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  1. We've been discussing this for the past 15 years on WATMM (well since that fucking pitchfork review), him trying to push his loops into the zeitgeist of modern music. Now a ... documentary? fucking zelol Image sells.
  2. The thing is... it's not about using a tragedy. It's just fake, it's all lies. That documentary, in the end, it's bullshit and lies, a fucking fake doc, a mockumentary. If he could finally admit it was all made up, no... a decade later he's still Mr. Brainwash-ing his way into the truth.
  3. 10 years later and he's still a wanker trying to milk his fake gimmick
  4. W A T M M v 3 e x t e n d e d s i t e s p a c e ( + 2 6 0 p i x e l s )
  5. The 2003 Breezeblock mix! BARK! Dog doggy dog BAM! BARK BARK bark bark
  6. Bob Dylan the original AFX with his didgeridoo
  7. The guy is doing fucktown more money doing hollywood soundtracks. Average composer gets around a million dollar for a 100 million dollar movie. He doesn't care about money lol
  8. SIGN is like the period of an artist career when he goes on MTV Unplugged
  9. Did they finally added more pixels?
  10. Looks like she got out of the closet and divorced with him but lol I'm an old fart from having a memory flash of Zelah on a bike
  11. Late to the party... I just had a moment of WATMM nostalgia. I searched for good old Zelah... to find out that Leah is a lesbian!
  12. Bob Dylan

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    Read the entire Walking Dead comics, all 193 issues. Good stuff in these days...
  13. WARP only survives because of nostalgia as it positionned itself as the dad-rock label of electronic music.
  14. NASA shirts are popular because there are no copyrights or regulation for selling branded merchandise. It's all public domain, anybody can do a design and sell it. https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2019-07-19/nasa-logo-shirts-swimsuits-everything
  15. It might be 0.25% death for under 50 but it's almost 20% of major pneumonia that needs hospitalisation. So basically 1 out of 5 of you could end up with a fucking Tracheal intubation and ventilator
  16. Well for those who wanted a more jazzy, old school drum&bass style... it's pretty much the opposite : bippyty-bloop-buzz atmospheric soundscapes. There is not one track that is percusive-style.
  17. Hopefully he will go back to his Jazzy-drum&bass roots instead of the boring Transformers robot sounds of ISAM.
  18. the dad-rock version of electronic music might be harsh but it is starting to be true. We listen to AFX/AE/BOC/>[] for the same reason some old farts clinged to Zappa or some Grateful dead bootleg back in the days. Or even older geezers listening to Mahler after the war. Amazon did a market research on that, found that a lot of us are maximalists and one of the exec suits approved saying "Those twins from the aphex, they will help us sell more books/other gizmos!"
  19. WARP ain't selling like in 1998, kids these days don't give a fuck about IDM. We're all pretty much now listening to dad-rock version of electronic music.
  20. Motherfucks... LOL they are clearly wiping the slate clean
  21. Envane artwork is Fallingwater There was once an app on the Warp website that showed how they created the Confield artwork (a frame out of a parametric video)
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