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  1. this did turn out to be a problem specific to my gpu model, and ableton fixed it in the latest beta :D
  2. I don't think it's a common issue, but the UI in Live is laggy for me in High Sierra. Even in an empty set, turning a knob makes everything like 1 fps lol. Maybe it has something to do with my relatively old Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. Logic and everything else are running better than ever though.
  3. I would love it if they added something like this. Now I'm curious how close you can get with Max for Live. But something native would be even better.
  4. "Control Surfaces are now available when Live runs as a ReWire slave. This applies to both Push 1 and 2 as well." I assume this means I can do some unholy thing like starting a track in Logic then using Push as a big drum machine / sampler without ever looking at the Live window on my screen. Pretty cool. One thing I'm disappointed about is that they seem reluctant to integrate any music theory tools into the piano roll. I want to see the name of the chord I highlight. Or set scale lock and mindlessly paint some notes.
  5. Philips X2 are my favorite right now. Wide soundstage and nice bass. But I haven't listened to any other pair at or above their price point.
  6. SYROBONKUS but this time you can listen to it since the record is made out of vinyl rather than paper.
  7. paying for your new macbook with your macbook + iphone with apple pay authenticated via touch id over bluetooth is moderately idm macbook with built-in touch id is decidedly less idm
  8. I'm gonna play so much Splatoon (2?) on this. I also love how the controllers are NOT GLOSSY.
  9. Normal Baby Aura 2 good 2 b a bonus track heads up, he absolutely kills it AGAIN in this boiler room set
  10. I think the sound design on this is great because it really does make me imagine crystals and light refraction. Not that I'm particularly interested in crystal energy healing, but I like how the theme and sound of the album are so cohesive. Tell U is a jam.
  11. imagine if sam were to try to commit some code to the kernel that broke user space. linus would throw him into the pit before sam could even switch his beanie into power mode.
  12. Sounds like some FM madness or something going on in this one
  13. Do It 4 U is really good! I love how the opening transitions into the filtered bit, and then you have classic punchy Machinedrum rhythms with a crazy ending. The other two singles fell a little flat, but they still had solid production. I'm looking forward to this!
  14. all this harmony engine usage makes me wish i could afford harmony engine.
  15. I'll tell u what... i can't find this dang track anywhere Maybe this is a clip of it. i betta tell u https://www.instagram.com/p/BCwgsWEuKwA/ Sounds wonderful, can't wait to hear it in full.
  16. You're all forgetting to activate advanced nightcore festival juke mode by setting the video speed to 1.5
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