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  1. You aren't trying hard enough. If you can read Japanese... here: http://tower.jp/ec/shoppingbag/itemList.aspx If you can't... here: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Aphex-Twin_000000000027270/item_Syro_5924849 And if you still can't, switch your iTunes to Japan. AAAAnd if you still can't... I will send you an unopened copy for ¥20,000, or $200 USD. Have a nice day.
  2. Umm, I didn't get the sticker but I did get these things... Shopping Bag: A4 documeent holder (front): A4 document holder (back): A2 Poster: WARP magnet: CD, front: CD, back: Not to mention a huge fucking grocery receipt, that nice diagram of instruments he used on which tracks, a written bio in Japanese. WARP gave him 50% royalties on this!
  3. I just finished "Limbo" on the PS3. Beautiful, short, well thought out puzzles and very beautiful. Worth the ¥1200 I [email protected] I'm going to go back through and find all the secret prizes that I missed. (I still can't do the 750,000 point challenge on Peggle, but I've come close!)
  4. Everything you just said I absolutely agree with. I cannot add anything more than this.
  5. OK, I think I deserve to share this with most of you. It was a docu smuggled out of DPRK, and it completely blew my mind. Take it all with a pinch of.. a pinch of whatever you like. It's fucking mind blowing though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NMr2VrhmFI&feature=plcp It's called "Propaganda".
  6. I thick that they would have used DAC for for some of their earlier recordings. I wonder if they are that bad they are embarrased to release them? I would love to hear them. For me, I'll give them 4 more years, then I will concider them a "dead" band.
  7. The nice thing I like about Hiroshima's airport is that they have a smoking room in the baggage collection area. You smoke while you wait for your baggage. More airports need this. The first thing I want when I get off an aeroplane is a fucking smoke! Ban smoking or accomadate smokers. Halifax (Canada) airport is small but nice aas they offer free Wi-Fi and have some nice shops for gifts. The only shitty thing is if you go through security and hit the bar for a couple of beers (man, they have huge beer glasses!), that if you want a smoke, you have to leave the airport and go through securi
  8. Oh, and chen, 大丈夫です、よ!
  9. You pretty much nailed it on the head there with what I was trying to imply. I wasn't trying to compare them in a musical sense to the Wu, but there is a lot of youthful creative energy in their music. Some tracks are better than others, as are some of their members. I say props to them for finding a niche and creating a brand at their very young age. Props to them for not doing what everyone else is doing. Earl Sweatshirt is one of the most lyrically astute rappers I've heard since Dan-E-O. Tyler the Creator helps create the presence and the focal point for their energy. I have, for a lon
  10. Yuu, Jur my teens and 20's weren't even that fucked up. And they were fucked up!
  11. I did a search and nothing turned up! I don't need to read the rules, but as I said I am about a year behind the time with popular American subculture. This isn't usually my cup of tea, but the energy they protray in their music, and the lyricism is quite francky, amazimg. As I may have said before, I haven't heard anything like this since Wu-Tang.
  12. a whole Earl Swaeatshirt cuts from all their tracks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nd8kLUVzBk The above is is Tyler the Creator. More? : And more : Called "Trouble On my Mind". It's a collab. And yet more: This is fucking awesome but I can't help it's copied UK grime.
  13. Kill people, burn shit, fuck school. I haven't haven't anything this crazy in a collab since Wu-Tang. I know I'm slow to the game living in Japan, but you gotta check these guys out. Head fuck! www.oddfuture.com Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and the rest. I've been addicted for 2 weeks now.
  14. yeah played a bit until it got real dark this afternoon, very nice. encountered a stack of zombies and we (me and some other survivors) gunned em down, nice fellows gave me some ammo and good gear. would be great to have a watmm party heading out, but the problem is that if you don't spawn in the same general area you have to walk for a long long way for a meetup. map is huge! I've been checking it out since the weekend. It's a great mod, but you really can't trust anyone. I spent 15mins trapped in the first floor of a building in Cherno last night, must have dropped about 20 zombies befor
  15. I had to get married when I did to obtain a visa to stay in the country with my GF. We were already engaged, but it was all a bit shot-gun, if you know what I mean. The relationship went downhill after that. I just wasn't ready.
  16. This is the best thing I've seen in my life. Gotta love S.American footy commentators! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVxw_e4BFYA
  17. I fucking hate DVD's. The quality is hollible. Either bring back laserdisc or bring on Blu-Ray. Laserdisc had a beautiful quality to it that portray films in a cinematic format. DVD's should be used for audio standard (digitally speaking).
  18. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  19. Fuuu... I wish I hadn't even bothered typing out that transcribe for that video now.
  20. Transcribed Audio as follows: "peeing doubles here and make a nice knives are out in the zucconi of ceramic knives are there were a rust tyler and changed healthy and environmental product than people original taste anik under absolute when cutting back each of those fruit or meet verses of salman mention like a mirror of the night of ceramic knives beautiful and a sharp called ceramics kato shot files issue of race in a message is for nothing teaching rooms luck you can cut farm hundred pcs up pagers where they too complex lead just a for wines suggested cerritos yugoslavs eas
  21. Holy shit, turn the "transcribe audio" on in "CC", that translation is even more hilarious!
  22. That's how I initially read it too. What a let down.
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