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  1. I remember reading it on here (This thread) but not sure of the true source, maybe a Storey interview. When VOD originally put up the info for the box earlier on this year, it was different; there were less LPs and LP1 was named Music For A Spaghetti Western. They only changed it later on. It only ever saw a bootleg release anyway and its very good so I am happy if it is. Still, could be something totally unheard as well.
  2. Look Into Me, similar vibe to Misfits.. and Gesture... Shadow Thief of the Sun and Just an Illusion are excellent (and I believe are Robin Storey solo works) I'm quite excited to hear these 2 previously unreleased albums, i think some of Russian Heterodoxical Songs has been played on the duck in a tree podcast but its mostly a mystery. I'm guessing 'The End of Nothing, The Beginning of Everything' is just a new title for 'Music For A Spaghetti Western'
  3. Well blow me down I was expecting the usual acid/drill peppered with some linn drums and fairlight orch stabs... But this turned out to be an incredibly faithful, straight ahead 80s action movie score. No tongue in cheek here. Cause of this I can't imagine it having much replayability for me but he really nailed it as a genre exercise. Prob the weirdest release since French Police.
  4. He's more of a magician.
  5. Key

    The Tuss

    I remember first playing the preview clips online of Confederation Trough, halfway thru Fredugolon I was thinking holy shit- who are these guys?this stuff is amazing! Then after hearing the rest I was like yeah this is prob AFX.
  6. The twee/cartoony elements are, for me, offset by the twitchy, byzantine chord sequences and melodies. Plaid have always sounded (to my untrained ears) to be the watmm artists most well versed in music theory (except for maybe Tom J) and they usually manage to keep me guessing and engaged. Youre never gonna get something drenched in obvious beauty like AFX or BoC or something head meltingly alien like Ae or Sp but you'll get something which is middle ground and I'm glad they are still flying the flag for leftfield, finickity British techno. Plus the last album seemed to play down the twee stuff.. and when they turn it up to 11 on stuff like Dang Spot the results are hilarious.
  7. Metasplice - Mirvariates (2018, Trilogy Tapes). Somehow slept on this when it came out, heard it about a year ago and was intrigued but baffled and now I've got my head around it, it's grown in my estimations. Pointillist bursts of white noise shifting sandlike under wafts of feedback and whines of static. Malevolent and melancholic; its the sound of the singularity. Massively recommended for fans of sci-fi horror electroacoustic techno a la 'Confield' & 'Calabi-Yau Space.'
  8. .. continuing his stellar run of collaborations. This time the absence of singing and subdued use of wind instruments lends a film noir-ish quality to the usual nag champa infused hand drum excursions. Three thumbs up.
  9. Great news indeed. I love this album. Cause of the compilation, I often forget it's their first, and a bit of an outlier. Its easily split into halves; the first being bafflingly experimental, and the second is austere beatless electro. Their later stuff would merge the two approaches a little more organically. I doubt they will ever release another 15 min modular wankbeast like Niobium Resonators. I sometimes find the 1st half little much when I'm not in the mood but the 2nd half are some of my alltime favourite tracks by GD. Extremely simple, but very evocative.
  10. I think I mustve heard ICBYD late 2001, and was pretty much blown away. I'd already heard CTD/Windowlicker/Drukqs and was working my way backwards through the discog. The first time he'd used proper strings which really add a level of prestige to tracks like Acrid Avid & Wax The Nip.. Surprising (tr)hip hop vibes throughout which he rarely returns to now. Lots of tracks employ the ol' classic Idm trope of juxtaposing harsh midtempo drums and fluffy synths, (which I love.) Cylobian Sunset and Tri Rep also do this in spades and came out the same year. Mookid & Alberto are top 10 tracks, utterly unique. Love that mad 606 being crunched through an MS-20 on Wet Tip Hen Ax. Weaker spots for me, Ventolin slightly comes off as gimmicky and Slags! is a bit of a tonal clang, shouldve been a Caustic Window track.
  11. One of my favorite newish labels, always alien sounds to discover and hi quality sound design. This ones so knackered sounding and shimmery its like Fennesz remixing Andy Stott. I prefer the Naemi material which is more droney and peaceful. Didn't rate the Cryptobitch album much. Hope Huerco S releases something else soon on here as well.
  12. After first listens. Yes it is more Colundi..but yet another notch up, production wise. Sounds even bigger. Aleksi really on top of his mixing here. Lots of little side paths and unexpected directions in tracks. Green: lysergic, swampy sounding Blue: hi tempo lullaby techno Violet: bit more machine-like (detroitish?) riffy Red: hot and hazy very dry hats on this one Orange: bit more whimsical or proggy. Yellow: warm, joyus like the Level 17 CD Grey: this ones all over the place. epic.
  13. ...and now number 3 is up. Maybe the hexagons on the artwork suggest there will be 6.
  14. Probably one of my favorite LPs of the year. The reviews talk up the oddball sample grab- bag angle but thats only really the interludes. Its mostly DJ Sprinkles/Shinichi Atobe style house jams. Extremely chunky.
  15. Excellent release, the first tracks got a similar weird vibe to the Abstract Thought LP, the last 2 tracks sound like they were made around the same time as Grava 4, very subtle stuff. P. gutted about the Kombination Research guys stance but what can you do.
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