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  1. Ulla - Tumbling Towards A Wall Cindy Lee - What's Tonight To Eternity Wire - Hive Mind Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello Ben Bondy & Exael - Aphelion Lash CS + Creme - Snoopy Seltene Erden - Scorched Erden Aleksi Perala - Spectrum Shinichi Atobe - Yes Critical Anmesia - s/t Jon Collin & Demdike Stare - Sketches of Everything 1995 Epilepsy - s/t Autechre - SIGN/PLUS Air Krew - Discuss And Come Back Zoviet France - Russian Heterodoxical Songs
  2. I'm enjoying it, but it is low-key I'm presuming the guest vocalists contributed the lyrics. They generally work well enough but sometimes come off as poor man's Burial/generic rave slogans. Maybe if he'd done the words himself it would've ended up like SP's 50 Cycles.
  3. DekDre Scap B - a heady, dubby soup. Recalling Perlence or Surriperre, we are sloshed about between retriggered kicks and reverberant bass fleps. 7FM ic - even more off balance now, a clumsy beat is accompanied by whooshing metallic textures. As the track settles, a detuned lead synth like from F7 begins to knit everything together. Marhide - the first track that really settled me. Sounds like zoviet france trying electro. 808s + tape hiss/extractor fans. Cannot go wrong. Maybe no synths at all on this track? ecol4 - trippy alien prog gamelan. Sounds like the glassy, tuned perc
  4. I can't really get into this one yet, to me it sounds like Afx's Akunk with fol3 playing over the top.
  5. Got to give props where its due, this is a step back up in quality from Age Of. I shouldnt have been so hasty judging the album from the fairly lame pre-release singles. I suppose they work in the context of the radio station conceit, I mean, if youre scanning thru drivetime radio, youre gonna pick up a bit of shite, and at least this is slightly weird shite. The back half is, like plenty have said, reminiscent of R+7 and Replica, and up there with his best material.
  6. Key

    SIGN or PLUS?

    SIGN for me, but not by much. Seems like a more coherent statement as a whole, maybe also cause it arrived first and I was more hungry. PLUS seems to do the same job as MOT did to Oversteps. Mops up a few alt. versions with some stylistic outliers and a couple of total stormers that didn't fit the mood of the 1st record.
  7. I can't remember the source but I believe its a cd reissue for the Japanese market which combines the album with the 2001 bonus tracks and the Quoth ep. No new trax tho.
  8. Looks like this'll prob be my last opn purchase. Age Of was weak for me, and this is much of the same but worse. Hes gone and done a Machinedrum. "Daniel, dont lower yourself to the level of the mainstream.!" "Lisa maybe if I'm part of that mainstream I can help steer it in wise directions"
  9. Hands together for those lovable lads from Liverpool 👏👏👏
  10. The amount of delicate piano and plummy voiced falsetto on this makes it sound like the last Radiohead record.
  11. Got some of my order today. Cursory spin, 'The End of Nothing...' does seem to be a re-edited version of '...Spaghetti Western.' And it sounds fantastic.
  12. As well as known(1), F7 is beginning to remind me of the 2nd half of Rae but without any drums and a more paranoid vibe.
  13. After 20 years of complaints about Ae's music becoming too abstract, obtuse, dissonant, atonal etc. it's been quite gratifying this time to see a slew of comments saying the exact opposite.
  14. Don't really remember exactly but it must have been a combo of listening to John Peel and reading the NME around 2000ish. The first release I really got into at the time was Confield, hype ever since.
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