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  1. This is a bit of a weird one and I’m still trying to digest it, but the first track just bores me to tears. Would be happy if I never heard a minor key generative synth patch in my life again lol. Other tracks are a lot more interesting, but I’m still on the fence with the rap track. Overall kind of a disappointment given his past few albums and killer Pendant releases
  2. So perfectly delightful, have had this on loop nonstop pretty much! Nice to have stuff like this in these trying times
  3. Age Of never really stuck with me but I have been playing this new one on repeat for a while now. Also it’s funny that he is using tons of drums in his tracks now, considering he used to eschew percussion completely and even went so far to say in an interview he hated snares! Nice to see him change it up.
  4. Was truly not expecting these types of feels on a new AE album. Incredible stuff even if I’m slightly disappointed in not as much fuckery going on
  5. I really love “Salmataxia” under his Syndrone alias back in 2004. Some nice Confieldy chaotic stuff but with a more melodic bent that he’s always been pretty good at (BoC esque even). But yeah I think Rooms is his best and still holds up
  6. Yo Vol 4 is out and it’s amazing! Hard to say yet where it fits in my ranking of the other 3 albums, but on first few listens I definitely like it more than Vol 3 and maybe even Vol 1. Some really nice deep cuts, more melodic in places, but still has some great droney ambience (last 2 tracks). Need to cop the vinyl now!!
  7. This stream is the best thing that happened to working from home
  8. Really excited for this one, been playing the first 3 on repeat. 2 is definitely the best but I can dig what he’s doing on 3
  9. Pendant album is better for me too, absolutely a fave of the year
  10. I always enjoy new iglooghost but I have to agree, his tracks don’t really stray from the same mood/vibe, and these EPs are no exception. I do like the instrumentation in Clear Tamei a lot though
  11. Got mine today in California, can’t wait to flip over a bunch of vinyl this Thursday
  12. I’ve been coming back to this one over and over. It’s excellent for long walks in the woods. Def one of my fave albums of the year so far!
  13. I really like this, and even though it does feel like these last two releases aren’t cut from the same cloth as the previous ones, I think that’s the point. The Gas project is evolving and still has a lot to offer. Our perception of the old albums is also heavily skewed since Pop can out almost 20 years ago. Time will tell! Also I don’t hear the high pitch frequencies some have complained about, but then again I have mild tinnitus, and apparently Wolfgang Voigt does too! Curious.
  14. Was surprised the new tapes went up on Bleep and was planning to buy them today because Clone’s shipping prices to the US are heinous. Already sold out [emoji853]
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