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  1. Theres a fair bit of the Rephlex catalogue on Spotify (mostly stuff thats been reissued more recently) but yes the vast majority is frustratingly absent. Weme Records, West Mineral, Experiences Ltd, Ominira, 5 Gate Temple, many small labels who won't do it. And artists such as Terre Themlitz, Joanna Newsom and Zoviet*France who seem to be completely against streaming. The annoying thing is when stuff is absent for mysterious rights reasons. Newworldaquarium's Dead Bears seems to leave and return at random. Guided By Voices have 30 albums yet 1 of them is missing.
  2. Yeah cost of 2 records = 25 quid shipping + tax = 35 quid
  3. As long as he keeps them to a high standard I say keep them coming. I never really noticed a dropoff on quality on the new ones. The GAS project is such a simple idea but there can be many, many permutations of it. Better him do this than make a load more Polkatrax or something. I suppose I prefer the old records for the nostalgia, but I listen to Narkopop and Rausch just as much as the others.
  4. Its a very dense, rich album. Hard to focus in on the many elements, weird tuned drum sounds, chiming, vocal samples that sound like goblins. Everything covered in a woozy psychedlic fug. Ive never taken acid but this album sounds like what I imagine that feels like.
  5. I think Cylobs very best tracks are instrumental but I appreciate that the cheesey robot vox are a massive part of his sound and electro vibe. Rewind, Cut The Midrange, Are We Not Men.. and With This Ring all top tunes. And he's not really used it much since Formant Potaton. I like how this time Robo-hawkings got an upgrade, he's emoting and crooning all over these tracks in his own special way. Some of it sounds a bit like the vocal stuff on Bola's last record.
  6. I liked each single release at the time and it also works great as a triple album, but I think the choice to drag out the release over nearly 3 years was detrimental to its success.
  7. Me too, it must've only been on sale for a few hours.
  8. Key

    EDM P

    https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-r https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-q Two new editions to the EDM series.
  9. It does sound like it was made with the same studio setup as the 1st Pendant album but sounding much dirtier, spookier and ill at ease. Thankfully theres no obvious native american cliches like wolf howls, but the mood is conjured up instead with muffled vocals, rattley percussion and a shadowy fug of field recordings and effects. Not to dissimilar to Zoviet France. Seems like he wanted to get away from the idea of ambient as consumer musak and make something a little more difficult and less easy on the ear.
  10. Tempting as it may be to hear these songs done in an Ok Computer style (like the versions on the 1998 tour documentary) I'd say overall I'm glad they started using the jazz elements and stuff.
  11. Double Negative was a nice reinvention of the sound after a handful of middling albums covering similar ground. Their voices are so great together you can pretty much use any musical backing, but the crazy boutique effects pedal thing has much mileage left in it yet.
  12. The Bug always delivers the goods. Once old gloomypants Robinson has finished laying down the law about Covid death squads I knew we were in for something special. Def occupies the same hallowed ground as Pressure & London Zoo. Loving the new MCs but missing Warrior Queen a bit.
  13. Yes, this is a great release. I love all Roy's stuff, but prefer the instrumentals.
  14. The Dancehole/Arsehall pun is one of the finest from a man steeped in them.
  15. Great to hear such still strong material seeing as this is now the 3rd album culled from that era.
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