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  1. Hey hey next one is tomorrow and I am hyped.
  2. Oh man I'm not as terminally online as I used to be so I thought the Bogdan edition Polyend Tracker was just an April Fool's prank. Now I got serious GAS for that.
  3. Maybe this? Just noticed it today...
  4. I was about to say, where is the gonk? Here it is...
  5. Just got to say these are amazing, thanks AE.
  6. Sorry bro, they are 12 LPs in a single box. So pic is accurate. Today I am going in sequence, up to 2b (gonk tuf hi)
  7. My LP box set delivered this morning (USA). Now for the long waiting game as I sit at work, ready, willing, but unable to gonk (until I get home). Which track to play first, or just start at the beginning?
  8. The apple lady. The crowd-surfer with his jeans ripped. Etc.
  9. Holy shit, the whole thing is watchable now. What a set!
  10. It ain't gonna get any better when Pitchfork figures out the password... http://pitchfork.com/news/50525-boards-of-canada-mystery-continues-with-new-password-protected-website/
  11. Ha, when has Bleep ever been this borked by a pre-order? Did this even happen when Exai came out?
  12. Thanks J-Hok, these are absolutely great. Pop Spectrum I can already tell is going to live in my head for a good while. I haven't checked in the forums here for a little while, but I had a strange hunch and you have rewarded me handsomely. Good to hear you are gonna start painting again, keep us posted on that too!
  13. awesome! wait, what happin to the the other ones?
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