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  1. I've wrote something to the effect before when people pile on this guy. Say what you want about the flashbulb, but he's been cranking the music he wants to do for years, despite the criticism of his style from watmm. His youtube channel is pretty great, and he has a genuine love for electronic music production and everything surrounding it. I'm not going to dig into the way he "comes off" in writing or whatever because he seems like generally a good natured dude (from what I've seen..) who's really dedicated his life and career to this stuff. I don't get super into most of his albums but I really admire the guy and what he's been able to accomplish.
  2. I missed some of these recent uploads. Anything get uploaded and disappear?
  3. Wonder if it will be good. The Seq seems very limited.
  4. Been Digging - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/163412/patchwork w/ the lady. It's great little 2-player game with interesting choices but with extremely simple rules and a casual feel. You're making a quilt and trying to score big. Ordered a copy of Brass: Birmingham to see what all the hype is about. Looks real good.
  5. never heard of sseth but I own this game and I think it's quite good. There were some problems for a while, I had some bugs esp in the multiplayer. I might have to play it again soon.
  6. I wasn't here at the older iteration of watmm or joyrex.com forums or whatever it was. I think I joined in high school, I'm 32. EDIT: Weird to think I'll probably be on here until I die but I've never even met any of you IRL (to my knowledge, even at Day for Night I somehow didn't meet anyone).
  7. This sounds better mastered than Syro, Ufabulum, and Damogen to me. I really don't like the syro mastering. The distortion profile actually sounds phat and warm on this one, his last two albums were harsh and flat and awful sounding IMO. This one breaths, you can hear drum transients and all the layers of sound much better. Both on speakers and headphones it sounds great (to me). I tried putting on some other music (venetian snares chocolate wheelchair album) and got bored and wished I was listening to squarepusher album because it sounds so good. I think even like it more than hard normal daddy mastering or go plastic mastering (which is really harsh and odd IMO, the high end is real freaky, but still excellent). Maybe tied with venus 17 or ultravisitor (super dynamic but I like it a ton). I'm not an expert on mastering though so, purely subjective opinion here.
  8. The first two tracks don't sound like it, speedcrank sounds like some 90s shit. Nervelevers sounds most like the damogen or whatever but I almost feel like he sampled one of his tracks from 5-8 years ago and remixed it with the 54 cymru beats break. Vortrack also sounds a bit like ufabulum or damogen style, but even that one ends up pretty awesome. Terminal Slam and Mekrev have a similar vibe synth wise to some of his more recent albums, but they sound, far, far more evolved from his last couple albums, a lot different IMO. Terminal slam and mekrev are also my favorite tracks, along with speedcrank. I think he uses certain synths /patches a lot ( a lot of these synths sound like that modern bass guitar track). mastering-wise I think this sounds way less flat than the past couple albums, breath of fresh air, better sounding IMO.
  9. Hades - An absolutely incredible rogue-lite game. Slay the spire - Very good, but I'm still quite bad at it. Been watching videos and reading guides because I just don't have the brain to understand optimal deckbuilding and all the other consideration like pathing, upgrade priority, relic interaction. It's very deep and it doesn't hold your hand...
  10. Wow yeah. Way better than I expected. The leaked tracks are better than the ones that were released at first.
  11. Finally have this soundlab track in higher quality. Listening to so much DMX krew lately that I am realizing how much influence Ed probably has on Rich (and vise versa), made me immediately think about this track for some reason
  12. I wanna hear the soundlab20 ... gonna get a digital release?
  13. This is really good. It really feels ahead of the curve in comparison to artists that make similar/recent stuff like this. None of the drum programming feels forced or out of place and is executed in a way that sounds GOOD from somebody who is clearly a master of their craft. Sounds godly on headphones too. The synths all sound awesome. Melodically it's good but not in a "this is catchy I'm going to hum this to myself in my head" kind of way, but also not shallow or bad or any way, SQUIGYCID's melody is tops and the other tracks serve their purpose, I only bring this up because I'm a melody nut. Definitely my favorite AF release from recently as well. Excellent, and good enough to be on rotation for years to come.
  14. I still really want to know what his setup was like for Rushup edge.
  15. Got this notification that i was quoted... see this thread from 2006. Funny to think i was just a freshman in college, fucked up family shit going on, and this is before the tuss even came out. afx got me through some tough times.
  16. maybe this sound without the chorus fx?
