. Everything rendered to samples and using lightweight VST effects. AND performed on some sort of beefy laptop, XPS or alienware probably...
  5. So weird to see my old bisleyesque art excercises on here :) First bit of artwork from the Åbacka live one is so accurate. It was performed outdoors under brilliant starlight in a forest and I was galaxy level fucked up. Good times! Going to sort out some duds and errors from the mega link and then we’ll post it.
  6. That was an odd one! I was so creatively satisfied after making Ná that I haven’t had the urge to make more Trackermatte. It’s not that I thought the tracks were so fantastic they couldn’t be topped. It was more like making them was such a meaty, delirious experience. Making World Building had the same sort of effect.
  7. Nice video! Looks like a great time. That wasn’t my music on instagram btw, I just shared a hiphop producer friend’s clip!
  8. Such a tragedy. Gutted. True avant garde halted mid-step
  9. I will never do an anonymous release. Most of us are anonymous enough as it is. I want to make it easier to find my tracks, not the other way around!
  10. Love the artwork Merijn Hos did for this. I don’t usually like reusing tracks that have already been released but 030303 make such good selections. And I really like Sol. The title track is a pretty straight forward acid version of the original that’s on my bandcamp, but I think this one is a lot better.
  11. Happy to see this on youtube! (Thanks Balla) Hope you are all doing well. I’m working from home... as I normally do, to be fair. I’m going to do what I can to get it out digitally. If all else fails, there’s two huge fat 3-years-in-the-making albums not too far ahead which won’t be limited in any way. Right now I only have a few hours of spare time after putting my son to sleep, but I’m getting there.
  12. Very happy that most of you seem to like it. The similarity isn’t entirely accidental. That track was inspired by swedish film music made by a guy called Ragnar Grippe in the 70/80s. Quite similar to the GTA V loading screen music.
  13. This one is a bit more fragmented, as planned. They were made with the same setup in the same place, but the following summer. And then further augmented in my studio (which I’ve since moved out of). Man, time flies.
  14. New trackermatte won’t come out for a while. Most of the creative energy goes into new RS projects and I want to be done with that before I adjust to another style. RS and TM are made very differently! I will put RS stuff on BC though.
  15. Three RS EPs are finished but not released (one of which is the hypnosis ep, one is summer diary 2 plus something i’d call an extended single. Next trackermatte release will probably be fasttracker 2 stuff...
  16. There will be no more ultra limited edition releases from me. It was shocking and flattering to see the records sell so fast – but I want to make friends, not piss people off.
  17. Haha thanks ? There’s lots more ready to come out now - three EPs.
  18. Thanks ? my wife says this is the best of my stuff and i won’t ever be able to top it... she’s teasing but i’m really happy with the selection
  19. Yeah certain stores don’t list that track for some odd reason. The album has 12 tracks.
  20. We (my friend and I) were cross-eyed making me+doc and were very surprised listening back that it actually sounded nice.
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