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  1. Meant to respond to this awhile back but I am the one who ended up with this. Not a scam as far as I can tell, I saved the original auction details from nannou777 in 2008 and this definitely is the same item, same creases and all from the pics. This did come with the letter of authenticity from wessexauctionrooms along with the copy of the original letter from his former girlfriend. The letter is a 3-page handwritten note about the song, the backstory and what it meant to them. New Aphex Twin this year and I might consider it lol.
  2. Christian Bale takes influence from Come To Daddy for Gorr in Thor lol. Haven't seen this one yet so no idea. Surprisingly the interviewers got all excited about that bit
  3. Wow, this was epic. You know he's really a fan, especially when you see his shirt at 7 min in, but he clearly says HE DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW WHO THE GUY IS (he knows it's one guy, thats the giveaway tell):
  4. Yea there was a AB6 playlists and more, can't find atm. Here is a pic of the SAW 1.5 playlist tho
  5. WaxenPith

    170871 50

    All the same shit you can buy on eBay and elsewhere, prolly in better condition and cheaper in most cases. Yes this is a joke and they should be ashamed.
  6. this is a great recording *me noticing a year later would be great if this happened, thx for option! maybe I should do the same for 'collapse' from Day for Night set they took off youtube for claimed copyright
  7. Thanks @phudoshin for the blast from the past memory, hard to believe that epic weekend was 4 years ago! I like the idea of re-watching to commemorate that amazing set. Shout out to all the peeps from watmm that I had the great opportunity of meeting and friending, you all know who you are. What an amazing experience, cheers to all
  8. Signed at Coachella in 2008. I could tell he was struggling a bit to sign the CD with a pen (tragically didn't have the markers I brought with me, scrambled to find a pen from someone else backstage) Here are some other's I've seen: (signed 303)
  9. give it time, and depending on where you live you might get a diff vibe/feeling from your trusted local government and police. i won't post any videos or articles of ppl being arrested or being roughed up for trying to go outside hmm, not sure who you are referring too (everyone that thinks in a similar manner?) but I've been in this mindset for years before seeing Richard post anything about 'chemtrails' and powers that be wanting to control us. look at my sig, couldn't agree more. Reading all the stuff posted 'conspiracy theories' or whatever you want to call it, and seeing them line up with what i've already heard and had an open mind about wouldn't make me a weak minded fanboy. I could be wrong who knows, just wanted to post a response that not everyone follows blindly. Glad everyone is so upbeat and trusting about our society and what goes on around us... Let's just all go back to sleep, nothing to see here. Take all your vaccines , drink your fluoride and make sure to eat your genetically modified food. Give up all your rights and all will be well, we'll take care of you.
  10. this, and it all sounds amazing so far anyways
  11. Thanks to Richard for sharing, awesome story too, really sad to hear about his family's loss
  12. just saw this and came to post as well, awesome to still have some tracks posting, thanks Richard! This sounds like analord era to me
  13. still gets me, epic timeless track. real treat that it was played at Day for night in Houston TX, very thankful for that as well
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