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  1. His death hit me harder than I thought it would. He was one of the most interesting fellow artists I've met and insanely talented. I never knew he played in a full orchestra until I read his obituary and saw his youtube videos. We were just making initial plans of hanging out in Fairbanks after the pandemic was over. :(
  2. Boss SP-303. I used it for about 15 years and got lots of good use out of it.
  3. Currently, and probably for the long foreseeable future: Korg MS-20, the SQ that accompanies it, a tascam dr-05, Behringer Xenyx mixer, Akai MPK Mini Mk 2, Alesis Microverb and a Donner Yellow Analog Delay pedal. It's all I really need. Everything else I can do on the computer. Storage: Electribe 2 Sampler and a Korg Monologue in storage and have about 6 volca's out on loan to another musician at the moment.
  4. Also here are some other resources: http://peterelsea.com/maxtutorials.html These got me up to an intermediate level after I did the max tutorials. They really should have been included with the base program. Stuff like what math you should know and how to organize your patches. HIGHLY recommend going through all of the pdf's on there. https://www.amazon.com/Step-Adventures-Sequencing-Max-MSP/dp/1732590303/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1543251676&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=Adventures+in+Sequencing https://cycling74.com/tutorials/lfo-tutorial-1-the-zen-of-the-silent-patch Both this guy's sequencer book and the lfo tutorials are also highly recommended.
  5. *aaAAAAAchvolume2isupasaswellCHOOOOOOO* *sniff* *sniff* PM me*sniff*
  6. *cough*firsteditioncopiesareontorrentsitesalreadyandarejustasgoodassecondandthirdeditions*cough* edit: quite a cough i had there. must be covid-19.
  7. Also: - Neuralink- Mars colony- Non-functional starlink satellites- Crumbling "loop" tunnel- Full self driving/robotaxis- Solarcity acquisition just to bail out his cousin- Tesla fake safety statistics- Tesla "founder" revisionist history- Fake solar roof tiles- Monty python tower made of tunnel dirt bricks (actually metal tower with brick veneer)
  8. Remember when Musk accused a worker complaining about working conditions at Tesla, so he bought out a journal publicist to make a news feed about the dude's job performance and doxxed him so his weird cult would harass the guy non-stop and take away his stock options? And in another whistle-blower incident, Musk used the in-car navigation of an employee's personal Tesla to stalk and then try to SWAT him? Remember that time Musk committed fraud against the state of California by claiming they could swap battery packs, resulting in literally hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits as a result? Remember when he took tens of millions of dollars of prepayment from NASA to SpaceX for a contract and parked it in fraudent bonds sold by SolarCity, and then used Tesla shares to bail out SolarCity from going bankrupt, while deceiving the market and creditors that SolarCity was weeks away from insolvency?
  9. Remember when Grimes claimed to be in the middle of union negotiations at Tesla, which is super illegal?
  10. Thank you! I claimed the first code of each. Also is this upcoming one the lo-fi concept one?
  11. Thank you for the firmware links. The one where you can link the Dexed software with your volca is really good!
  12. Gave a listen to 'em all. The Zagreb and Dublin ones were my favourites but I dunno but the majority onesix stuff was a bit too "musique concrete" for me. They're more formless than the latter portion of their live stuff. It sounded good in the background while doing things but it didn't grab me the way the other live shows did.
  13. Yeah think the Dublin 24bit one is broken. It's the only one that won't download for me so there's probably some technical problem with it. Is there anyway to report it?
  14. Autechre: The Movie: The Ride
  15. I was notified that one of my co-workers died from covid this week ?
  16. Putting dead bodies on a palette and fork lifting it like cargo
  17. From the podcast "This week in Virology":An immunologist doc called in on his break from covid hospital chaos.- they're learning new modalities of care. Stealing from China, they've figured out to have four patients to a ventilator.- certain immunological markers are incredibly strong predictors of outcome, specifically leukocyte to lymphocyte radio, the strongest- initially, the virus causes symptoms. As virus titers go down due to immune response, the immune system eats itself and everything else via cytokine storm mediated by interleukin 1, 6, 11.- off label our doctor used a monoclonal antibody to reduce interleukin 6 causing a dying patient to improve considerably.- nasal swabs from the front of the nose is 95% as effective as the invasive back of nasal passage swab- aeresolized virus is not much of a problem since it's such a heavy mother, outside of scenarios that would cause it unusually, like intubation. Worry about droplet transmission (sneeze, cough) which goes max 12 feet and most, most importantly contact with fomites. The chief benefit of a mask is to prevent self inoculation by touching your face. No mask, use a scarf for the same purpose.- hydroxychloroquine is worthless, vitamin c is BAD, since the virus attacks heart, lungs, kidney, liver in that order, limit use of nsaids which tax the kidneys.- Japan is mainly under reportingWay way way more information on the podcast http://www.microbe.tv/twiv/
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