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  1. Depends wherabouts in 94. Anti and Amber didn't come out til the end of the year. SAW2 had a headstart for the race to my heart.
  2. Going down similar avenues are artists like Lolina, Smerz, Jenny Hval, Pan Daijing.
  3. Meandering, labyrinthine, only partially resolved, sometimes implied. Something exotic and alien in the scales. Then sometimes theyll do a massive obvious cheesefest like Dang Spot or Nightcrawler and it sounds just as good.
  4. Im enjoying it. Not that he's had a bad run or anything but this def feels like its back to basics, getting the essentials right. Loving the haze. Wonder if there is any plans for a physical release?
  5. This is a mad mad concept album: Regan from the Sweeney guides us on a journey through jazz funk, extreme rinsing of that Wilson Pickett break and copious amounts of record scratching. JK's also got a techno 12" out this week on that label that put out a Colundi comp last year. Looking forward to that one too.
  6. Theyve always had completely different vibes to be fair, Ceephax is going for the retro fun thing while SP was always more cerebral/conceptual. I don't think innovation is really part of his brand or aesthetic and I'm always quite happy with the way he switches up the ratio of the ingredients each time to make something slightly different. Havent heard the new clips yet but Box Steady was more of a party atmosphere, while Camelot Arcade before it was more subdued and spooky. He is running under limited parameters tho and it would be interesting if he completely abandoned his sound palette.
  7. The funk/garage 12" with Voephose (sp?) and Ohm, i wonder if thats an alias for Simmonds/Vibert. Maybe an early version of Weirs. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Welcome Sam. Thanks for putting out so much good music on your label last year, Romance + Not Waving, Spivak, Celestial, Cucina Povera... i go on. Ecstatic has become one of those labels I really trust to deliver something special. These two lps have been on heavy rotation as well. Quality samplemashing.
  9. Thanks for this. I suppose its a good thing the NME didnt mention those future releases by Arptran V, Hi Tech Acid and Voaphose & Ohm
  10. Nice to hear something a bit lighter and more nimble for a change from Shack, (even if I do love that churning goblin sound. ) Reminds me of the Mark Ernestus stuff quite a bit.
  11. Yeah im not bothered that its a bit tossed-off. Like many others, I only got into Andy Stott post-Luxury Problems, so this record (+ Passed Me By) has been on my want list for some time.
  12. More like Small Mushroom Energy Thats what theyre all saying
  13. R.i.p. sini Id find some quotes but all his best stuff was pre-crash I remember a thread where we were discussing the (then unreleased) Venus No.17 Acid mix and he was 100% convinced it was by Aphex, right down to analysing all the snare rushes n shit. He had me convinced as well.
  14. EDM U came out earlier this week. https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-u Bit more on the funk/bass side of things.
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