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  1. Yeah this album is just Paradox part 2 really. Main room techno, 909alike drums, 303alike synths lurk around the edges and then Colundi glittering over the top.
  2. For those that missed it the uon ep mentioned on the previous page has been repressed and is currently back on sale. Recommended for fans of the Pendant album.
  3. Guero was the first misstep for me, or at least the first album that made me think he was beginning to repeat ideas. Then Colors was the first album I actively disliked and never bought (apart from Dreams which was great). Dont want to sound too snarky cause the dudes a genius but theres something unbecoming about being a pop star in your late 40s... trying to crowbar in trap beats/chillwave style synths cause theyre hot, reminds me of Bowie trying to do d'n'b in the mid 90s. Beck needs to put down the autotune and get weird again.
  4. A nice little bonus release, a little redundant maybe by the fact that 2/4 tracks have already seen official release but overall I'm glad to have the other 2 in HQ finally. Always loved Slo Bird Whistle and its goofy mellow vibes. Used to think it was a squeaky wheel being sampled... And P-String comes from a long line of doom techno (Icct, Supremacy ii etc) and probably one of the last examples of it.
  5. Was expecting this second part to be a bit more hi energy after the relatively subdued 'Paraventral Scale', and it is. Quite a disorienting dizzying listen though I suppose thats the aim. Kind of sounds like a more nightmarish extreme version of those bits in Bladerunner or Back To The Future 2 where the protagonists walk through a shopping district and get assaulted by advertising. So far this album is shaping up to be a more freeform, expansive version of the type of sound he was doing on Mnestic Pressure.
  6. Quaristice costs about the same on vinyl as Untilted. It seems there is a higher demand for the more late period ae on wax.
  7. Always wished this would one day see a physical release. Nice job Weme! Probably one of their most hard edged works, lots of acid lines, much busier percussion tracks, gone are the open spaces from Eksel. Tracks like 'Ilediant' have an almost Drukqs level drum mastery. While overall a bit of a darker more intense vibe than usual. Still got that chill D'Arcangelo braindance sound tho. Now do We Miss You!
  8. To be fair, I think 'Passion' was also promoted as a double EP as well whatever the fuck that means. Whatever happened to mini-albums?
  9. Yes, if anything 2019 has been a quiet year by Aleksi's recent standards. I think we've only had the Presence album which was on the minimal/ambient tip. But we also had the celestial albums at the end of last year. Still stoked to tune in and see where Colundi goes next, well...,more like see what minor permutations he does this time lol.
  10. https://boomkat.com/products/still-strange Pleasantly surprised to see this released on Halloween, DDS release a second volume of archive material from the super-obscure Orior. Despite (understandably) having never heard of them before I found 2016's Strange Beauty to be a really rich and rewarding listen. Orior seem to occupy the space as a missing link between early 80's darkwave post-punk stuff(Cabaret Voltaire/Durutti Column) and the more jazzy early 90's post-rock (Talk Talk/Slint/Tortoise). With plenty of murky nocturnal drones and gently lurching monosynths peeking out from beyond the tape hiss. This one is a bit more heavy on the drones, but otherwise just as strong as the first. The boomkat hype man isn't being disingenuous when he invokes Vangelis and BoC.
  11. Another very strong release. I always think of Caustic Window stuff as being darker/harder but theres plenty of variety here. Cordialatron, Italic Eyeball and On The Romance Tip all have enough of a softer edge that wouldn't have sounded out of place on SAW 85-92. (OTRT has possibly my favorite pad sound of all time). The Joyrex J trax, Humanoid and Watmm Hardcore all dial up the distortion and pace a notch more. And then the full on gabba assaults of Astroblaster/Linmiri/Fantasia which all still sound great when he plays then live today. Then theres the creepy whimsy of Pidgeon St, the cartoonish extremism of AFX114 which all help to broaden the remit. I dont really miss Popcorn or R2D2, i feel they cross the line into kitsch cheesiness that i dont enjoy as much. Wish there was a home for Human Rotation too.
  12. Didn't realise this was a Shaq pseudonym/project.. just ordered the wax and listened. Can't really hear the live band sound, just sounds like a continuation of the stuff on Sferic/Behind The Glass. Slightly slower and dronier, Terry Riley vibes on the organs. Heather Leigh was a good choice for vox. Overall good stuff.
  13. Gonna have to boringly agree with many of the points already here... This album always sounded to me like a less good SOSW. Very much detroit influenced... lots of x0x drum sounds, moogy basses and leads, lots of tracks are just based around fairly simple loops, with minimal arrangement. Many tracks have the early period Afx recipe of harsh distorted drums + eerie high pitched pads + massive resonant zzzzzaps. Although the quality control is a little lower, there are a handful of tracks that go nowhere interesting beyond a detuned bass riff and some clonking sounds. The ambient track(s) are fine but a little out of place. But there is true greatness within, for example the opener with its cheekily kitsch ring mod seems to be dredged from the same well as Polynomial-C, as does the even ravier .000890569 CAT (00897-AA1)is an absolute stunner as well and has that etherial bittersweet quality that is also present in tracks like Analogue Bubblebath and hexagon. Overall its not a release I go back to very often. If I want analogue goodness I'll probably put on the more accomplished Analords. When I do though I really enjoy the good trax and bask in the early 90s-ness of it all. I also agree that lots of these tracks should have been swapped out for any number of better contemporous tracks (eg Sams Car, Kids Beach, AFX Theme)
  14. Heard this for the first time probably about 10-15 years ago when combing thru the Rephlex catalogue and searching for unfamiliar artists, intrigued by this release so early in the labels history when they were still quite narrow in scope. I remember being impressed that it was up to the same quality as the likes of Bytes and Electro-Soma. Then when it got repressed last year I got another chance to get into it again. Like lots of early Rephlex its that winning mix of acid, detroit techno and ambient that still works today, this time with a slightly heavier emphasis on proggy, Tangerine Dream-esque beatless excursions and an overall more pensive, reserved mood to the 909 driven tracks... Worth checking out their later EPs and work as A3000 amd Silver Zone. Its a very consistent discography.
  15. Actress - R.I.P. Aphex - Syro Autechre - NTS Sessions Aleksi Perala - Colundi Series Ceephax - United Acid Emirates CN - Nu Demdike Stare - Elemental Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest Doppleffekt - Cellular Automata Equiknoxx - Bird Sound Power Fennesz - Agora Flying Lotus - Cosmograma Grass Widow - Internal Logic Grouper - Ruin Huerco S. - For Those Of You.. Jodey Kendrick - EDM Series Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me Kassem Mosse - Workshop 19 Lee Gamble - Diversions 1994-96 My Bloody Valentine - mbv NHK - Dance Classics Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica Rashad Becker - Traditional Music... Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect Shackleton - Sferic Ghost Transmits Swans - To Be Kind VHS Head - Trademark Ribbons Xosar - Let Go
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