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  1. Same, I've already put my ""CovidSafe"" (lol) ticket to good use in the 10 or so days since it was introduced. Went to three shows, capacity ranging from 1.500 to 20.000 people. No masks, distancing, or any measures at all once you're past the checkpoints and inside the venue. But everyone's free to be as careful as they want of course. I am not exactly tongue kissing strangers right now, still not even shaking hands in fact, but not really fearing for my own health anymore either, totally trust the vaccine will have my back until long after those antibodies wane. That seems to be more of an issue for those who were in higher risk groups to begin with, i.e., more important for them to stop the initial infection from spreading as they may have a harder time fighting symptomatic disease. Obviously don't feel like putting anyone else at any unnecessary risk because of my own behavior, so I've been making liberal use of rapid antigen tests at home before going anywhere these days (always ones approved by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products, for what it's worth). Think the autumn and winter could still get rough but nothing like it was before, and once we're through that for all intents and purposes the entire population will have been vaccinated and/or infected. For most of us that should mean lasting protection from a virus that by its nature mutates much slower than influenza. Kind of hope we don't go overboard with the boosters for the general population, although they certainly do make sense for certain demographics.
  2. Surely patients should be provided care based on their health status and not their vaccination status. Anything else would be horrible.
  3. No idea, but her nickname is 'Chise', pronounced chee-seh. https://www.inputmag.com/features/furry-scientist-vaccines-chise-covid-19-twitter-controversy
  4. Incidentally one of the senior scientists involved with the development of Moderna's vaccine is an anonymous furry who has her MBTI and star sign in her Twitter bio. She's pretty awesome, too.
  5. They might be talking about immunity debt due to ongoing non-pharmaceutical interventions though. For the record I don't think the notion of 'defeating' the virus is particularly useful either. Way too vague, and current vaccines are just a safer way of achieving what would have happened anyway. And if you're trying to emphasize that the virus isn't sentient maybe don't use expressions like "beating it into submission".
  6. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/227713/coronavirus-infections-three-times-lower-double/
  7. Also big lol @ moi discovering Amazon jp, five posts and eight years ago in this thread.
  8. Deserves the attention I guess but cd was kind of the perfect format for this.
  9. Some more encouraging stuff about your vaccine protecting others even from Delta: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.28.21261295v1 Preprint obviously but:
  10. I don't think there are hard contradictions between my posts and yours. I'm 100% pro vaccine and agree all of those that were available to me are already awesome as is, so awesome in fact that I suspect for many of the vaccinated they've already brought the subjective threat of COVID down to a completely acceptable level where they just want to carry on with their lives. I'm actually optimistic those parts of the planet with higher vaccination rates might be close to some sort of resolution where they can gradually allow the virus to circulate and not worry about it too much, maybe after next fall or so. The alternative is to double down and not settle for a level of risk we considered fine before this pandemic, an alternative which would deeply change society forever. I know it's probably overly pessimistic to entertain the thought that we vaccinated people might be as susceptible to (asymptomatic) infection from Delta as the unvaccinated, and equally infectious for equally long, unknowingly infecting others... I don't really expect that will prove to be the case but the fact is we don't know to what extent we are(n't) and that seems relevant in deciding what privileges we should enjoy and how much coercion should be used to get people to take the shots.
  11. @rhmilo I'm not against the concept of mandatory vaccination in general, I'm saying in this case I'm on the fence concerning a mandate for the general population, and wary of giving too many privileges to the vaccinated and risk sending the message that they are no longer a risk to others, which we don't know. Living in a region with a very high voluntary vaccination rate, about as high as one could hope for I think, with severe disease and mortality seemingly under control for the time being, I say maybe wait a little while for the smoke to clear. For context, I believe the polio vaccine is the only one mandated in Belgium and in practice the rates are 90+% for many others (measles, tetanus, etcetera). @J3FF3R00 I appreciate the situation is much different when you're stuck at 50% and run a greater risk of unvaccinated patients clogging up your hospitals again and/or triggering strict measures that severely impact your daily life as well. The case for altruistic vaccination is much stronger in your environment than it is for the remaining unvaccinated minority here in Belgium. At least until it's established that the vaccinated are still less prone to infection or less infectuous with this Delta variant, and I don't think we're there yet. For the record it looks like the vaccines still do a phenomenal job of protecting against severe disease and death, but they do not live up to the expectations created by research done in the pre-Delta world. They will not stop the virus spreading and mutating anytime soon. So while they may end and prevent a lot of misery they are not going to end the disease. The sooner people are honestly informed about this the better.
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