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  1. Yess exactly! Thanks alot!! This is fucking dope!!!
  2. Thanks! Thats pretty smart answer tho as Team Doyobi release their first album same year Chiptune was so hyped. There was one time he gets really happy because someone asks him about some IBL/IBN-Man or something? Can't remember.. Sean says like "Thats a good question, Im so glad you asked" I think maybe its some sketch or something, Im not sure.
  3. My question again "what do you think about Chiptune music?" I don't understand his answer at all lol can someone translate please? I understand he is joking about something πŸ˜…
  4. I would dear to say that Max Msp is not even a tool for making music. There are only a handfull people that can arrange and make proper music with Standalone maxmsp which are not just some random patches that loops. Its an engineering tool more than a music tool. Max4Live is one easier way to go. Anyway, It is nice to know how things were done but I like when Ae keeping things secret also. Like Sean said: "Do your thing and let us do our thing" πŸ’―
  5. Yes that was my first question asking like "Do ever feel inspired or scared of your own dreams?" And he went so deep into that time when he was a kid with fever dreams and saw things in different perspective. That thing changed him..Its not boring at all to hear people talk about dreams in that way. I think its super interesting!
  6. When he says "you know what I mean" I was like: "Not mean?" okey so you don't mean that? Or that you are not mean? Or maybe "not me"
  7. Yeah ofc, In renoise there is some very basic samples inside but nothing special and useful. They prob sampled a lot of stuff under that time from the Nord modular/Elektrons etc.. This is the same method Aphex did back in the Drukqs days. Fuck Max! Trackers is the shit!!! 🀩
  8. Renoise bump! I totally missed the new 3.4 Update now supporting M1 and Raspberry Pi. https://forum.renoise.com/t/renoise-3-4-0-redux-1-3-0-released/66685 I wish there were more built in sound features in Renoise like in Furnace, Redux is so boring. In Furnace here u can choose different sound engines and tons of different Sound Chips and Modes like from Amiga, Sega Genesis, OPL3 etc.. It is so dope!
  9. The Gonk Steady one is my fav NTS track I hope that huge Bassy Robotic voice track (Surripere sound at the end) is a huge 20 min Gonk track!
  10. Sometimes less is more It was also very interesting to hear about the Atari ST C-Lab experiences and how it all came together after getting the keys to Daz Fitton studio. πŸ™‚
  11. I didn't mean to like Categorize Sean and Rob in a certain way of being. Introvert and extrovert is just for me saying some persons are more to themself while other have more of a outgoing social approach. This is something just good to say for describing some personality because people are so complex anyway! And yes you can have both extrovert and introvert personality. I don't see anything wrong with describing people like that. This is also not a mental disorder! My point was only that I was thinking "Autism" is a really "heavy" mental disorder. But like you saying maybe there is tons of different kinds of it. I don't know. Its very deep topic.
  12. That Autism topic is kinda deep Im not a doctor or anything but I have hang out with tons of Introvert people like Sean and Rob. They are often not interested in small chats, observing a lot and avoiding conflicts, getting annoyed by stupid people and so on.. But in my experience people with Autism Is much more different and difficult to deal with. They have trouble to understand face expression, irony or sarcasm. They have very difficult with the Social game! They can come in to your home and like "Give me something to eat!" instead of like "Hello, excuse me but I feel a little bit hungry, can you please make me a sandwich?" Im not saying Sean not having Autism but I would never in a mile think he had that.
  13. Can't find that "I am a horse" track lol I
  14. I was the one who was asking if they played a remix of Surripere live when Sean answered "No, I dont know which part you referring to" Here is the track I was referring to, listen 4:14 and on, Is it just me? That sound reminds me alot of the second part of Surripere.
  15. So Sean is living in Norway now? Seans gf is Norwegian maybe
  16. Before I was thinking Sean was one of the cocky guys, little bit of the "I know how to do it best" attitude but yesterday I changed my mind. Very down to earth and kind, open minded and respectful. Seriously nice of Sean to do this! Hope he can grab some cash by Twitch after this
  17. Fucking Rob made Bladelores what a master mind People want to know the best VST, best gear and secret sauce in everything! Sean: max, max max
  18. Did he actually say anything about new releases or something??
  19. YES! Finally he answer my question about Milk DX track.. That rap is no sampling at al!! Holy shit it is pure DX100 Pitch bending wtf Everyone was like "yeah that's clearly Milk D rap" lol
  20. Meanwhile in the chat: Any BoC news? What is your favorite Lynch movie? πŸ₯΄
  21. Shit I wrote like 8 questions he answered every single one of them arround 3-5 minutes Now taking my breakdance questions and going on and on! He is really chatty πŸ˜†
  22. He answered my question! Wow so nice answer. I was asking if he gets inspirations or feeling scared of his own dreams and Sean delivers so deep answer my god 🀩
  23. Translation PERKELLE VOI VITTO MITTΓ„ KOL0O ! ! !
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