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  1. 4 hours ago, oscillik said:

    But it's just plain texts…

    No it is actually a blue shirt with the real cover. There is also under lines in there.. 

    What I mean boring bleep shirt is: Black T-shirt with a white small text made in Helvetica font saying: Quaristice 

  2. 11 minutes ago, mcbpete said:

    Guessing the title of the Youtube video didn't give you any hints 😉 It's track 22 - Marshall Chords 01 but time stretched to around 20% speed (possibly PaulStretched) 

    Haha no because I didn't think it sounded like that at all but well 00:36 seconds vs 03:00 minutes maybe it is a little bit stretched yea thanks! 

  3. Hello!

    In the comment section for this track on Youtube they say this tune is from the Mt. Fuji tape

    But I can not find this track from the all 45 tracks. Wtf what tune is this from the Mt. Fuji tape??


  4. On 1/27/2023 at 4:38 PM, misuta Go said:

    once again, the t-shirt design seems too obvious and "normal" for Ae. pass...

    Yeah those bleep shirts are really lame, just plain texts nothing more.. 

    They could have done little bit of the Ae shredding on it special for the Draft 7.30 one.. That would be sick! 

  5. don't be disappointed.. Still 16 now including me in the Confield side vs CS 23. 

    Confield is better as a whole album (even the kind of miss placed bonus track is a happy surprise)
    The thing that makes Chiastic Slide so powerful is that it got a banger opening track with Cipater then Cichli and Recury is also Highlight tracks. 

    But anyway is a tough decision that's what's fun with the poll 🤲

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  6. Please think this thru before you voting because it is difficult to choose. 

    2 amazing albums in their own way. 
    Which one do you prefer as a whole solid and good Autechre album? And why? 

    Shoot! 👌

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