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  1. FUCK ME THIS ONES GOOD. Might be the best one since the tape.
  2. Thumbs up from me as well. I don't wanna say a return to form cause I really liked the last couple of Plaid records but it feels like being back in the 90s when their sound design and production was shoulder to shoulder with the likes of AFX/Ae. Since the return from hiatus theyve provided plenty of great music but it has felt like they were ploughing their own furrow a little bit, but this one somehow sounds more cutting edge. Hope they get some plaudits + extra sales for this one, top stuff lads.
  3. Agreeing with the consensus on this e.p. not exactly disappointing, but not essential either. Worst track is the opener which sounds like a water-damaged PS1 racing game soundtrack, gets better from there on in. Ulla Strauss is my favourite of this crew,(behind Huerco S)-- much more on the somnambulant tip. she put out a great album the other week on Quiet Time Tapes.
  4. Postie just turned up with this - sticking it on now. Was wondering when we were gonna hear more from these guys, West Mineral Ltd put out 4 records last year from them and yet nothing so far this year until this (out on a different label).
  5. Interesting stuff on cursory examination... bucolic field recordings of nature mixed with the kind of crackly gloomy drones heard on recent Der Zyklus/Doppereffekt. Seems like its gonna be a very weird juxtapostion and tough to pull off.. getting slight Kosmische vibes as well.
  6. The thing about Colundi for me is the sheer scale is part of the appeal. That Aleksi can keep up the quality control while applying the Colundi process to his old bag of tricks; breaks, techno, ambient. Its what keeps me listening. The massive volume of releases means I never really spend too much time with each one, maybe he's trying to say something about the ephemeral nature of techno i dunno. And yeah the series occasionally runs into longueurs especially on some of the more austere minimal material, and I don't buy any of the cod spirital mumbo jumbo but overall Im still pretty excited to see where the project goes which is not bad going considering its entering its 5th year. Also most of its up on streaming services as well so its not some cash-grab.
  7. Top quality release from Clone, great to finally have some of these tracks on vinyl, and with a Rephlex colour scheme. Mad to think that most of the music is 5+ years old already. I assume Serge/clone chose the tracklist, it leans heavy on the detroit side of things. Hopefully it'll sell well and we might get a vol.2. There is enough good material to choose from anyway.
  8. Levels 3 6 7 10 11 13 Contact, Connection and Level 17 bluray on the ambient tip. Simulation, Moonshine, Sunshine 2
  9. Dank BOC Memes I'm noticing that the "-oomer" in the middle isn't titled. The one in the middle is Bocuma.
  10. Bits of this album sound like FSOL's Lifeforms but in HD.
  11. Once you get through Dopplereffekt's discography (which is uniformly excellent) there is a lot of live unreleased tracks that are up to the same standard.
  12. Only on sale for less than a day - Shinichi's a popular boy. (Tho i think this is the only thread on watmm for him.) Still can't believe we're getting all these albums after so much inactivity. So far loving 'Heat'. Cleaner and more upbeat and accessable than anything else in his catalogue but still has that trademark crunch and plasticity.
  13. Key

    Sonic Youth

    Yeah it was quite acrimonious, and Id say precludes any possible reunion in the future. Kim doesnt really pull any punches in her autobiography. I really hoped they could put their differences aside purely for my benefit & entertaiment.
  14. Key

    Sonic Youth

    Its kind of stupid,(and selfish on my part) but Thurston's penis ended Sonic Youth. If he just kept it in his pants then i wouldnt have been deprived of further SY albums. Now when i hear his solo stuff i just think of him driving round Stoke Newington in a red ferrari full of hipsters 30 years his junior. While Kim Gordon makes these sad nothingy Body/head records.
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