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  1. ha ha, I regret not getting one that shirt designs as well, insane how much they are fetching now. Should have known! That line was horrible, BoomTssPhace I remember your impression of the guy attempting to guide the line and directing ppl, and everyone just kind of staring at him blankly and he turned and basically was thinking 'fuck it, gl y'all' but your description of the fans and his reaction was priceless
  2. lots of great tracks from this set, have been listening a to it a lot lately. we were very lucky with this set imo
  3. agreed. waiting patiently and hoping... I was there but didn't follow this thread close enough, shame on me. To all of you that I got to meet, thanks, everyone was awesome! To those whom I missed, sorry and maybe next time...
  4. anyone else having an issue playing this? says video unavailable and I don't think it is a country issues
  5. my "collapse T69" vid recorded from that show got removed as well from youtube with the very same message
  6. I've got the unedited recording by Audio Telepathy, it's only 13.5 gigs... let me know if you still need help obtaining this
  7. it's in stock in the bleep.com https://bleep.com/a-retail-opportunity just ordered.. ps. now in stock even in the Aphex store Just came here to say the same, I managed to nab one as well and shipping to the US
  8. yea whole thing does seem like a cash grab. kinda bs about the prints, links leaking and the shipping... kind of bummed all around, well done Bleep. guess I should have figured
  9. Waking up to this and thinking I may have to get something. *checks bank account Guess I am limited on what I'll be getting, but hey I'm sure they'll be on eBay later for a fair price....
  10. i think i know what you mean, that feeling was there on syro a bit. xmas_evet and marchrom have that classic afx vibe more than anything else for me, in terms of recent releases at least. it's coming in full force on collapse though for sure I remember flipping out at Day For Night when T69 was played in the rain. I had no idea what was going on. Figured it was an aphex track, but had no real idea. It was just chaos and yet obviously totally controlled. The video component, seeing all the stuff I saw on those big stage screens kind of culled together, and added to with extreme intensity for a flattened out version, with a specific vision; just blew me away. guess I should be on the video thread. But this was more about hearing the song for the first time and feeling totally fucking fulfilled upon viewing the video. And sort of feeling the same way about it having that mind fuck element I really love about past work. To me this track is like hearing Bucephalus Bouncing Ball for the first time. It just kind stopped me dead in my trax. This has a similar syncopation style and rhythmic structure in the break down and is quite astonishing to hear upon multiple listens in a row.
  11. I remember this, I had the original youtube videos ripped that ppl were uploading of these, and shortly after they got removed (wonder why) Speaking of live shows phudo...
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