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  1. Even if the Canadian law states that it's only in public institutions like universities, you have to use their preferred made-up pronoun, that's still a HUGE move in the wrong direction.
  2. I like him. I also like that he's standing up for free speech.
  3. I dig the new single. this is a nice little documentary about them, I've watched it like 5 times now over the past year or so, and I'm not even a huge fan. https://www.google.com/amp/pitchfork.com/news/59940-pitchforktv-presents-pitchfork-classic-documentary-on-slowdives-souvlaki/amp/ Rachel has a nice smile.
  4. Great find, I listened to him all the time back in the old mp3.com days before the site took a nose dive. Got to see him live in Philly a dozen or so years ago touring with Miles Tilmann
  5. My new EP was released today on the legendary lobit netlabel, 20kbps rec. I made it in caustic and renoise. 4 tracks, 13 minutes long total, encoded in stunning 32kbps ogg vorbis http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/origami-repetika/jamboree-train/ https://archive.org/details/20k350-origami-reptika-jamboree-train
  6. Sometimes I'll make a song that totally blows my socks off and gives me the warm and fuzzies. Like any special track from any other artist, I'll then continue to play it over and over until I 'wear it out.' Then in attempt to get some warm and fuzzies back, I'll start listening to the song 'through the ears of others.'
  7. There's a good handful songs I made that I love going back to listen to. I love them dearly and am amazed and thankful they flowed out of me.
  8. I love nanoloop as I enjoy the challenge of having some limitations and a non-conventional sequencer and synth ui. I use the Android version. Nanoloop inspired me to make a whole dedicated project called RECT FM NOISE which features experiments using only the rectangle fm and noise synthesis channels. https://m.soundcloud.com/rect-fm-noise as far as tips... hm..off hand, LFOs can be used to make delays.
  9. Yeah same here, goes to my top 3 Aphex releases along with Drukqs and ICBYD. Totally agree. Not too long ago I was telling someone it was in my top 3 Aphex releases. I have drukqs and the RDJ album as my other two tho :D
  10. Gilmore Girls on Netflix. getting it in before the reunion series is released.
  11. The new SHiMOTET is amazing. https://archive.org/details/CFM085 I met the dude in a music production irc channel, ascii girls is one of the best releases out there in the vast ocean of Internet Releases.
  12. robotrobot


    She was just splendid in the Bill Murray Christmas special on Netflix. That sister has a set of pipes.
  13. yeah I don't think I could punch a stranger celeb either. I probably couldn't even punch the people I do know and have to deal with every other day... it's fun to talk about though :D
  14. okay you've said enough. Peace. lol dont go, just a bit of regional pulling of leg, i live in north jersey where all the minorities live. too real it really is, I live 15 min from Camden, pretty rough city but they're trying to fix it up. They also have a wonderful aquarium and amphitheater where I go see concerts at every now and then.
  15. Location:South Jersey makes 100% sense that that was your answer That doesn't even make sense
  16. Serenity is dreamy. The music is nice on the ears and the album cover is nice on the eyes. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
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