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  1. So glad this was bumped. I still listen to this a few times a year, and it always puts a smile on my face. I get that it won't appeal to a lot of Mike P fans, and unlike the OP I didn't own any of these records. But I did hear enough of these tracks back in the day that half or so were immediately recognizable in this mix. At this point I've probably listened to the Trancework versions more than the originals. I love that it's simultaneously a nostalgia trip while also actually (kinda) being a bunch of bangin' tunes. I also checked out the album version from We Buy Gold when it came out, but didn't have the patience for it. The Mike P mix is the perfect 41-minute distillation of this madness. Props to the folks that got him to do it - I have no idea where the genesis for this came from, but I'm glad they did it. So to answer the question: no, I have no idea where to find anything else like this. Other than the original album (https://wbgldn.bandcamp.com/album/trancework-20), I don't think anyone else has been crazy enough to do anything like this.
  2. Lol. What a joke. Hit refresh at 9:59:59 and had the page load right at 10:00:00. In the time it took to move the curser to select quantity and click "Get Tickets" it was sold out. No more than 3 seconds. Same story yesterday. Did any actual humans get tickets in either the Brooklyn Vegan presale yesterday or the general on-sale today?
  3. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/plaid-touring-north-america-in-2017/
  4. All of the wealthy, suburban and city-dwelling Trump supporters are a whole 'nother egg to crack. They have clearly done well for themselves in Obama's America, whether they want to admit it or not. Sure, their health care costs may have gone up (though for most of us with white collar jobs it hasn't been that bad) and wages haven't risen much, but from my perspective it seems like they're generally better off than they were in '08. As a bonus, they still have their guns and most of them haven't even been killed by ISIS yet. Compared to what's described in the Cracked and Medium articles, their situation is much less dire. And since Clinton isn't proposing anything all that drastically different, on one hand I have a hard time seeing the reason for their hatred for her. On the other, though, I think most of them are dyed-in-the-wool republicans and simply will always vote for the party. If Trump was running against Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer, or any other "establishment" democrat (ie The Devil), their stance would be the same and he'd still get their vote. The fact that it's Hillary (along with her baggage) only makes it easier for them to justify it to themselves. Not that this validates their choice in a rational way, and until someone writes a 10,000 word essay on what they're thinking I guess they'll continue to be a mystery to me. That said, I worry less about these folks than I do about the ones that are actually suffering. Sure they're cranky, but they're not desperate. And just like when Obama won, if Clinton wins they'll complain but they won't revolt. They'll keep their good jobs with nice salaries and continue to buy a new Lexus every 3 years. And they'll vote for the republican ticket again in 2020 (and 2018). I'm with you there.
  5. i dunno if this is the best attitude to take. i think it makes more sense to educate people about how their jobs were taken away from them and who is responsible. no, it's not just bill and nafta. it's people like trump who think that $$ is god and will do literally anything to make more of it, including getting shit made by exploiting people in poor countries. that's just a small slice of the big picture, basically what i'm getting at is to explain how late capitalism has favoured greed and this has been enabled mostly by republicans as well as many (probably most) democrats. Agreed, but it's not quite so simple. I think this does as good a job as anything I've read so far explaining the divide we're seeing: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-reasons-trumps-rise-that-no-one-talks-about/ It starts off a bit rough with the movie analogies, but he really provides insight that is lacking from most sources about who these people are that will be voting for Trump in a few weeks. It helps humanize them, and even if they are making a terrible decision it helps to show perspective that's been missing in other things I've read. Worth the read, IMO. A big takeaway is that going into rural America and "explaining" why they're wrong about the Clintons and NAFTA is just about the least helpful thing to do right now. Trump supporters are sick and tired of being told they're uninformed/misinformed. And at this point, in this election cycle, I think it's too late for that. And as for telling them to adapt, good luck. While many recent college grads have done an admirable job at making the best of a shit economy, it's a lot easier for a young, ambitious, and educated 20-something than for aging baby boomers with deep roots in their community, and who have spent decades at their (now non-existent) blue-collar jobs. If Hillary wins, it will be a huge mistake for her to continue to ignore the "deplorables." It's understandable during a campaign, as she has no chance of winning most of these people over at this point, but if she doesn't make any concessions who knows what monster she'll be running against in 2020. And politics aside, these people deserve a chance for success, just like everyone else. And if there truly is no chance for them in rural America, maybe once things have calmed down after the election cooler heads will prevail and we can actually have a national conversation about this. Ahhh, who am I kidding?
  6. http://www.dayfornight.io/sound/bjork/ Looks like yes, but probably not a full performance. Not sure what they mean by "electronic sets."
  7. I just got an email from Midheaven that they're out of stock and my payment is being refunded. I placed my order on May 7, so it seems they completely sold out in the presale.
  8. Also added (free show): jul 24, 2009 @ seaport music festival new york, ny edit: corrected date
  9. ...for $10. Advance tickets here. See you there, folks.
  10. God I hate SuperNews. ...and also Twitter.
  11. Ocicat

    Dear Grammys,

    They won Best Electronic/Dance Album for Alive 2007, and Best Dance Recording for "Harder Better Faster Stronger." This track was actually re-released as a single for Alive 2007 as a live version (http://www.discogs.com/release/1196269), which explains why it was eligible for a Grammy. Still, I agree with everyone that it is retarded to give an award to a song that is essentially 8 years old. Also, agree with everything else in the thread... Grammys are stupid, Cyndi Lauper lol, etc...
  12. Definitely Uranus - Axis of rotation tilted 98° relative to plane of revolution around Sun - Due to tilt, seasons are 42 years of continuous sunlight, followed by 42 years of darkness - Coldest planetary atmosphere in solar system (−224 °C) - Wind speeds up to 560 mph - 13 badass rings - At least 27 moons - lols
  13. Orbital 2009 Tour Dates: 06/14 - Loch Ness, UK @ RockNess Festival 07/24-25 - Warwickshire, UK @ Global Gathering 08/08 - Herefordshire, UK @ The Big Chill 09/19 - Manchester, UK @ Academy 09/25 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy
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