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  1. A slightly different photo accompanied this review of The Braindance Coincidence album...and is that Bogdan peeking out from behind RDJ ?
  2. Maybe his early releases were all leading up to this...a pre-meditated sting of the EDM community!
  3. No - but MNLTH showed up here -manorfestrhythm vs Rephlex Braindancers I also paid for his full series of tapes...but didn't raise the issue then
  4. There is an update - MNLTH103 COMING!!! (UPDATE 28/4/18)
  5. Saw him at manorfestrhythm and thought better of mentioning this - Patience is a virtue....
  6. grit

    Wisp Tracks

    1x copy of the box set left, only 200 euros.
  7. Ooooh! I wonder if he'll offer discounts to those people that lost money buying tickets to the recent 'Devil's Arse' gig
  8. The paper bracelet was for admission to the Yule event in London, so is merely an artefact More importantly the download code is on a small piece of paper - not on the art card itself
  9. Download code given out with a printed card - 12 tracks, various artists, lush as
  10. Depeche Mode bring their Global Spirit tour to the London Stadium the same night....within walking distance
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