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  1. Nice and chilled out mix with a couple of album tracks in it.
  2. With the old forum version there was a way to get a list of the members who've replied to a thread, sorted by descending number of replies. I guess it would have been by clicking on the number of replies in the (sub)forum view or something similar. Do we still have access to those stats? Can't seem to find them.
  3. In addition I think human hearing tends to have a notch at or just above 10 kHz anyway, and depending on your head anatomy the notch could be more or less pronounced or it could be right where these tones are vs. just above or below them. I have no real understanding of how head related transfer functions work but I think with speakers you should be able to move the notch by facing left or right instead of facing the speaker (essentially manipulating the 'azimuth' of the source).
  4. Look at the spectrograms around 10 kHz in the old version, to my ears if I pay attention to it it's basically like a faint hearing test beep pulsing throughout most of the tracks—think some people hear something way more annoying depending on their ears and transducers. This is Rausch, but same thing: It's weird how they quietly removed it from this new one... it was definitely noticed and discussed when Rausch was released as well. Besides the deaf Wolfgang hypothesis people speculated it was meant to mimic auditory hallucinations or tinnitus or whatever. If it was removed from Der Lange Marsch I don't suppose it was intentional in Rausch, wonder if he'll go back and edit this, too?
  5. Yeah that release date is pure torture. Come on Burlel haven't we endured enough?
  6. Oklou - Galore Extended Joe Vann - Found In The Smoke Danny Wolfers - Song of Moss Sky H1 - Azure Eartheater - Phoenix: La Petite Mort Édition
  7. Yeah it's a beaut. Melancholy techno for the living room. Electronic listening music.
  8. Feeling a bit shit? Here's an absolutely delightful 30 minutes of Legowelt & Etienne Jaumet playing Manu Dibango to start your week off on the right foot.
  9. Uhm yeah when you compare daily and weekly numbers it's normal for the latter to look "inflated"... by a factor of about 7. Don't take it personally, but this is something that's frustrated me throughout this pandemic. Smart people getting carried away and sloppy when arguing with people who are so obviously wrong about all the important stuff. It's not doing any good.
  10. Just checked, I'm still not that bothered by the high pitched noise. I remember not even hearing it in Rausch until jules brought it up in that thread. I kind of have to turn it up to hear it clearly, and at my normal listening levels it's not an issue (for my ex-speaker-hugger's hearing at least). For whatever reason I haven't listened to Gas in the longest time though, I should get back into it.
  11. Yeah, the Moderna CEO was hardly going to tell the world we're all set and will never need any of his product again, lol. He's being pretty vague there, too. Immune escape as in ability to (re-)infect the vaccinated or recovered is just one part of the equation as far as I understand it. Intrinsic transmissibility and severity aren't necessarily related to that. Besides, it's all speculation at this point, and in the end the main thing is how well the protection from severe illness (or worse) will hold up.
  12. Worse than useless. Besides the general point that the bans seem more like sanctions and may be discouraging researchers around the world from sharing their future discoveries, South African labs are now apparently threatening to run out of the research reagents needed to study Omicron due to the lack of inbound flights... Complete shit show.
  13. South Africa accuses UK and others of ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to new variant:
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