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  1. WITHHOLD 07-12 on upcoming pre-order at Subwax
  2. The combined running time of WHO3 Side A is 13:71 ? Pls explain Sexagesimal
  3. Posthuman tweeted that a new Global Goon EP is forthcoming
  4. 4 new releases from EDM / Jodey Kendrick on Bandcamp Name your price Show the man some love and some money! AD FTP WTFLOL Avro Prat
  5. https://modifiedmagic23.bandcamp.com/album/ymmm004-amen-andrews
  6. A slightly different photo accompanied this review of The Braindance Coincidence album...and is that Bogdan peeking out from behind RDJ ?
  7. Maybe his early releases were all leading up to this...a pre-meditated sting of the EDM community!
  8. No - but MNLTH showed up here -manorfestrhythm vs Rephlex Braindancers I also paid for his full series of tapes...but didn't raise the issue then
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