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  1. I for one understood you perfectly there, your descriptions say it all. As for people disappointed in the fact that half of these have been heard before, don't really understand that either. I'm SO FUCKING STOKED to finally be able to hear these tracks proper. It's not like this is the last and final thing to be released by him either. Definitely sounds like he's got some more tracks in the cannon ready to go
  2. seeing it like this made me have the most pathetic thought "great, we only get 4 news songs" lol 5 if you count the japan bonus track well really more like 7 isn't it? was going to comment earlier but I thought he was taking the piss a bit by just seeing some info next to a few of the tracks. who the fuck has heard these in live sets before? Track 3: Sorta hip hoppy rhythm, very nice track Track 6: Short nice interlude
  3. How kind of you good sir! Have another drink, hope your buddy digs it
  4. Thanks for the write-up, have seen these confirmed already, but to have them all in one nice list from someone who clearly recognizes the tracks is great. Looks like this is to be one hell of an album!
  5. Enjoy, post back on how the event was if you get a chance. I tried to go to this one but alas I was not chosen. Curious to the setting, how it plays out and if they will be handing out any promotional stuff. Anyways have a blast!
  6. I thought the exact same thing, it threw me a bit at first. Will be cool tho, to me the live recording is just an earlier version of the track now
  7. it's all good, don't blame you! maybe I missed it or haven't looked thru the last few pages of the main Syro thread, what are on these cards? Is it all i'm seeing in the photo? thanks for any info They're 10-page booklets with black and white 'logo treatments' by Timothy Saccenti, basically the Aphex logo distorted and manipulated. Looks cool, will upload some photos in a bit. that's pretty awesome sounding. thanks in advance if you get around to uploading those!
  8. it's all good, don't blame you! maybe I missed it or haven't looked thru the last few pages of the main Syro thread, what are on these cards? Is it all i'm seeing in the photo? thanks for any info
  9. It was suggested by ebay on the same page. cool. I'm sure plenty more promotional stuff will be surfacing before too long. Thought those bags were a good buy tho
  10. Anyone willing to sell his booklet? contact me via pm same here. am interested!
  11. got it and a 2nd sticker for the sake of it cheers. out of curiousity where'd you get the additional sticker from?\ edit: just saw your last post, would like to know that as well
  12. Not sure but figured I would post this here since they were promotional from the event. This guy had 3 of the bags/sticker combos on eBay, one was sold. I grabbed one, now theres one left, hurry! http://www.ebay.com/itm/400769033883
  13. yea same here, kind of depressing. to everyone that's going, have a blast and enjoy!
  14. Thanks for sharing, have seen this sold before on ebay as well, I think with the accompanying white label.
  15. to me lol, ok we'll see. seems they are handing out invitations too, not sure if that includes for the Chicago event...
  16. signed up, now I wait.... good luck to those really wanting to go, if I get one but can't go I'll try to forward mine on
  17. yes Also yes. guess we'll know more tomorrow
  18. Thanks for that Herr Jan! much appreciated
  19. who else is thinking of heading to Chicago Sunday night? I saw 3 ppl or so mention it already, I posted in the http://forum.watmm.com/topic/84693-aphex-twin-syro-listening/ thread the other day
  20. Anyone trying for the Chicago US one?
  21. count me in on that 3 Notes Con, Love 7 and Liptons B Acid along with a some of the Tuss tracks were all played in live sets prior to release, and I played the youtube quality versions of those until I had the proper versions and it certainly didn't ruin the tracks for me. May be a different experience for others with anticipation / mastering and the final outcome, just my 2 cents
  22. yea I'm a bit surprised by this as well
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