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  1. It's not even worth to have an account on some strange Gaming site for kids just to see Ae upload a hand full of clips every year. But it was good to hear him doing well.
  2. Sean always shits on traditional music composing, he even said Trackers are fascist bullshit lol You are cool and all that Sean but everyone doesn't have your brain
  3. Hahah your music is shit! What are you trying to do? Retard Techno 😂
  4. Oh the butt hurted hipster is going full retard. Are your IKEA fanbase so tired of your shit music on Bandcamp so they are not willing to pay you for the cool new hipster toy? What a pity Go to your ugly mom and maybe you can fuck her to get som cash cus nobody wants her. Hope she dies soon btw when she is I will piss on her grave and you too, very important tasks in my life. PS good luck With your dick in your mother.. It may be fried hahah!! 😂
  5. Yo! That Youtube-channel is just a fan uploading some unreleased tunes recorded from festivals etc.. The visuals is from that NFT-Crypto thing that Weirdcore did. That Novation thing was just a collaboration for that AFX Basstation thing. Nothing more to see Hope he has something he want to release soon
  6. DSI MEK The ONLY synth I regret selling and I had a lot of synths I will buy it one day or maybe the desktop version
  8. My gf is always having "Money Trees" on loop but this is totally different style. Is he also becoming god like Kanye West now? Like he is the answer to the world
  9. I think there will be some Ambient is coming up soon! A sequel to SAW? All remixes Tha2 etc.. If we are lucky there will be more than just one EP. I know many of you including me just starving for Drukqs II but this may not be the time yet!
  10. Im thinking of going Modular a mobile modular system (Okey Okey I know what you thinking, Jises are u insane? Going that road RIP cern and all that) But I would love to hook up my Machinedrum to something like this: This 6U suitcase style would fit because I don't want to build a wall of modular stuff etc.. If I can do this inside my computer I would take that road instead! It seems very difficult to create something like that in Max MSP. I want it hands on flexible. I have the wallet for this but I don't want to spend $10.000 for something that just making some noise and sounds. My gf is gonna think I have lost it completely. How do you guys suggest I should start? Should I build my own case or pre-order a already made? Cheers
  11. Oberheim OB-X8 5.899 € Behringer OB-X8 589 €
  12. Squarepusher and Autechre: "No traditional music making here, we create our own drum machines with complex micro assembler max msp programing". Me: "Yes finally I made a 808-kick out of a Sine Wave!" 😳
  13. Cry babies are scammed by Echospace on Bandcamp. One Variant album Is costing $80 to buy digital. People are so sad and they even crying for having the digital releases taken away from Bandcamp.. I have the whole Echospace collection in lossless all downloaded from Soulseek $0 bitches, who is scamming who!!! Have almost the whole Analoge Force catalogue now in my collection. $0 Life is so fucking good 🤩
  14. ELON MUSK PREDICTING HIS DEATH He is worried and thinks maybe they gonna do a Epstein thing on him. Can he be the one together with the elite that killing people and drains Adrenochrome or is it Russia that is on to him because of his technical help to Ukraine?
  15. Too much commercial around the label and bandcamp bs, that "mysterious artist" approach is also lame and overused. The music is okey but too much 303 in there 3/5
  16. Poly-ana was really good, this one is ok
  17. I know many of you here gonna be so sad now.. The Netflix serie about Meghan Markle's fantastic fantasy world is now cancelled
  18. This was kinda nice.. But is it mostly loops he doing now?
  19. I thought he was cool but now it feels like he is just seeking attention.
  20. What is this security qr-scan bullshit?? I downloaded the app full of commercial and it didn't even work. And Im gonna be "supporting member" of this kind of crap? To the one who implanted this function and runs this forum: FUCK YOU!
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