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  1. Yeah ofc real jungle have the most impact on his Aphex sound in general and other electronic music. But Drukqs specific is highly inspired by Bogdans Boku No Wakaran. The easy Sinus waves melodiess, some sampled voice singing in the background while the breaks going heavy later. Very original. Maybe it was even that made RDJ to try a Tracker for the first time I don't know but Im happy he got inspiration for this because Drukqs is a masterpiece and also not a proper jungle at all.
  2. Thats how Googles algoritms working yo!! Yes they can do that. Google can automatically track down comments starts with " I hate" or "Im disappointed" etc... Those comments will get all the way down to the bottom or taken down very fast! Everything with "I love" and specially "I love this channel" etc will be set all the way up always. This is typical how stuff working when you search on google also. There also companys just paying for being high up.
  3. I try to do some voice with the Monomachine.. Boy It is pretty difficult vociewo.mp3 And after that they end up with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTuKGfnPflE
  4. Laser Eye Surgery.. I thought it was a punkrock band or something
  5. In the AMA someone asked about where the sample came from in a specifik track and Sean answered like "It was a good guess but Im not telling" I can't remember which track. The BoC fans would have hunted down everything by now, maybe we should go ask them. 🤭
  6. No not half of his music done on Trackers. That was just around 96-01 The album Boku Ma Wakaran inspired RDJ, if you hear it is like many tracks are sequenced in that way. It stil sounds absolutely amazing even if just using 12bit samples and couple of Sinewaves. I think with a tracker is the easiest way to making crazy break beats but also good melodies and just make the tracks. Furnace is a Tracker that is going up now in popularity, mostly for Computer music, but this tracker is very good
  7. PIOBmx19: And involve the drink? Thank You.. And involve the drink? Thank You.. IO: Straight out beat... Kind a way.. Basscadet: Somebody have no idea on what's going on! Fill up with more words! And lets hunt down the samples!
  8. This shiet is all about Autechre and you know that too When you start taking that algoritm path you gonna be in that "Wannabe Autechre- category" and you all know that.
  9. cern

    draft 7.30

    After listen to some 2022 live stuff I get hyped to go back to some Draft 7.30 again!
  10. See my other topic and read what other members have to say here: Linear vs Non Linear many posts there are very interesting. The problem with algorithmic composition that follows a non linear way of making music is that is had to become more randomness to the pieces. If it's not following a timeline and a special note structure and so on it has to become more experimental and random. Therefor it has to focus more on the sound sculpturing and that part is still tricky. Make the sounds flow with each other, make fades, fx etc..
  11. Love Gimmik and miss the Toytronic crew! Abfarht Hinwil, Ochre, Point7 etc..
  12. Super Collider,Pure Data, Tidal Cycles and FoxDot Basically Algoritm music you creating yourself.. Tidal Cycles is only for mess around with patterns. Both PD and MaxMSP are really similar. It's a good way to have a little bit engineering head when it comes to PD and MaxMSP.
  13. Really like Max/Msp but it is just too time consuming Im curios who is really having the time here to do proper stuff with the program? Give me at least 3 years vacation and I think I will master it okey. I know only Noxin here on WATMM that is doing amazing tracks and building stuff, I have seen little of his patches and they are very solid.
  14. Carbon Based Lifeforms are a good choice for me in darker times
  15. We hope you not crack the speakers this time! Have a awesome show you guys!! 😁
  16. Yes indeed, 2005-2008 was their best live stuff! In those sets there is a lot of beautiful FM-melodies and fx playing along with huge MD/MPC Beats blasting so hard thru the speakers! That is what It makes it so huge, a lot more simple and it becoming more powerful! With 2022 set it is so much depth, detailed stuff and different sounds working along so it is very easy to get lost..
  17. In this part (my favorite part in the 2022 set) It reminds me a lot of the 2008 set but more things is added to the beat if you compare: 22vs08.mp3
  18. Was thinking the same, sounds a bit Confield live set last 30 min. That bass pumping is like a soft Surripere bass drum so nice. I like the part 10 mins in the beginning, so sick beat right there. Very Confiled Machinedrum'ish sounds here and there
  19. It's sounds like they got 20 speakers playing max/msp patches in different locations in a big hall and recorded it from a mic in the middle of the hall.
  20. It's very good and dubby! Not mind blowing but I like it more than Onesix AUTECHRE 2022 = SUCCESS
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