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  1. This track should be familiar to some. I id'ed this as Unreleased Aphex from 2009-04-04 - STRP Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Not sure if he played it anywhere else https://forum.watmm.com/topic/59741-new-aphex-weve-all-heard/?p=1421172
  2. gl with the trip, I am 6+ hour drive as well, was going to make the trek out this weekend but ended up meeting with old friend from out of town, unfortunately I no longer feel like spending a whole day driving this weekend any longer. Would almost rather spend $75 or so and have one shipped than spend the day in the car again right now. Upside would be checking out some of the cool shit available in that shop
  3. One just sold for $75 on discogs, guy said he'd rather trade for something was going to ask what he'd be interested. Should have just bought it I looked back 2 min later was gone of course.
  4. sorry but I had to do this for some reason, the passwords write themselves into the story
  5. on '18 With My Family' ambicumber at 1:14:chaining patterns on monologue? trying to figure out a workaround Posted 2 days ago2 days stefan lazic at 1:14:@user18081971: why is the sky blue? Posted 2 days ago2 days metasepia at 1:14:@user18081971: woa Posted 8 hours ago8 hours Kinbotte at 1:14: @user18081971: acid philosophy
  6. user18082002 at 5:43: I really really really wanted to know the name of this song: youtu.be/7FI4vPcecb0?t=1m13s It's so good, the drums, the squelchy acid, and the visuals.. an ID of this trak would be wonderful Posted 4 days ago4 days Eoghan Keegan at 2:52: Hi Richard, short hair really doesn't suit you, looks great long, don't cut it again Posted 4 days ago4 days Ty at 1:49: Hello Richie :) i was wondering what is ur favorite flavor of ice cream Posted 5 days ago5 days
  7. *a longer version of this track Yes just seen this and posted it in the soundcloud thread as well, awesome to hear
  8. damo at 1:22: hey rich, thanks for the cirklon poly cv demo track !
  9. Very cool interview thanks for sharing!
  10. link is dead but it's still there http://weirdcore.tv/2016/05/20/aphex-twin-live-pendulum-set/ I missed it again... http://weirdcore.tv/ check that out, tour dates etc. also pendulum link http://weirdcore.tv/2015/05/23/aphex-twin-live-pendulum-set/
  11. As in three posts above? yes, as in I missed it. mobile link did not stand out, mine does however so there's that...
  12. re-posted by rich https://soundcloud.com/hockeysmith/lets-bang
  13. to the best of my knowledge, yes
  14. I'm guessing some of the collections have changed, added to or been sold off a bit, in the last several years or so since that thread started
  15. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/100-your-aphex-collection/
  16. how about this bit from the review: fyi the spoiler is just a sentence, no pics you have to worry about. but you prolly wouldn't want someone at work seeing you read it, just sayin' does a sentence count for NSFW? lol
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