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  1. Then every second thread will end up with [NSFW] tag. Back then, even post your most recent pic thread ended up with people posting their pierced genitals. Remember that, JR? 🙈
  2. I can explain it to you. Anyone remembers fishing cats?
  3. Also this default username reset. Jeez, I feel like someone publicly put my pants down... Of course yes I know I will pay then I will change it back but cba tbh...
  4. Wait, so his wifey has a penis? 😵
  5. Ok, so the collaborator has penis. Is the guy from UK? Ignoring my post will say yes.
  6. my face when I clicked the thread hoping for vinyl reissue of SAW II and found pitchfuck review instead...
  7. Do we really need this "added: text" below Edit info? I think it's pointless as we clearly see the whole post above.
  8. Errr I wouldn't waste my precious time creating this thread if I would think that this is a one hour long track of one note played on vinyl and split into parts...
  9. *jots it down* July or August maybe?
  10. Question to anyone who has NTS 4 on vinyl. How is this track split into three separate tracks and two separate plates if I'm not mistaken? I'm really tempted to buy a copy but I'm concerned about this compromised continuity of all end. Thoughts?
  11. Is it true that Richie dropped a good old A lot of drugs? Good memories (;
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUl9NPPMx8s
  13. these signatures look so fuck off could've been done by the op himself by the looks of it not that i care or sth, I think watmm is the best place to share signed afx albums, amirite?
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