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  1. frktl


    that google groups link reckons it's from Fantasies (1981) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082363/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Bo Derek as Anastasia, record sounds like could be "Anastasia, having a party is not my idea of a fantasy, especially right now"
  2. "This is the first release on Rich*ard/tom and grants label"
  3. one new track, the juno previews have mixed up names juno Backyard = iyff acid e1 juno Maelstrom = Untitled11 juno iyff acid e1 = Ontrackv2 juno Cyg X1 = new! juno Ontrackv2 = Maelstrom
  4. http://www.mad.co.uk...phlexology.html Places of interest in Cornwall (from Analogue Bubblebath 3): Gwennap Pit: This is an absolutely extraordinary location, renowned all over the Lanner area for its fabulous acoustics. It's also a great place for a swift game of tig. The King Harry Ferry: Enjoy a cream tea before travelling over to the beauties of the Roseland Peninsula. In the summer 'The Methane Princess' comes inland to greet the season's holiday-makers. Porthoustock Quarry: The deserted home of the fabelled pirate, Martin Trezidder. Some say that his screams can still be heard on the cliffs at full moon. Hells Mouth: A bit frightening this one! Watch your step around this flabbergasting landmark as you might fall foul to a 520ft sheer drop to the hungry sea. Chapel Porth: Both DaVinci and Rembrandt are said to have stayed here; it is indeed an awe-inspiring environment, suitable for budding artists of all ages. Alternatively, one can enjoy a famous 'croque-monsieur' after a day's climbing. Last but by no means least, the maze at Mawnan-Smith - This used to a place where only the most debonair gentleman could venture but sadly the area has now been overrun by youngsters who meddle in hallucinogenic drugs. Enjoy many other splendid attractions in the South West - but remember to take your litter home with you and keep close to the hedge when crossing the meadows.
  5. I remember reading years back that there were enough tracks for another Polygon Window album, but it never appeared. But didn't rephlex/Grant nix those stolen DAT tracks from being released recently saying that they were planning a proper release of that old material? Personally I prefer my windows Polygon to Caustic.
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