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  1. What do you mean, the beats are back baby.
  2. one of my favourites on the album
  3. exactly. t69 collapse would be 100000% less intresting without the middle part. durachroma has two of them,,,,even better! he's a masterful storyteller, only with sounds instead of words :) and as always with a good story, there has to be constrast to make it worthwhile, dark and happiness dancing together in harmony!
  4. Way too pricey for me, but it's on spotify in stereo if one wants to take a listen :)
  5. Can't remember when Bleep hasn't failed me on a pre-order. always arrives days after the release date. How about sending the record in time Bleep? sending it out 4-5 days before the release date is not gonna cut it.
  6. "For all the compositional innovation here, James is retreating to his comfort zone with Collapse" ummm, what?
  7. Finally got to checkout, tried multiple times to pay, but i only got "error processing" msg right back in my face, and then bleep charged me for two orders i'm sure they will correct this, but i ain't happy with how this matter unfolded.
  8. Well, it's just my opinion i guess :)
  9. I listen more to his new stuff nowadays. Syro is still fresh and levels above everything else in the electronic music world, especially in terms of production, composition.But i must admit, i do usually skip over Produk 29 and 180db_. The Circlons still blow my mind, no-one else is this good.
  10. I have owned a TR-707 since 2007 that i will never sell.
  11. why do they always repress CTD with half of the tracks?
  12. You can recall sequences with the finger sequencer (across the white note keys). so it is possible in a (limited) way. i have it synced up to my modular thru the oplab. it is quite a fun sequencer for live playing. the endless sequencer is my favourite tho. it is more capable with how you can set note lengths and really long sequences, plus it's fully polyphonic. i just wish it was possible to save and recall several sequences with it. probably easy thing to implement, right?
  13. don't think that's likely. correct me if i wrong, but i remember reading an interview with luke after the release of syro, where he said he wasn't happy that RDJ didn't credit him for a collab on one of the syro tracks.
  14. What a fantastic lil ep. thanks for bumpin' Bulk VanderHooj ;)
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