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  1. Techno Trousers anyone? no one else saw that about an hour ago? I am listening to it a few times now, 2:57 wonder if it was mis labeled/re-uploaded? I haven't heard all the tracks yet tho so I have no idea yet. Just curious
  2. yea, or how about the TechnoTrousersJukeboxDistorted #lolnotafx Not sure what happened but for a min. it looked like all tracks were down, it had a pic that was crappy mspaint letters saying lol not afx and had the 'Techno Trousers' track up, I did nab that one quick but upon reloading all the tracks were back and a new one added. so weird, i feel like Tristan saw it too, he posted right before me with the 'loool' and a link to the soundcloud
  3. Techno Trousers lol not afx seems they are down now
  4. Tasty, but no! Haha, I bet RDJ is vegan
  5. Lol nice one 8-) Funny how trax like this never got picked out as unreleased aphex yea nice spotting. I loved that window peeper tune from the first play and I think it may be partially due to having heard it countless times in that set, just that little bit of it. either way, terrific vintage aphex there
  6. you are wrong It really could be the last track, also why the second Circlont is so behind the first, it moves me even harder you are right opinions people... just opinions
  7. Ah, I just found the separate thread, nice. as it indeed needs it's own thread! was wondering when you'd pop in as I knew you'd find this interview extremely interesting!
  8. where did we land on this guy? he added me on facebook and we talked regularly for about a year. most conversations we had were silly banter seeing who could be the most clever with put downs and stuff, trying to get anything sincere or serious across was pointless. i deleted my old facebook and he never added my new one baww i know some of you here talked to this bloke too, his name on fb was ricardo jamiro. i came to the conclusion that he was a troll with way too much time on his hands. He was on here too, but was banned. He took mixes from other members and labeled them some stupid tag and called it is own. There was also a bandcamp full of 'releases' by Rephlex artists (and once again, music from members here) on some suspicious 'Russian' label that was basically asking money for shitty soundcloud rips. I don't want to point at him immediately, but I have some suspicion that he was behind that. Not cool. Argh, of course. Apologies to all, I had my "boy"s confused. kroniktronikboy was indeed the boy I was thinking of. Apologies and respect to PBoD, a watmm member in good standing. :/ No worries mate
  9. I think it was mushrooms from what they said in interviews.
  10. Even though obvious troll, I'll still bite just for everyone else :) firstly, he's not banned at all (and hasn't been afaik), and he's obviously not Richard. Second, he used this name on a 1992 release: http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Philosophy-Of-Sound-And-Machine/release/51236 Q-Chastic CAT 002 Written-By – PBoD And it's also been explained in the 2005 I Love Aphex Twin special that Mary Anne Hobbs made for the BBC, I think it was Mixmaster Morris who did the explaining of the name. Ohhhhh, okay. No, no troll on my part, but I was not aware that PBoD was a previously-known pseudonym of RDJ. I didn't know the name was out there already. It being confirmed and then later co-opted by another troll makes much more sense. Cheers for the straightening-out! Guess I'm a troll for picking an early moniker of his as my display name. Holy shit at this interview. Amazing read, great way to spend a chunk of my day. Thanks much to Dave and Richard for doing this! Hearing those early tracks was a real treat as well. Would absolutely love to hear more stuff like this
  11. how do we know what they were playing? may not have been Syro, that's just what we heard. Unless it was stated somewhere, I didn't look all that closely
  12. Something like 'are they new or what?' :) yea, that bit was good for a laugh indeed
  13. lol future generations might know lol lol Thanks Transferrin for a snippet of your results. Would still love to hear more as its difficult to hear much as it is
  14. ... care to share? Seeing as how this isn't really a copy of the file as no one really seems to know about how to go about doing so... I can't see that it would actually be breaking the rules?
  15. I agree upon hearing this track more recently it does give me that sense of direction heading to Syro. That said I have always thought this track was great, played the live version of it repeatedly, then it was released with the bonus Analords and it was a great xmas surprise back in 2009. Same thing with most of the Syro tracks from old sets before the album was released, played this shit out of all those unreleased tracks.
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