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  1. Very sad news https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jul/23/peter-rehberg-underground-music-editions-mego
  2. Its Mike Patton, then Doseone and Tunde from TV On The Radio.
  3. I think I got into him via the Grouper connection, its been nice seeing him expand from digital noise of his earlier stuff, to a wider range of syles, but all with the same comforting feel. Tracing Back The Radiance was a mastery of barely there minimalism.
  4. I quite like it, it's got that spooky disco feel BoC sometimes have, in fact its basically Open The Light crossed with Aquarius but with Tomorrow's Harvest style production. Doseone's voice already feels familiar cause of the previous cLOUDEAD connection.
  5. I agree on the lopsided. Thought it was an interesting decision, but it just doesnt work in practice, comes off like a really intense EP with a load of bonus instrumentals tacked on the end.
  6. Key


    I've been enjoying the gonkcast quite a bit and will miss it when its over. I like the fact the two guys are fans, but not like super long time uberfans, so theyre well informed enough to discuss the tracks, but are not overly familiar with a lot of the discography. The listener emails also mean you get a wider range of voices than just the two main guys Granted, a lot of those comments are just stoned overwrought descriptions of minds-eye visualisations of trax and suchlike. Their taste in ae is quite a bit different to mine. They definitely prefer the more recent Ae, and I'd say overrate the early stuff and are quite down on the mid period. Draft is one of my fave LPs so it was a frustrating listen hearing them slate it.
  7. Damn, just one point off as well... so close. I hope he still manages to catch some of the rudimentary elements, poor chap.
  8. The volume is absurd, but I have kind of adapted to it. Using mindfulness, you simply have to accept your fate: youre probably not going to be able to re-listen or keep track of any of this, you just have to let it float by. I am enjoying the Phantasia series slightly more than Northern Lights, it's more deep and dubby, more my kind of sound.
  9. You never know what youre gonna get with JK. This is verynice, faint John T Gast feel with the juxtaposition of punishing techno + bucuolic English countryside vibes. Don't quite know what to make of the Pitstone Clanger tho.
  10. Key

    Petiatil Cx Htdui

    Avril 14 gets all the fame but this one is the real star of the piano tracks. Covered in a different, more distant sounding reverb to the rest, sending the piano through an impressionistic semi-ambient haze. The melody of the piece itself is all open chords, shifting between being fragile and indecisive then stoic and hopeful. Truly excellent stuff, 10/10 would druk again.
  11. I always liked the tuning trax. The 'sleep aid' concept was limited by the fact its only 10 minutes long and its bundled with the 2 hi energy korg tracks, but I love the vibe. Radiophonic Workshop style Clangers lunarscapes , hope we get something more in this vein.
  12. My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything Sonic Youth - Sister Cocteau Twins - Victorialand Throwing Muses - s/t The Fall - Perverted By Language Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream For Crow Mr Fingers - Amnesia Cybotron - Enter Emerald Web - Valley of the Birds Daniel Johnston - Songs of Pain Zoviet France - Loh Land
  13. I gave it a listen a couple of days ago. It seems to be pretty much what you'd expect from the description: Jim in modular improv mode. Its mindbending, tense, graceful with some fantastic textures. And like a lot of stuff on DDS it's creepy and eerie but with an undercurrent of toasted mellowness.
  14. I enjoy the progression of the series from the sketchy bare bones of 1 and 2, which often sound like tracks of x0x boxes and effects, then starting to get what sounds like some slightly more exotic gear/complex production details by 3 & 4, by 8 to 10 youve got all these breaks, pianos, and stuff like Deadcode or xmd5a which were as cutting edge as Drukqs was a few years prior.
  15. It's an Andy Stott remix of 'Home Away From Home' by Arthur Russell
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