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  1. I keep getting surprised by you lot on X4 RECORDS. Skilled bunch. Strange bunch... but very skilled, and I'm pretty damn happy to be a part of it.
  2. That is awesome! I've never met anyone who looks like that who plays SF lol. That pic is weirding me out, man. That mom though. cat growl
  3. Anagrams are great. I use them as well. My artist name is actually an anagram. Also a great idea. My father was hunted by wolves in Barron Canyon a few winters ago. After reading the story he had published about it I made a song called "The Wolves of Barron Canyon". Fits great.
  4. strong adverb + noun involving space or science in some way + random prime number = IDM gold
  5. Just write the song so the track title ends up being obvious
  6. Good article. Read this shortly after it was published. I highly recommend watching "This is a Recorded Message" by Jean-Thomas Bedard http://www.onf.ca/film/ceci_est_un_message_enregistre/ Fair warning, there are NSFW images in it.
  7. heh, you have the same needlessly massive computer case as me. Lol, yup. That thing is a chore to move! It does help keep things cool in there with 2 video cards though.
  8. Dude, buy a wallet... you are why I wash my hands after handling cash.
  9. pls record it The true test will be once you get to the rolling "lol"s
  10. lol. No one at that table seems to be aware that there is a salvatorin just outside, waiting to swipe the pitcher of Miller they ordered.
  11. I preloaded RDR2 on my PS4 and have only had time to play it for a couple hours since it launched.
  12. That is a spot on analogy. I'm glad I finally found myself a treatment with no "balloon-tongue" side-effects.
  13. Damn, I didn't know about pseudodysphagia. That sounds awful, man. That's great you're seeing progress already. Keep at it, you got this.
  14. When my body is heavily fighting off a nasty virus, my rapid cycling bipolar symptoms sometimes come back. Yesterday I went from being fine, to incredibly anxious and depressed, to pissed off, to suicidal, straight to laughing and joking, then immediately back to depressed and suicidal again, then back again to laughing and joking, then finally back to being fine. At that point I thought "screw it, I better go to sleep now and avoid my mind being awake." All of that happened in about an hour and a half total.
  15. I made it to work despite being sick as a dog. Time to start the pandemic. Hopefully my next post will be: "Successfully started a pandemic! "
  16. Your dad: "Son, you're basically a man now. Here. Smoke that and we'll get you hired on at the steel mill by the end of the week. Oh, and happy 3rd birthday." Also, nice hog in the background there.
  17. Where does one get such beautiful flutes from? Robin Williamson's garage sale?
  18. Embracing my German heritage. This family heirloom beer stein is the greatest. It was carved out of a tree trunk by my great great grandpa (Ur-ur-Opa). It also allows me to let people know that "I'm fine. I've only had 1 beer."
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