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  1. I mean, the clue is in the name. The whole concept was that it was 100% analogue, live, recorded to tape. There are photos on the artwork of analogue gear, references to them in the track titles. There is the distinct and unmistakable sound of spring and room reverb throughout(that would have been difficult to fake via vsts in the early 2000s.) There are alt. takes of tracks like Halibut Acid and Reunion2 which are clearly him improvising around similar structures with the hardware. Theres the stop-start sound of live gear being triggered on various tracks. Rich has gone on to use similar techniques with the Cirklon on later releases. Now I have never used Reason, but I can't imagine even Richard with all his pranking would go to these extreme lengths to try and fake all this stuff just to make it all on a computer. (Not that I even care how it was made, it's just great music.) What would be the point?
  2. Key

    elseq 1-5

    Using pitchfork's decimal review system when youre doing a series of albums together really does highlight its silliness, but I suppose the reviewer thought they were moderately good (7/10ish) then just ranked them in order of preference, with Elseq no.2 being noticably worse than the others.
  3. Turns out this actually is coming out on vinyl but not til the end of the year, thanks to the now permanently fucked record production chain.
  4. I wonder who Republicans would class as centre-left these days? It seems that every time a Democrat is discussed they have the same prefixes: "crazy, extreme fringe radical, far-distant-left, Mao-loving, wealth redistributing, pie-in-the-sky, 5 year plan bastard, skull crushing, baby blood drinking Democrat Joe Manchin... etc" Its the boy who cried Marx. They've run out of road.
  5. A companion E.P. for this album came out today. https://rezzett.bandcamp.com/album/boshly As well as a live album that came out last week.
  6. Having never heard of OZmotic I thought this was gonna be one of those low-key awkward label enforced collaborations but boy was I wrong. Probably an early contender for AOTY for me, this one. Probably the sunniest and most joyful he has sounded since Endless Summer and OZmotic provide an excellent glassy, jazzy counterpoint. Their recent album on Touch is worth a listen too. Kinda regret missing out on the wax now.
  7. Spinning this rn. Nice homespun organic sound, different from the stuff I've heard from her before (which is normally a bit more clubby iirc). Lots of skittery IDM hihats, tuned alien 'hang drum' style percussion ( a la Autechre's x4) and very subtle treated and autotuned mouth sounds. Somewhere between Ben Bondy and Claire Rousay. Will def investigate further.
  8. Had this one on repeat quite a lot recently. Its footwork but with floaty BoC style detuned pads all over it - shouldn't work but it does. Top quality stuff.
  9. I feel that, and still miss Rephlex. On the flip side tho, every time Rephlex would sign a new artist everyone would assume it was an AFX sockpuppet for a while. And they werent very good at hiding it when it actually was him because his style is so distinctive. I reckon if he wanted to do an anonymous release he would probably just set up a temporary imprint to do so.
  10. Really don't wanna be a negative nelly but I agree with Satans Little Helper here. I could never get into Ital Tek despite my numerous efforts over the years. It always feels like a hugely impressive surface covering a heart of nothing.
  11. Key

    µ-Ziq - 1977

    Mesolithic Jungle is my favorite on here, it sounds so dessicated. Very much loving this album - its got the murkiness and gloom of the 2 Rephlex albums but somehow also the polish and clarity of production of his modern work. Guys on a roll.
  12. Twoism have an 8 page thread already, in an almost mirror image have a comment mocking us for being too cynical. We know the real truth: There aint no BoC and there never was
  13. Methyl Orange 2×12" I wouldnt mind a return to the moody jazz of MIRON/Budakhan, but with his more polished modern production. Just don't want any more Shobaleader One - that light poppy funk stuff just isnt my cup of tea sorry.
  14. Im on the same Clark journey as everyone else in here, Iradelphic was a glancing blow to the chest, with Playground In A Lake being the coup de grace, and the first Clark album I didn't buy. Am now checking out his stuff with bemused detachment rather than as a disappointed fan.
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