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  1. 1) Hardcore esplanade 2) UAE 3) Exidy Tours 4) Volume One 5) The whole lot
  2. Love playing this loud on the road (slightly impractical format for that though) Only 13 left!
  3. No 1 arrived here yesterday, very pleased with this EP! Excellent quality bangin acid mate!
  4. Quality release indeed, enjoying this a lot. favs: 01, 02, 09, 12, (Trusthouse Forte, Camelot Escalator, The Green Night, Shadowphax pt II) Keep 'em coming mr Jenkinson!
  5. anticipating another quality release m8 :)
  6. Aye m8 that worked, tnx:)
  7. Just quit 7 weeks ago m'self, i was quite a heavy smoker (15-20 cigs/day) for 20+ years. So i went cold turkey. I still get moody every now and then, but immediate cravings are gone. Sleeping is still bad though. I wake up in the middle of the night and during the day I feel like shit. Hence the moodiness. Luckily I can just take it out on my kids. (j/k) My last attempt to quit, around 10 years ago, i made it to 3 months. A party (alcohol + grass) ruined it back then, so i'm staying off the grass as well, and i'm very careful with (too much) alcohol and partying. Quitting t
  8. I recently went for a CME XKey 37: not too expensive, compact, poly AT (configurable to channel AT), class compliant USB, and it has a break-out cable for DIN MIDI. No complaints so far. The keys feel a bit like a PC keyboard but the thing is very playable (as far as I'm qualified to tell:)
  9. Nice one! ...but where's that volume slider off to?
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