  17. I am surprised that Marconi wasn't put on the album:
  18. Bubba69

    The Tuss

    I feel like The Tuss was an extension of the style afx developed for analord 10. It was such a refreshing style for Richard at the time, it seemed like nobody had ever heard anything like it before (what a tease for richard to release analord 10 and then slowly release analords, none of which sounded anything like analord 10). A totally new direction. Way different than CTD, or drukqs, or windowlicker, or RDJ. Different than everything he or anyone else had ever done really. Especially in how it is mixed, I feel like this is where richard got completely vintage-synth-nerd mixing desk technique crazy, it just oozes mixing perfection. Beautiful use of reverb, panning, eq, fade-ins and fade-outs galore all used to glue together tracks featuring analog and digital synths, recorded claps and other percussion, drum machines, classic breaks, organ leslie speakers, tape delay, real and digital room reverb, spring verb, so many different reverbs! The Tuss took this entire approach and ran with it. If he didn't multitrack this and recorded it like the other analords (into a minidisc recorder) then I'm doubly impressed. Considering the other "takes" we've heard (fenix funk and synthacon 1) sound like they were recorded live I almost believe they weren't multitracked, but who knows they probably were, the fades are too smooth for me to believe it. The last remnants of the tuss-era sound came in the form of xmas-eve track, minipops and some other tracks on syro and bits of orphaned deejay selek. I think soundlab20 has a bit of the tuss feel too but nothing sounds quite like the tuss IMO. What a great couple of records.
  19. oh yes I've totally played hexcells infiinte I just forgot about it. Hmm, crosscells, I am not sure I've played that.
  20. I've been really into puzzle games. Good puzzle games. I prefer first person, but there aren't many of those that aren't garbage and I think I ran out of titles in that genre to play. Right now I'm playing Recursed. This is a 2d platformer with the ultimate brain-fuck mechanics. I don't want to explain it because part of the fun is jumping into it and learning the mechanics as they come. it's about recursion, it's weird, it's well made. I Finished. 1. Quern which is in incredible myst-like game. Really good, probably better than obduction IMO. 2. Supraland. This is a reason this game is 10/10 on steam. One of the coolest first person puzzle games I've played. It's a puzzle/metroidvania/FPS game that takes place in a child's sandbox. It's insane. Play it. It rules. 3. Obduction. Really good. 4. The witness. Really good. 5. The Talos Principle (+ road to gehenna). This is a good game and the DLC is even better. I need to replay this soon, it's been a few years and I missed out on the bonus stuff. 6. Anti-Chamber. This game ruled. 7. I've started many zachtronics games. All of them are cool in their own way. TIS-100, opus magnum. Haven't played exapunks yet. 8. portal 2. 9. Quantum condundrum - decent but not the greatest. 10. Myst/Riven 11. Minit (added last minute because I was thinking of outer wilds) Games I want to finish but haven't: 1. Outer Wilds - This game is basically minit but instead of 60 seconds it's 20 minutes and the fucking sun explodes and you die and start over. And it's insane and chock full of exploration and secrets and I still haven't beat it because you have to be in the right mood to dig into it but it's basically a big open-ended exploration game that has puzzle elements. It's just very cool, I don't want to spoil anything about this game because it's just that amazing and surprising as it unfolds. On my list to play: 1. Fish fillets 2 -- yeah this game looks super jank but it's supposed to be really fucking good and hard. pc only. 2. stephen's sausage roll --- Only on pc. Seems to stay eternally at $30 so I'll probably wait on this for a while. Heard it's quite good though. 3. Whenever the supraland sequel/dlc comes out I'll play that, probably what I"m most excited about. 4. baba is you. Heard this is really good, just haven't gotten around to it yet. 5. Obra Dinn, I have heard this described as a puzzle? Still want to play it eventually I just haven't gotten around to it. Loved papers please. 6. Manifold garden. Whenever this game comes out I will be all over it. Looks like Antichamber folded into a hypercube level of crazy. Games I haven't finished because I thought they sucked: 1. Qube - I just, couldn't get into it 2. The Turing Test (got really far in this but the puzzle design is just bad and the puzzles get repetitive and annoying, I can't quite put my finger on it. I'll probably try to finish it because I think I'm near the end it's just a disappointing experience).
  21. I just wanted to say. The sampling in the OP-Z is actually fucking awesome. For drum tracks it's basic loop chopping and for instrument it's basic loop start/end setting. Really opens up the instrument beyond the stock sounds, although I kind of love them, I made a dozen or so tracks with them. Just so fun and easy to bang out an idea and it usually sounds pretty decent
  22. ok what does this mean exactly? I am intrigued.
  23. I wasn't sure at first, but I think I love this track, the beginning is fucking great with the ring-mod bells and super feedback delay parts and the stepping ascending pitch stabs, and the funky 80s stabs. It has some great scratching bits and fun use of different delay/reverb sends on different drum hits. Also love the drum programming in general, some good gating and ratcheting. It kind of reminds me of korg 1b a bit, and taking control. I love the high pitch annoying noise that comes in every once in a while wtf is that. It sounds like he took a monolith track and injected afx energy into it. Anyone know if the 4x atlantis track is different than the original? It's one of my favorite songs. I'm dreaming of a version with drums...
  24. God damn that midi pipe song is so good. So jealous of folks getting it on vinyl.
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