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  1. Nice synth work. Contrary to how I very often feel about YLCers tracks , you could actually make this longer. It felt like it still wanted to flow and expand after it cut off.
  2. Bump! haha. Enjoyable, a short ambient piece is kind of a short ambient piece I think for the most part, but I can see this touching my private parts if I was in the right mood.
  3. Real nice. Actually like the guitar, indeed it sounds cheesy but cheesy in a good way man.
  4. I did like that first track, it was kind of groovy. Maybe just slightly too long for not changing a lot. 2nd one yeah is kickin' , again could be perhaps shorter but that's just my opinion. I mean maybe the length works as this is kind of a track to do a silly dance to or somefin.
  5. Not bad at all, could come across as sounding slightly unfinished but if you were going for a kind of minimalist thing then it's just fine.
  6. Griepensimma isn't even his real last name. He has a sister who is really nice and who I actually like.
  7. Michael Griepensimma · 3 subscribers 7 hours ago near Chicago, IL · There's 4 college guys living in one place, and (I TOOK THIS GIRL'S NAME OUT BECAUSE I'M KIND - The Pod ) managed to be the first to destroy the plumbing. That's one small step for women, and one giant leap for plumbing everywhere. Like · · Unfollow Post · Share 3 people like this. NAME REMOVED It isn't what it sounds like... 6 hours ago via mobile · Like Michael Griepensimma Don't be modest. You poop with the best of 'em 6 hours ago · Like · 1 Drew Kent Do you know it's rude to talk about those kind of things? That's private. 6 hours ago · Like Michael Griepensimma Are you joking? 6 hours ago · Like · 1 Drew Kent Never ever. 6 hours ago · Like Michael Griepensimma do i know you? 5 hours ago · Like · 1 Mitch McMitcherson Creepy. 5 hours ago · Like [*] yes it was his friend ' Mitch McMitcherson ' who liked his cleva comments .
  8. While I'm bumping my old, shitty threads ... this fella. He's attending DePaul , a fairly nice university (Like I said: RICH. ) But I've done a little looking into him, and even talked to him a bit on Facebook. He's literally retarded. Not very nice either, so don't feel bad for him.
  9. Seriously just put your mind in the right place and you don't need to spend every second of every day making music. Be a creative spirit.
  10. I just cut my own cock off, and liquified it in a blender. Then I poured the liquid into a big pot, shat in the pot, pissed in it, came in it, and vomited in it. After that, I turned the heat on high for about 3 hours (stirring regularly). I'm now drinking the hot stewy goodness from a coffee mug. How did you cum and pee after you cut off your cock The Pod?
  11. ZOLE!!! funny clever guys :p I h0pe the girls u have crushes on see your funny posts here so they can see how smart and hilarious you 2 r!!!!
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