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  1. SPD was filming the poor gent who asked that fateful question... I had him grab my camera bc I was trying to take pics but it was stuck on video mode and in my stupor I could not get it to function as intended, no bother made for some historical footage. Got a signature from RDJ on orig SAW 85-92, some pictures (and some video obv) and asked him about his preferred headphones all in a quick blur. As SPD showed me last time, you don't need VIP or backstage passes to necessarily, not saying they don't hurt but anything's possible.
  2. Oh shit, must have purchased a ticket last night when I was drunk lol. Woke up and was like 'hmm wonder if I should buy a ticket or not?' like I was still debating it... Check my email, ticket bought. Well I guess it's official ha ha, now I need to plan. I am a couple hours from Chicago not sure how I'm going to travel for this one yet, also will have to get Monday off for work.
  3. Something like this, I'm on board! Fucking AFX back in the US, can't miss this
  4. indeed today is a great day, thanks again to richard
  5. So the Syro limited edition and the Princess Die beanie are your crown jewels correct? and you can put your Cheetah cassette with your Cheetah beanie nice to know, good thing people are linking other sources now, I'm not kidding I've been refreshing the bleep page for 2 hours, logging, trying other computer and devices and haven't seen it available once on my end
  6. Hey thanks much. Now I bought the cassette. What the hell is wrong with me. Yes thanks for that links. Also they made it 'limited' for a reason, appears to be working
  7. Thank you kindly, I was also looking for alternative places to buy but couldn't find any, now I got me one ordered, you made my day with that info what the fuck I've been refreshing the bleep page like rdj's soundcloud and nothing... lol Showing in stock again.. lucky you, I sign out and in, log in from another device, still out of stock for me here=
  8. what the fuck I've been refreshing the bleep page like rdj's soundcloud and nothing... lol
  9. cassette back out of stock? fucking hell can't get even 1. damn that sold out fast
  10. Nice, I snapped some various screens as well, not much but will try to share as well
  11. yea I remember that. did you save the comment because he was specifically replying to you? I ask bc it'd be fun to see more of those 'missing' comments. I have a list of some of his replies but you don't really get the context or the questions that were asked that lead to certain responses.
  12. I've been playing these tracks all on random for all of 2015 and longer, no joke. Sad if it's over but it's been a hell of a ride. So glad we got to see more insight into the man, loved all the links and discussions that were had. Too bad the comments and the context in which they were brought up is mostly gone or hidden with the tracks. Thanks again Richard, so grateful!
  13. been thinking about trying to do something for awhile in case of this... well it was a nice thought anyways. Would be awesome if someone else had done it
  14. Not trying to get flamed to hell but has anyone got a "good tracks" playlist or better yet shared folder somewhere? i need these on my phone but 250 tracks whoooooo You're going to let someone else decide what are the "good tracks" for you? thats a shame... My list of not so good tracks would be dwarfed by the list of good ones, so many
  15. just came here to say the following two words together: Cottage Cheetah
  16. new as in new new this time : ) https://soundcloud.com/user18081971/modulart4-sprectral-modblur1 terrific start to the day
  17. Happy Birthday to the man, a great day indeed!
  18. Indeed, very nice work once again. Thanks for sharing pacman
  19. Aye...Total headscratcher! continuing the trend, now with extra votes no excuses
  20. yes, have always thought the same as well I'll agree, the untitled track you mention is the only thing that ever really had me doubting that steinvord was not aphex
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