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  1. then again there are quite a few tracks that people doubted were his when played live before release or were largely unrecognized. 1st 44(people thought it was jlin or something), abundance, pthex, simple slamming
  2. orbital and plaid, that's fuckin rad! Are there any other orbital/plaid remixes? They have a strikingly similar style sometimes
  3. I couldn't find a link. I think it's on spotify tho. I found it on google music. No youtube.. yet...
  4. This new track "Los" is fucking awesome. Probably my favorite of the new ones.
  5. This fucking video of RDJ arm wrestling is my favorite thing from the whole of coachella (scroll to the last video) https://www.instagram.com/p/BwenTNIg4cz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. This is mostly speculation on my part, but I think the little intro songs and melodies he played in the beginning of each of these sets were live performances of melodic sketches that he and his wife worked on and evolved as part of recent shows. I don't think they represent any upcoming "full LP" release or anything. Though I wouldn't be surprised if some iteration of these ended up as a digital download on the Aphex store. The "chord stabs" track and the "brookyln" track definitely sound full track recordings that he is dropping. Whether or not they represent an LP, who knows. I would love to hear a new LP.
  7. Hah, he made even more new tracks at the beginning of his set. Was hoping he'd do that, my theory is that he's just been touring around with a little portable setup making little melodic tracks and then dropping them at shows before he starts DJing.
  8. That's from the collapse EP comment section supposedly: "peeps keep me asking who else was with me on stage, well for Turin it was the lush pilgroo...this was just before the Turin gig, im hiding behind as i just got out the shower...she was just playin wid me at the Turin one only, both got our own modular processing/gen/ spatialisation setups, she also was source of all vocals on Collapse ep btw." - RDJ
  9. No. There is a better version of the set (sound only) recorded by feedmenik https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/be2vkm/aphex_twin_coachella_2019_weekend_1_20190413/
  10. That's ok :) ... we're still covered for week 2. By the same guy that recorded this insane show. https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/be2vkm/aphex_twin_coachella_2019_weekend_1_20190413/elfolqk/
  11. I'm almost 100% certain at this point that the "ambient" tracks he is playing at first are actually being played completely live on hardware and not DJ'd. One obvious clue is that in this coachella set he accidentally switches the live version of the "Tha" bassline for 2 bars, the same version of Tha that he played at the ceremonia set in the midst of all the others. There's also no noticeable crossfading but the order of tracks and which patterns he chooses changes from set to set. Also the drum layer sounds very live and human. Sounds like he's been adding to it in his hotel room in between his sets and fleshing things out more. The coachella one sounds the most fleshed out, with all the drums, and the amount of content in it. it's totally possible that these are sampled loops, but my bet is that he has a small setup going on with real/software synths and drum machines. I think he's testing the waters for doing a real live set, he filled up nearly 20 minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if the 2nd coachella set includes more of this "live" content, could be chilling in his hotel room right now eating a burrito and messing with some new patterns.
  12. Why is he so good at catchy, evocative melodies? After listening to the other recording of the w32.deadcode I think it's just an unreleased mix of the same track. not really "played live".
  13. Holy fuck that recording sounds incredible.
  14. Really want to hear this version of w32.deadcode track clean: https://youtu.be/hwdo4B_tG4s?t=3435
  15. Yeah I'm starting to wonder if these "saw 3" tracks are really just a little multi-timbral FM synth, drum machine sampler, and cirklon tempo synced to the laptop. That w32.deadcode track sounded like the same synth. Honestly I think that's the highlight track of the new tracks played at the coachella set. I want the clean version badly.
  16. How come more people aren't talking about this track
  17. Damn I am kind of bummed there's no demo track like the one for korg. Those tracks were fucking great. I loved the b side one. korg 1b is still easily one of my top 5 post-syro tracks
  18. The song at 1:17 is lovely. Wonder if that's being played live or if it's an unreleased track or if it's somebody besides aphex.
  19. the w32.deadcode at 57 minutes sounds like richard covering his own track. Holy shit that's fucking rad. It sounds like more recent synth style.
  20. Okay this ambient stuff needs to be released. We've had to have heard at least what 5? 6 new ambient tracks through his live sets. It sounds fucking phenomenal.
  21. Bubba69

    Studio tour

    It's fucked up if that's fake as it's clearly a bid for more subscribers. Also, it's not like Richard wouldn't be willing to do something like that day. I mean he's open about the fact that he has multiple studios and setups and is open about what gear he uses these days. It would be a real treat to see what his studios look like.
  22. I'm going to nominate Steve Gurley Speaking of comments by Richard. I'm trying to track down the track he said he "nicked" the beat from for popcorn (I think...). what the fuck was that I remember it was lit.
  23. Okay. This isn't jungle but it hits fucking hard and it's from 1991 and the beat blew my mind:
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