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  1. A slightly different photo accompanied this review of The Braindance Coincidence album...and is that Bogdan peeking out from behind RDJ ?
  2. Maybe his early releases were all leading up to this...a pre-meditated sting of the EDM community!
  3. No - but MNLTH showed up here -manorfestrhythm vs Rephlex Braindancers I also paid for his full series of tapes...but didn't raise the issue then
  4. There is an update - MNLTH103 COMING!!! (UPDATE 28/4/18)
  5. Saw him at manorfestrhythm and thought better of mentioning this - Patience is a virtue....
  6. grit

    Wisp Tracks

    1x copy of the box set left, only 200 euros.
  7. Ooooh! I wonder if he'll offer discounts to those people that lost money buying tickets to the recent 'Devil's Arse' gig
  8. The paper bracelet was for admission to the Yule event in London, so is merely an artefact More importantly the download code is on a small piece of paper - not on the art card itself
  9. Download code given out with a printed card - 12 tracks, various artists, lush as
  10. Depeche Mode bring their Global Spirit tour to the London Stadium the same night....within walking distance
  11. Liked it - bought it....but before you added the other 2 compilations :( No good at reviews but whole set held my interest over this weekend with it's atmospheric interludes First impressions - liking 'cAiro', 'ital' and 'Civ'
  12. I'm enjoying this from Indulin on Virtual Urban Records - worthy of a mention! http://virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fogus
  13. The Colundi Sequence Level 11 Physical release information classified Digital download available from Sunday 21st of June 2015 on Bandcamp
  14. purchased - and enjoying immensely.... Triangular Expander!!!
  15. th'idiot - last seen aboard the Stubnitz - "Ant Erg" ftw! Lindrum Larry Cocopipe also needs a shout out.... I grabbed the "Battersea Galactica" compilation from Bandcamp before it was taken down
  16. grit


    I worked in Basildon for a while...got involved in creating those Hollywood style letters alongside the A127 Arterial (Acid)
  17. ifeelspace: I must have got your sticker....my bag came with 2 Was good to meet up and talk trackermatte, kettel...and aphex Was not so good queing up to get our phones back To me, the Metz track starts and ends brilliantly - but meanders off in the middle The sound system at The Laundry didn't provide the clarity to pick out the detail, so I'm not writing it off. There were lots of processed vocals, aphex acid in full effect, hints of Come To Daddy, Rubber Johnny and the tracks lead & build from each other - no real jarring changes until the final piano piece. Cant wait for my vinyl !
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