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  1. I was watching another episode of E-Beats Blind Test (good to see Ceephax and Luke Vibert, btw story about "Jesus loves the acid" track is really sad) and then went on comments section. Holy lol!! DJ Pierre feuding with Marshall Jefferson over who produced what and what 'producer' term means. This is hillarious!
  2. Just finished watching s03 of The Boys. My gosh, what a seriously fucked up series this is. I fucking love it. NSFW:
  3. Now you have to take care of that laptop. Laptops don't last long these days, y'know...😂
  4. I somehow have ruined Rettic AC for myself by knowing it was done by screwing microphone inside a fucking shoe, in one of radio interviews (I think Rob said that)...
  5. How tf do you make these??
  6. Speaking of Grace Jones remixes... https://www.discogs.com/release/19799-Various-MASK-400 Absolute lushness
  7. Who gives a shit about him anyway?
  8. AE playing for David Lynch's foundation? That's kinda cool. Once Covid die off, this might happen as he said, very cool.
  9. What is this ai generator? link pls
  10. I think he's dead already. You can't walk away from lightsaber spinner torture. That yellow asian though is late F&F hero Sung Kang. He looks like a fucking Mortal Kombat character and I enjoy hearing his voice. Kinda Jabba-like.
  11. I have no big demands for a Disney SW series, 10yo Leia is cute and that. Just please keep Robert Rodriguez away from Star Wars. That's all I'm asking.
  12. My copy of Elektronik-Impressionen will be spinned even more often now. Goodbye master.
  13. I've had a couple of ideas how to react to this thread but being a little bit tired after work I'll just post: FUCKING LOL.
  14. "I am your father" Fucking Mandela effect... This is great, though.
  15. Yeah I was about to quote this in not covid-19 thread the other day, ridiculous.
  16. What Graham Hancock theories are BS? About existence of megalithic sites? You think he made them up or what?
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