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  1. yes, have always thought the same as well I'll agree, the untitled track you mention is the only thing that ever really had me doubting that steinvord was not aphex
  2. I'm with you, what the fox people... Yes, that one and Triple D as well as Squalitude Acid. Vtnm2 is very ahead of it's time, never really heard anything like it. I thought Bimbongo, Suzanne and SallyVingoe would get more votes, wish i could help those out but there are too many favorites! Just rediscovered 1.5 dp5 Beats and Tribaltronics Mfm, those need more appreciation as well. Yea that casiotribaltronics mfm is fucking wicked, I don't even want to imagine what this song would do to me if I were tripping, surprised there was not much love for that one either. Picking 20 is too hard, such a good problem to have!
  3. New comments on 4 Red Calx [slo] and They're Here Aahha with new artwork on that track as well. did he update the info to 1889-90 or was that there before? https://soundcloud.com/user18081971/thyre-here-aahha edit: 1889 as it says on track info
  4. dats some davinci code shit here bros Come on, quote the other 2+ people that pointed it out before that as well.
  5. Excellent job xf! Seems like a lot of effort went into this, great layout and easy to use. Picking 20 was near impossible for me and i'm sure my list will keep getting tweaked. Surprised to see no ove voted for '9 Wind Squidge'... thought that track was a banger, gets me moving
  6. One of the top comments was 'He then went home and created Syro in 2 hours.'
  7. So starting with Caustic Window LP, Syro album, Syrobonkers Interview Soundcloud tracks, CCAI Pt. 2 EP, MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96 EP and the all of the Soundcloud Gems thus far, is everyone else right around 22+ hours of afx material released from the last year alone? I do realize some of these tunes have been released in some form or another in the past. Don't let the last sentence overshadow the magnitude of the first one. These are amazing times indeed, and as I finish typing this '101 Rainbows ambient mix' just started playing on my 22 hour 1 year mix while on random, as if to iterate my point, coming full circle for the last year.
  8. yes, Richard also said the soundcloud playlist are good as well for him viewing user18081971 says at 1:11: @mark-cartwright-15: thanks, this looks good, ez to check on SC as well. edit: font color
  9. I wonder which of those tracks ended up being released elsewhere, and of course am curious about the ones that didn't get released... wonder if some have made it here already.
  10. Well he just commented that there's a longer version of Pigeon Street that he might be able to find, so let's all stay positive in here :) Doubt that'll happen based on what he said about the tape, but wouldn't it be great
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ouNaaVrNp60Ib34Kp0TO1n1XSc7-9DvfiZ9ZiTiD2c/edit#gid=0 When it's not messed up, that's a good source.
  12. Saw that, I like how someone points out he dropped Burial @ ATP in 2007, he he. He's replied to a few other questions.
  13. tigercubdelay was played a couple times live. was played at ATP in early 2002, no idea how old it actually is tho, not long after he was playing analord tracks live, and tuss tracks a few years after that all before anything was released
  14. Just glad he's back, as someone else commented earlier I too was obsessively downloading tracks and artwork/ screenshotting comments at first and then gave up after the tracks just kept coming. Got nervous that some of those comments would have gotten lost in the ether, so glad it's back (for now) Thanks Richard!
  15. yes, this is all truly great! very interesting
  16. Really loving this track, noticed Rich posted this comment the other day:
  17. 190 tracks and we can't even come up with 2 pages per track. Come on watmm this is sad, more track discussion. Last few days have been great. Hell last year has been great for aphex fans going back to Caustic Window LP. Great times, and once again, THANK YOU RICHARD
  18. I've already been in contact with my lawyers
  19. love the tracks, and the comments! thanks once again richard
  20. nice stuff here, loving it
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