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  1. It wasn't really difficult to guess, was it? Imagine pressing 43 minutes of vinyl crackles on vinyl. Burial 2022, everybody.
  2. How can you degrade yourself musically from Archangel into this? Yeah Im fucking crying too...
  3. Just shut up and buy LoneLady's latest album if you're so thirsty for new Warp releases lol
  4. I kinda wish he could drift away from this crackle nonsense into something more effective like sheer techno/rave (something what Zomby did in his Vanta release)...
  5. That's his trademark, concrete music samples + weird/evil vocals. Perfection.
  6. Love Korn since 90s, but Take a Look In the Mirror was actually the last album I really enjoyed, the further discog is just not for me. Also love Jon Davis, he's such a cool guy, check this podcast, lots of crazy stories:
  7. Weird. It was labeled as CE and to be fair, the French CE woodland is a bit inspired by the US woodland.
  8. Last year, I bought this CEC Camo t-shirt
  9. https://djstingray313.bandcamp.com/ At last! The Drexciyan dweller never disappoints me, no one makes cooler electro that would sound so bassy and industrial at the same time!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ghzXevan-c 50:00 track id would be much appreciated!
  11. Adamovich

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    This has to be posted here: Lots of happiness for you, Rich!
  12. Adamovich

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    Thank you, Captain Obvious!
  13. Man, the last IG videos are heartbreaking, we love you too, Paul...😢
  14. No Jazz Brakes. ☹️ Getting all 5 of em on wax is my wet dream, and Kaleidoscope. So far just "A Recipe For Disaster" is on my shelf...
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