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  1. Man, the last IG videos are heartbreaking, we love you too, Paul...😢
  2. No Jazz Brakes. ☹️ Getting all 5 of em on wax is my wet dream, and Kaleidoscope. So far just "A Recipe For Disaster" is on my shelf...
  3. The knot was untied after Paul Gray's death, the number was changing after hiatuses and tours... Fuck me man, he was my hero back then...
  4. Adamovich


    Jawa sandcrawlers with legions of B1-series battle droids on Tattooine... "I know nothing comparable to it except "The Lord Of The Rings" - Arthur C. Clarke about Dune book. Still worried about Harkonnens and Giedi Prime (assuming the planet will ever be fucking shown in this movie or at least for more than 5 minutes). Villeneuve's Niander Wallace was god-fucking-awful and cringy. The same thing might happen to his Dune's villains...
  5. Adamovich


    Harry Styles! That would make sense, Jodorowsky dreamt about Mick Jagger, Lynch had Sting, why the fuck not? I liked him in Dunkirk...
  6. Adamovich


    Fuck, I'll never see anything about Harkonnens and Baron in these trailers for longer than one second, like they're not important at all...
  7. Adamovich


    Who gives a shit about Marvel movies lol, I hope they lose hundreds of millions. 😂
  8. How about your own head against the nearest post? 😂 Anyway, feels good man. 😎
  9. Lol what a mess of a human trash. I hope Italy will win the match, this could be the best thing since 7-1 when it comes to crushed hopes and dreams. Kuipers' judgement drastically declined over the years, expecting English favouritism. I would bet for at least 3 Sterling dives during the match...
  10. Fucking sterling diving cunt
  11. This "coming home" thing is really fucking annoying, pompous and unbearable since the last World Cup. But at the same time I feel more hatred for Spanish arrogance and Italian oscar performances. Best case scenario is Denmark Euro winner but it's not gonna happen...
  12. You keep coming to this thread so you do. Ingerland Euro meister, easy winning against Ukraine so far
  13. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/a-guy-called-gerald/comments#start Help a legend out!
  14. Wales looked like Poland, lost like Poland, sent off like Poland, Bale as Lewandowski and a bunch of nobodies...Fully deserved win for Danmark.
  15. ok, this is my first ignored topic...
  16. Every nation is racist.
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