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  1. It's an Edirol m-16dx It still works fine as a mixer. It's just completely invisible to my computer as an input/output option. It's USB also FWIW. Everything I have seen online about it looks like it's support has just been abandoned. Pro audio hardware manufacturers are the fucking worst for drivers I swear to god. Even worse than desktop printers...
  2. Seems like a pretty weak upgrade, but hpoefully it's enough to make the first versions cheaper :)
  3. So fucking Roland hasn't updated the firmware for the $500 mixer I bought 3 years ago, and as a result it doesn't work at all with my mac anymore. Fuck Roland. Are there any multichannel usb interfaces that don't go fucking tits up after 2 os versions? It's the 3rd interface I've owned to become useless due to normal system upgrades. It's USB FFS. It's a fucking standard. I'm sure Roland have outsourced all their driver development to some fucking mudhut in the Kazakh shit hills. Any suggestions?
  4. Ya it's just a sketch really. Recorded in one take and not at all mixed or mastered. :)
  5. Simple little acid tune harkening back to a simpler time. https://soundcloud.com/dailyambient/origami-acid
  6. There's one of these for sale locally for like $50 and the ad says it's fully functional. Seriously the weirdest instrument I have ever seen.
  7. It could be cool to allow people to set their own intervals... I would be more in for a bi-weekly beats or something haha.
  8. It would be fun to build a new weekly beats anyways :) I wrote the guy back in jan and he never responded. :p We could host it for really cheap on s3. I could build it in a week probably. I had ideas for improvements anyways as discoverability kinda sucked on there... Any takers?
  9. agreed! I spend a good while chasing around an optimal setup with a patchbay, midi router etc, and in the end I just end up ripping shit out and reconfiguring things anyways :p
  10. I think the horizontal thing is more likely to be a creative-person attribute. We creatives have tiny working memory, and it takes a lot more effort for us to categorize and organize than it does for more linear-minded people. For me, also I tend to be very associative in the moment, and seeing things will often trigger new ideas. If everything were to be perfectly organized in drawers, or whatever it would really be a hinderance in that process.
  11. haha I like your direction but have no idea if there is even a way to respond to you here :D
  12. No idea really. I'm just a bit burnt working alone solely. I'd actually even just like to remix some stuff. :) I don't have headphones handy atm, but I'll give a listen in a few mins!
  13. Hiya fellow watmmers. :) I'm looking to start a collaboration with someone. Ideally someone local, but I really doubt there are any other people here in Prague :D Is anyone interested in doing some collaborative traxxxxxx? You can see some of my stuff here > tunes.tellmesomethingnice.com and soundcloud.com/dailyambient I'm essentially down for whatever, but would like to work with someone who is not flaky and will be able to bounce ideas back and forth a couple of times a week at least. Tally ho!
  14. @audiobysk I'm totally in the same boat. I can't imagine the tedium of clicking out entire songs anymore. The prospects sounds awful. I used to do it and never minded it, but now... meh.
  15. Just uploaded my first track. Looks like they publish it at the end of the week. We should make a watmm thread on their forum haha.
  16. Cool I just signed up :) Are you the one running it? It doesn't way anywhere who is behind it :)
  17. as far as the iMac goes, look at getting some synth editor like sounddiver. Then you can edit that 1010 :)
  18. https://soundcloud.com/dailyambient/red-spot I whipped this up last night in a couple of hours. All live sequenced from Numerology. Drums are a Novation Nova, and the bass is a Shruthi 1. Only one synth and drums!
  19. wait wut? That's pedal basically has convulsion reverb??? Fuckballs. If that's what it is actually you can use it for waaay more than just reverb...
  20. Oh It's still going on. :) Do you have a synth you'd like to test it with?
  21. If you're not running loads of AUs then you dont even need a powerful machine. I have an iBook g4 that I still jam with!!
  22. Thanks to those of you that responded! If anyone else is interested PM me.
  23. mpc1000 with the lowest paid jjos has a feature called "next sequence" which lets you assign patterns to the pads, and to trigger them like clips. You can even have them launch mid-pattern while still keeping the beat, so you can do fills and stuff. The main difference is that an MPC pattern contains all tracks. So you have to change all the tracks together. That said, Numerology is unknowably fun to jam with, and if you really get into building stacks you can do some really cool stuff, far beyond what ableton is capable of. For instance having notes for a synth coming from one stack with it's own clips, gate from another, and a control change sequence from another, and change them all independently. You can build an entire, very diverse track from like 3 clips in each stack that way. It goes way beyond simple clip launching ala Ableton.
  24. Hi fellow twiddlers. I've been working on a side project for a while and now I'm looking to have a few others test it out. It involves hardware synths, and a web browser. :) I don't want to give away too much publicly yet, but if you want to get in on the alpha, I'll tell you all about it. To participate you'll need to have a couple (or more) hardware synths which can be controlled with midi control change messages, a midi interface, and not mind installing a plugin for Chrome. I'm looking for people to give feedback about bugs, but also ideas for what functionality might ultimately go into it. PM me here if you're interested, and we'll get setup. Thanks!
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