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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/truck-convoy-updates-truckers-begin-arriving-in-ottawa-police-chief-warns-weekend-will-be-fluid-risky-and-significant/ar-AATf3T7 How do we shoot these people into the sun?
  2. Yeah when I'm talking about shutting it down...I guess I misinterpreted that. My apologies. Anyways a moot point since it's gone now. You guys should go on the new sub and do some educating.
  3. That's weird, when I turn on my Apple TV, that's always the first thing I see, and if it's not I use the "home screen" button and it always takes me right to the Apple TV app. I don't use the Apple TV app as an aggregator, I have all the other apps separate. We should be in the FWP thread I guess lol.
  4. Here's a little piece on idiocy in Canada: https://www.antihate.ca/the_freedom_convoy_is_nothing_but_a_vehicle_for_the_far_right Were they actively banning communists/socialists? You and zeff wanted to shut down the whole thing. Either kind of censorship is pretty, ummm not cool. I read a number of threads in there about organizing, creating unions, etc. But in general, it was overblown hype, like all of reddit.
  5. There were plenty of people from the sub saying it was a terrible idea. But honestly why go on Fox at all? Regardless of your knowledge base, Fox is going to edit it to suit their narrative.
  6. there are at least three threads (one, two, three) on reddit about it, and some people have cancelled their subscription. But so what if the impact is minimal? Would you rather Neil Young doesn't take a principled stand? And now he's forced spotify to come out in support of anti-vaxxer JRogan.
  7. We had two fig trees in our front yard when we lived in Vancouver, BC and they produced so much fruit we couldn't eat it all our selves (we did our best though!). Definitely not a long hot growing season. I think it depends a lot on the variety (even common figs have a lot of variety among them) and all the other variables. I'll see how it goes with mine. No space for digging a big hole in the ground unfortunately, but will be putting in 2 new planter boxes this spring as the last one got a little out of control with the tomatoes. The soil on this property is really shit though, so we don't expect much from the first season of growing. We are very lucky to be friends with a totally organic farmer (they're not no-till, but their weeding is minimal), they produce amazing vegetables, and they always give us a super reasonable rate. Also, I am a terrible gardener.
  8. Interesting, I may consider lining some burlap with that and wrapping with that combination.
  9. His is a dwarf though, so I think can get away with a 10 gallon pot, just need to make sure you trim the plant (branches and roots) once a year or so once it's hit full size for the pot. Our winters here are brutal, I'm really worried about our fig tree (not a dwarf) once we put it in the ground in the spring.
  10. Have you considered potting it? That way it is technically movable to more suitable climate during heat waves (i.e. you can move indoors).
  11. Socialism isn't extremist. The attempted silencing of other voices on the other hand.... I wrote a stupid paper about enclosures. While I do agree there was resistance to the enclosures, there was also a variety of responses. As well, enclosures led to urbanization - which has been done poorly in North America in particular, but the only way we are supporting life on this planet without totally fucking the environment is through urbanization and increased population density. Change always brings resistance. Is that resistance always right? The Tenant Farmer and his Economic Environs.pdf
  12. This may lack the analytical context you're seeking, but DJ Food's collection of some of his mixes on mixcloud is fucking brilliant and spans a huge range of IDM, electronic, and weirdness. You have to subscribe to access it all, but it's 2.99 a month - you can definitely listen to everything in a month 😉 He also produced this excellent piece on cut-ups which has some analytical context: He also did this mix in the immediate aftermath of the first wave of the aphex soundcloud dump, and mixed in a bunch of old aphex interviews (where RDJ does some excellent trolling):
  13. We just implement perfect communism on a global scale instantaneously. Simple, innit, comrade.
  14. Neil Young respek: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-young-demands-spotify-remove-music-vaccine-disinformation-1290020/
  15. I think the sensationalist antiwork posts suck a lot of air out of the room, so if you only go there from r/all you (not you specifically) can miss a lot of the other less egregious ones which are along the lines of "left for a different job that offers decent pay/benefits/work-life balance etc." Or posts like this one that show what a decent company should be offering. Not disagreeing with you that work is fundamental to our society (until we live in a post-scarcity model where everything is fuelled from pure renewables and nanobots will build whatever we need out of the appropriate nano-material), but I don't think there's a whole lot of trampling going on - r/antiwork may be very vocal, but they have 1.7M subscribers. Even if we don't assume half of those are bots, a third of those remaining are foreign actors conducting interference, another third are edgy teenagers who have never had a job, 1.7M people is a tiny percentage of the US labour force. The "great resignation" saw on average slightly higher than normal quitting rates (I suspect that many of those were people who were near enough to retirement already, I haven't looked at the demographics that closely), but in the service industry (food and retail) the resignation rates were significantly higher - which should come as no surprise to anyone with the slightest familiarity with the service industry in the US.
  16. The US can certainly do both though. Biden's administration is on the path to at least begin that: https://www.savingforcollege.com/article/whats-the-current-state-of-student-loan-forgiveness (pausing interest payments is huge - the interest payments on those student loans are ridiculous). Remains to be seen what the policy will be on publicly-funded post-secondary in terms of fees moving forward.
  17. I mean the clinic had the chance to respond by offering the 7 workers the same deal (they knew about the employment offers on December 21) but instead chose profits over patients. Apparently the 7 workers are going to a clinic that offers the same level of care and is about 10km away. So it's not like they're moving to a different state. That's what these workers did - they asked for better working conditions and all that, and the company refused. Pretty hard to feel sorry for the original clinic.
  18. lol we live in the same city (or at least I live in the same city as the university you graduated from - not far from there actually). Congrats on finishing during the pandemic, it must have been fucking tough.
  19. Isn't that what r/communism, r/Marxism, and r/socialism are for? Given your hilarious joke, why would you expect that particular subreddit to educate people about communism?
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