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    that google groups link reckons it's from Fantasies (1981) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082363/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Bo Derek as Anastasia, record sounds like could be "Anastasia, having a party is not my idea of a fantasy, especially right now"
  2. "This is the first release on Rich*ard/tom and grants label"
  3. one new track, the juno previews have mixed up names juno Backyard = iyff acid e1 juno Maelstrom = Untitled11 juno iyff acid e1 = Ontrackv2 juno Cyg X1 = new! juno Ontrackv2 = Maelstrom
  4. http://www.mad.co.uk...phlexology.html Places of interest in Cornwall (from Analogue Bubblebath 3): Gwennap Pit: This is an absolutely extraordinary location, renowned all over the Lanner area for its fabulous acoustics. It's also a great place for a swift game of tig. The King Harry Ferry: Enjoy a cream tea before travelling over to the beauties of the Roseland Peninsula. In the summer 'The Methane Princess' comes inland to greet the season's holiday-makers. Porthoustock Quarry: The deserted home of the fabelled pirate, Martin Trezidder. Some say that his screams can still be heard
  5. I remember reading years back that there were enough tracks for another Polygon Window album, but it never appeared. But didn't rephlex/Grant nix those stolen DAT tracks from being released recently saying that they were planning a proper release of that old material? Personally I prefer my windows Polygon to Caustic.
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