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  1. Strange. Mine sound OK at those places(double-checked with headphones). Got them directly from Bleep, as well.
  2. I just picked up an FX Aid XL from Happy Nerding. I didn't have much interest in it until I saw some comparison videos with the Strymon Big Sky, which I was saving up for as a 'someday' reverb: I'm still playing with this thing, but it sounds fantastic. Highly recommended.
  3. Solid remaster. Definitely louder than the original, but also sounds cleaner. The sub is nice an rumbly as well. The original album is very upper-mid heavy, and this doesn't mess with that. Great excuse to revisit this, and I'm looking forward to my vinyl.
  4. I really liked this. The DSP on the vocals was just subtle enough to not take attention away from the ambient stuff.
  5. Really enjoying this so far. The new mixes of Capsule and Fossil are pretty great, as well.
  6. Ordered the fancy white vinyl. I have these on digital, but haven't listened to them as much as I'd like.
  7. Another WIP. I feel like I may add a break or something to try and give it a little more forward momentum, if that makes sense:
  8. 3 tracks on here I enjoyed on the first listen(Slade Treacher, Blauwasser, and Strawberry Aero). I'm also in the boat that most of these didn't grab me right away, but I'm ancient, and hardly anything totally grabs me right away anymore.
  9. Lucked out and got the clear. Shipping to the US still blows, but this one is worth it.
  10. In a bit of a dry spell, but I'm happy with this little live jam(even if it's a bit long).
  11. Love those jazzy chords. The distortion on the breaks reminds me of hangable auto bulb.
  12. Yea absolutely. It's great to do 'modular only' stuff like FM to the 303 filter. As for the VCF303, do you typically utilize the envelopes and accents, or just use outside envelopes to the CV in? I should give it another try, or maybe just sell it. Also very much agree on the pro-1(which you can mount in eurorack, so I'm counting it haha). Fantastic for basslines, and the modulation possibilities are amazing, even without the additional CV stuff along the top. I've never had an original, but I've always wanted one after hearing some samples on Ed DMX's studio page back in the day.
  13. Here's mine: I also have the OSC303 and VCF303! That being said, I never seem to be able to get a good sound out of the VCF303. In fact, I have much more luck with the Doepfer a103. I do love the sound of the OSC303, though. Not just for acid. If you feed it into a spring reverb at a really high register, you get this almost slide guitar sound. It's pretty great, IMO.
  14. I mostly use dedicated non-euro stuff for reverb and effects, but one thing I really love is the a199 spring reverb. I do also have a Pico DSP, which is fine, but not amazing. There's lots of Clouds(and Clouds clones) all over the place with the arrival of Beads, and that has a pretty great reverb/delay sound too.
  15. Solid setup! Plenty of VCAs, and it's hard to go wrong with Maths. You may end up needing more buffered mults in the future(or at least I did). Definitely look into getting an Ornament and Crime, as well. I just picked up my 2nd(to install Hemispheres), and it is incredible, imo. Maths is super versatile, but o_c is the Shang Tsung of Eurorack modules. One other relatively cheap thing I can recommend is the Behringer Neutron. It's super dense with functionality, and actually sounds really good with a modular system.
  16. I thought Returnal looked and sounded silly when it was announced, but after watching a gameplay trailer, decided to give it a try. It's kind of a rogue-like/Metroid/bullet hell thing, but it really clicked with me. It may be worth waiting until some shitty bugs are ironed out, and the developers may cave and add a save system, which would make things more convenient, but overall it's excellent. Once it's patched a bit, I'd definitely recommend it.
  17. Solid start. I'm curious to see what you add to this. I'm not on my correct speakers, but I wonder if the Reese and Kick are competing for sub bass a little?
  18. More Lunatic Harness can't be a thing...can it?
  19. You know, compared to the other elements, I wonder if the higher notes from the original maybe didn't get a little buried. I'm gonna check it out in a bit. Thx. Hell yeah. I'm glad you liked it. These have kind of been taking forever lately, but I'm glad some people are checking it out. Thanks! I took the suggestion from @brian trageskin and created a "B" to the "A" from the older version. It's sort of a loud/quiet/loud thing, but it works much better than the old version imo. I'd love to get better at adding even more ideas, but even getting something that felt like it fit took some time.
  20. Went ahead and finished it up. It was also an opportunity to really get to know the 202 sequencer.
  21. Chimera and the Bionic Delay plugs are the main reason I have jBridge. Also I found the original dBlue Glitch easier to work with than the 2nd version, because the random steps repeat in the same way at the same time for each playthrough(unless you play with the total length of the track). I used stick it on a drum track, then render the parts that sound cool and ditch the rest.
  22. Haha, yea I get you. Adding another section in general just sounds like a good idea.
  23. The instruments sound exceptionally crisp. The stereo separation is really nice too. Not sure what I would add, either, but it sounds good.
  24. Good thought. I was kind of resigned to let this one go, but I'll see if I can't parse it out a bit and add a second section.
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