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  1. I'm ordering from norman records. Fuck blrep. I have to second this. I'm purchasing from either my local shop or Norman's. "We" were all pretty burned by Bleep with no real apologies, and Norman's was amazing. I ordered a second copy of TH from there when my Bleep order didn't show. I did end up getting the Bleep order the next day, so I asked if I could cancel the Norman order. They had no problem doing that for me, although it was a bit shitty on my part. 4 days later, the Norman order shows up, but my card had definitely been refunded. They had sent the order out anyway for free and didn't ask for me to ship it back. Neat stuff.
  2. I'm reserving my opinion until I hear what Rhombix thinks about this whole thing.
  3. meh, doesn't really matter to me what Bleep says, i'm not ever ordering from these fucksticks ever again anyway.
  4. A real John Carpenter feel, eh? Almost looks like a video capture... I see what you did there......
  5. Joyrex, based on what you've heard...How much should I set aside in my Paypal account for a potential preorder extravaganza? Would hate to miss out...
  6. that's "quEtzalcoatl" to you, BOC.
  7. I had to resurrect this hilarious thread. Admittedly, these are not as awesome as the others here, but I found a couple weird ones on a recent public museum trip. Also, I recently toured another strange museum in Wisconsin that had this gigantic pneumatic orchestra machine played by mannequins. It was built over half a century ago, so they're all falling apart, and I don't even think they were ever really intended to be seen real close. It was so dark that we couldn't tell how awful they were without some good flash pictures. They were grotesque... (spoiler)
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