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  1. still gets me, epic timeless track. real treat that it was played at Day for night in Houston TX, very thankful for that as well
  2. WaxenPith

    Cheetah EP

    cool thanks for sharing!
  3. yea seems they are all sold out. so like me to miss an afx opportunity
  4. this audio was posted somewhere here on watmm sometime back, always wanted to hear more
  5. WaxenPith

    The Tuss

    Back in the days where we were desperate for new Aphex, and the mystery had us even more on the edge. I remember that, sometime your ears don't lie
  6. ha ha for sure was just messin anyways on topic with this thread I suppose I'll mention I've been playing this set, but particularly the bits that sound like unreleased goodies A LOT lately. really hoping some of this will see the light of day soon...
  7. thanks Icct for the update, excited again now who is this a dig at??? lol hopefully not me
  8. Very cool of you to spread some Aphex love. If I could afford to leave the country I'd beg you, but this is for someone else. Just wanted to comment and show some appreciation, hope you are doing well phudo!
  9. ha ha, I regret not getting one that shirt designs as well, insane how much they are fetching now. Should have known! That line was horrible, BoomTssPhace I remember your impression of the guy attempting to guide the line and directing ppl, and everyone just kind of staring at him blankly and he turned and basically was thinking 'fuck it, gl y'all' but your description of the fans and his reaction was priceless
  10. lots of great tracks from this set, have been listening a to it a lot lately. we were very lucky with this set imo
  11. agreed. waiting patiently and hoping... I was there but didn't follow this thread close enough, shame on me. To all of you that I got to meet, thanks, everyone was awesome! To those whom I missed, sorry and maybe next time...
  12. anyone else having an issue playing this? says video unavailable and I don't think it is a country issues
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