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  1. I enjoy the progression of the series from the sketchy bare bones of 1 and 2, which often sound like tracks of x0x boxes and effects, then starting to get what sounds like some slightly more exotic gear/complex production details by 3 & 4, by 8 to 10 youve got all these breaks, pianos, and stuff like Deadcode or xmd5a which were as cutting edge as Drukqs was a few years prior.
  2. It's an Andy Stott remix of 'Home Away From Home' by Arthur Russell
  3. Quick first impressions: Didn't sound like the striking change of direction the press release/promo had implied. Just sounds like he's wiped his tracks clean of most of the crackle and grime that had become something of a trademark. He hasnt got rid of the maaasive lush reverbs though and if anything, leans into these more now hes lost the smog. Still plenty of beats, overall minimal arrangements and very pure synth patches, that and the big verb makes it sound a bit like a modern day This Mortal Coil.
  4. I can understand why newer younger fans might be impatient. As a long time fan/old bastard this gap has been a walk in the park compared to the last one. Now I expect the gaps between albums to increase exponentially. They probably will put out another record in the next 5 years, and it will probably be a bit crapper than TH, this seems to be the trajectory for most artists/humans. I think they have the best of intentions to be more productive, but a combination of perfectionism and setbacks usually seems to scupper these plans.
  5. Gotta say this really did nothing for me whatsoever after 2 listens. Gonna give it more of a chance to reveal its subtleties, but it just sounded like paulstretched field recordings.
  6. He seemed to go through a bit of a singing phase around the mid to late 90s, theres this, Beetles, Weakling Child, Come To Daddy, Windowlicker all featuring his voice in some form. Then theres stuff like Imperial Ring from soundcloud and other lost improv songs. Then he pretty much went back to before where the voice is just occasionally used for texture. (Meltphace, minipops)
  7. There are a series of tracks on Fell's UL8 called 'Acid In The Style of Rian Treanor' and I remember at the time wondering who that was and just assuming it was a reference to some obscure 1930s academic or something. It wasn't until a few years later when Treanor started putting out his own stuff that the penny dropped.
  8. Was wondering who was gonna repress (ch-vox), as much of the Rephlex carrion has already been picked over. Always struck me as weird it came out on Rephlex anyway, nice to hear the backstory on that. I wouldnt have had GWC and Rich down as big fans, for some reason. All the bonus gubbins though - and those compilations.. fantastic stuff, something to look forward to.
  9. Its only been a few years since the last round of represses, but the price of Loveless on vinyl was about 80 quid last time I checked, so the demand is there. Not getting my hopes up too much for new stuff soon, but Kevin was on record as being disappointed with the surprise launch of m b v and that next time he'd get record company support for promotion etc. so its got to be a good sign theres something brewing.
  10. Tried to listen to this but gave up halfway through from boredom. It felt more like one his scores than a Clark album. Too much straightforward chamber orchestra type stuff for my liking.
  11. Wonder which 'mainstream artist' Andy was asked to produce? Katy Perry?
  12. Waiting for the final Colundi level is like waiting for Godot.... it will never arrive If it does, and our collective thetans do not ascend to heaven as Grant n Aleksi promised, the scam will be exposed.
  13. He only heard 'Digeridoo', think he was refering to the drums. I imagine he was looking down on it for being simple, uninteresting etc.
  14. Scanned the tracklist, saw Fossil Funk, Capsule In Space, thought it might be cobbled-together rarities compilation for bandcamp friday (which I wouldn't begrudge Ceephax for after what must have been an awful year as a heavy touring musician) But the samples sound awesome, sounds like a full on new album reminiscent of UAE, pledged the record.
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