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  1. Crazy solid things again up there. Me and my painting buddy were making these small pieces a couple of years ago for a artsy project that lasted about a year. Now we're inviting people to take out babies home, they're pretty idmish abstracts: http://renatapeter.wixsite.com/renatapeter/galerija-kosov Sorry for all the text on the page being in slovenian, it'll change soonish.
  2. I just revisited the last five pages, wow. Great drawing minds up in this witch
  3. Lol and cool up above things, well done. Here's my newest (pretentious) piece called Watering of nature
  4. so its a acrylic painting, digitally upgraded then? I was kinda imagining the upper part could be done materially too.
  5. There are two (actually three) Watmm members on that last painting, just saying. Gocab, I never really left forever, I just kinda went and visited time from time. This time it looks like this place is twice the size it used to be, wtf.
  6. I'm keen. I checked out your site too, lovely stuff. I'm nowhere near finished with the album but once I have something together I'll get in contact and we can discuss it yeah? Yea, let's! This are two of my recent abstract works
  7. I had to google mgtow lol. I guess it is kinda mgtow, yes.
  8. just plain Photoshop, thanks for the thumbsups!
  9. Have I posted this here yet? I have a tablet now.
  10. So this whole summer I was working on a children's cartoon and I finally put it on tubes to show. Have fun and feel free to comment, share and explain what aspects of it suck. Love ya.
  11. That's a strange looking cat there
  12. Me too. Didn't like it that much, I also felt Max was a bit shity and couldn't relate and didn't give a fuck whatever happened. Actually, as the whole premise of the film was to get the fuck away from someplace terrible (which wasn't terrible enough, as those ladies weren't exactly traumatized, to me they looked normal), then going back, kicking ass in between, I didn't care what would happen and who would win and kinda hoped it would all turn out bad somehow. Also, you could name this thing differently than Mad Max, as it's not that much about max, he's just supporting the thing, and he's not
  13. Beautiful drawing patternoverlap, I love that attention to pencil strokes. Here's another new one. It's probably also the first serious painting that actually involves me, all previous attempts were just silly. It's titled "What do my gestures want?".
  14. I'd also like to hijack this for any experience on sending large packages from Europe to the US. I'd like to send a framed painting and the time is not the issue, but money definitely is. So, does anyone know of a cheap way and still be able to track the package and all? Thanksy!
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