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  1. weed can really affect judgment for the worse
  2. jesus motherfuck that squashing sound!!
  3. rekosn

    Warp Tapes WAV

    thank you ae!!!!!! 👊
  4. uhhhh guys.. I think those ae tracks my man shared might be legit. ...but then there's track 2...too clean, too proper, too afraid... ed: but wtf do i know
  5. oe! whats this playing now?
  6. fuck me. whats that playing now?
  7. that doxa sinistra track with all those samples that make no sense is like the odd duck on that album which is sweet madness galore. its like them saying to the label: " you wanted a single?? there!
  8. ahh bummer. was expecting something special
  9. yo! just got up, did aphex play yet? no one here has said a word
  10. jodey is one dope guy. glad to know hes holding up
  11. huh... so thats death grips
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