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  1. Its a great album. My enjoyment of it only slightly soured by the fact I heard most of it six years ago. When I payed 60 quid for it.
  2. My copy has the album title on the spine mis-printed as 'IM000'. Havent put it on yet, will spin later.
  3. Isn't it supposed to be that Wisp is involved as well, so it is Richard Tom Reid? I don't know, I can't keep up with these mad IDM conspiracy theories any more.
  5. Is that Christina Vantzou doing the computer voice on the opener? Or is she appearing in another capacity. If anything the accent sounds faintly Scottish. Its great anyway, you appear to be getting scanned by some ultra futuristic technology, high pitched synths crackle and sizzle like neurons. That sets up the concept. The rest of the tracklist is a tour guide through the Dopplereffekt world, Penderecki horror-wailing, wormy basslines riding ridiculously sterile drums, lush pads lurk around in the shadows and all done with deadly precision. Some of it was even giving me Analord vibes. Probably their most approachable album, maybe its not as grand or mysterious as Calabi-Yau or Cellular Automata but for once Donald actually gives us what we want and its glorious.
  6. Been enjoying some of these reissues today. I know everyone considers this to be their weakest period but I'm a massive drone fan anyway. 'A Long Walk' is a live album, its a recording of their 2011 set at Incubate festival which I hadn't heard before. Nice to have an official live document of later-day z*f
  7. Standing shoulder to shoulder with such heavyweight titans like Chachi, Hercules and Bio-dome.
  8. Funny, pithy review of this in this month's Wire: "The producer or team behind Brainwalzera remain shrouded in mystery - a neat trick to keep fans guessing which superstar producer it rips off is secretly in charge. Or maybe whoever is responsible just doesn't want the blame"
  9. I like how theyre increasingly using specific and esoteric areas of science to tether to their spooky electro. The preview track is quite a bit lighter in tone than I was expecting. Usually Doppereffekt albums are sci-fi soundscapes, this is way more clubby like the earlier stuff. Excited.
  10. Out April on Leisure Systems. https://leisuresystem.bandcamp.com/album/neurotelepathy
  11. Love the new age ambient stuff he put out as Jack Jutson. If he's doing a soft rock thing I trust it to at least be interesting.
  12. IIRC he was randomly picking DATs from boxes that were in a general chronological order. Starts off fairly straightforward but things do begin to go back and forth in time quite quickly. The only real official word we have about some of these tracks is when they were remastered and tagged on as bonus tracks on the beepstores. Tbh I can't follow Richards categorisations on there. I wouldnt have guessed Clissold 101 was by Polygon Window, or that Sekonda was an offcut from ICBYD for example.
  13. I don't think anybody was nerdy enough to do a full inventory on the sc trax and try and divvy them up into full chronolgical production order. I mean in general terms it would be possible but there are too many tracks where it is too difficult to pin down. I remember making a bunch of album adjacent playlists which I was satisfied were fairly accurate but there are still lots of outliers and head scratchers in the mix. I'll see if I can dig them out.
  14. VIII is a highlight and sounds a bit like EP7 era Ae attempting dub reggae. The ambient cloudrap works, tho I probably wouldnt want a full album of it (...or would I ???). Like the rap track on Ultravisitor it adds a bit of an oddball freewheeling vibe to the whole thing.
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